Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Tinker, Tailor, Mobster, Trump

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IN THE EARLY 1980s it was decided—by whom, and for what ultimate purpose, we can’t say for sure—that Donald John Trump would build a casino complex in Atlantic City, New Jersey—probably the most mobbed-up municipality in the state. Dealing with the mafia might have dissuaded some developers from pursuing a Boardwalk Empire, but not Trump. He was uniquely suited to forge ahead.

Donald’s father, the Queens real estate developer Fred Trump, had worked closely with Genovese-associated and -owned construction entities since building the Shore Haven development in 1947, when Donald was still in diapers (the first time around). Fred was an early mob adopter, the underworld equivalent of an investor who bought shares of Coca-Cola stock in 1919. The timelines is important to remember here. Organized crime did not exist in any meaningful way in the United States until Prohibition. Born in 1905, Fred Trump was just two years younger than Meyer Lansky, the gangster who more or less invented money laundering. Thus, Donald Trump is second generation mobbed-up.

When Donald first ventured from Queens to the pizzazzier borough of Manhattan in the seventies, he entered into a joint business deal with “Big” Paul Castellano, head of the Gambino syndicate, and Anthony “Fat Tony” Salerno, of the Genovese family he knew well through his father and their mutual lawyer Roy Cohn. As part of this arrangement, Trump agreed to buy concrete from a company operated jointly by the two families—and pay a hefty premium for the privilege. Only then, with double mob approval, could he move forward with the Trump Tower and Trump Plaza projects. (Among Cohn’s other clients at the time was Rupert Murdoch, whom he introduced to Trump in the seventies; you would be hard pressed to find three more atrocious human beings).

Atlantic City is in South Jersey, closer to Philadelphia than New York, so to build “his” casino, Trump needed to play ball with the Philly mob. That meant dealing with Nicodemo “Little Nicky” Scarfo, head of the most powerful mob family in Philadelphia. Land that Trump needed for his casino was owned by Salvie Testa and Frank Narducci, Jr.—hit men for Scarfo, collectively known around town as the Young Executioners (the nickname was not ironic). To help negotiate the deal, Trump hired Patrick McGahn, a Philly-based attorney known to have truck with the Scarfo family.

(The last name should sound familiar; Don McGahn, the former White House Counsel, is Patrick McGahn’s nephew. And Don McGahn is not the only Trump Administration hire with ties to the Philly mob. Among Little Nicky’s associates was one Jimmy “The Brute” DiNatale, whose daughter, Denise Fitzpatrick, is the mother of none other than Kellyanne Conway. A number of wiseguys paid their respects at DiNatale’s 1983 funeral. I don’t want to make the mistake of condemning Conway or Don McGahn for the sins of their relations. But given Trump’s OC background, it’s fair to question why he chose two children of mobbed-up families for his inner White House circle.)

Trump acquired the needed Atlantic City property at twice the market value: $1.1 million for a lot that sold for $195k five years before. But there were legal pratfalls, shady dealings, chicanery with the documents. The New Jersey Gaming Commission was investigating the matter, because casino owners could not, by law, associate with criminals. And most of Trump’s friends were crooks. It looked like Trump was in trouble—not only of losing his gaming license, but of criminal indictment.

And then, something miraculous happened. On 4 November 1986, Scarfo and eleven of his associates were indicted on charges that included loan sharking, extortion and conducting an illegal gambling business in a racketeering conspiracy. Prosecutors had tried for years to take down Little Nicky. And now, after all that time, they finally had their evidence. Not only that, but the investigation into Trump? It went away. Poof—as if it never existed.  (more...)

Hitler's British concentration camp revealed: Brutal Nazi concentration camp Sylt on Alderney has been studied for the first time since WWII

Nazi war crime Britain accountability history Alderny Sylt death camp

A Nazi concentration camp on the island of Alderney has been studied for the first time since its destruction at the end of World War Two to reveal details of the site where Hitler's soldiers conducted heinous acts against prisoners.

Alderney was home to the only concentration camps in Britain during the war and the remains of more than 30 structures have now been revealed by archaeologists using ground-penetrating radar at the most sinister — Sylt.

One of the new finds at the site of the death camp, which was run by the Schutzstaffel (SS) from 1943, was a tunnel from the soldiers' bathhouse, below the barbed wire fence and into a villa outside of the camp.

It connected to the villa of the camp's Commandant  and this well-lit passage is thought to have been regularly used by the German occupiers.

Archaeologists are unsure of its exact purpose but say it may have been used to sneak in women for a brothel.

Other findings include both prisoner and SS buildings — barracks, kitchens, toilets and bathhouses — as well as gateposts and perimeter fence remnants.

A handful of physical structures remain visible today, including a trough for horses and an SS orderly built by slave labour, but the researchers sought to uncover hidden signs of the Nazi era.

The German occupiers destroyed as much evidence of the camp and its monstrosities as they could in 1944 when it was clear the Allied forces would win the war.

The researchers used non-invasive methods and were able to identify and map key features of the camp and show how it expanded from a small forced labour camp of 100 to a fully-fledged Nazi death camp run by SS tyrants.  (more...)

Saturday, March 28, 2020

As world struggles to stop deaths, far right celebrates COVID-19

pandemic coronavirus COVID-19 fascism crime Nazi hate racism xenophobia violence politics eugenics genocide

The new coronavirus has already infected hundreds of thousands of people, taken more than 20,000 lives and caused a level of economic, social and political disruption not seen in decades.

But for many far-right hardliners, it's a crisis to be welcomed.

The hardest-core "accelerationists" - violent neo-Nazis who want civilisation to crumble, hope that COVID-19 will turn out to be their secret weapon.

"The situation is ripe for exploitation by the far right," Cynthia Miller-Idriss, American University sociologist and expert on the far-right, told Al Jazeera.

Aside from feeding into "accelerationist and apocalytic ideas", Miller-Idriss said "the uncertainty the pandemic creates creates fertile ground for claims about the need for change or the solutions the far right purports to offer."  (more...)


How a network of Ukrainian ultra-nationalists penetrated Canada’s Conservative Party to lobby for military conflict

Canada Ukraine politics fascism corruption Nazi Conservative Party war military immigration history Bandera lobby Stephen Harper

Once an underground network of fascist ideologues shunned by the Ukrainian Canadian community for “criminal ideas,” Canada’s ultra-nationalist Bandera lobby is today a major political player. It recently rubbed shoulders with former PM Stephen Harper and top contenders for the leadership of his Conservative Party.

A month ago in Toronto, former Canadian Prime Minister and Conservative Party heavyweight Stephen Harper called out to an audience of Ukrainian Canadians, “Slava Ukraini!

Harper’s audience responded to his cry of “Glory to Ukraine!” by compleing the salutation of the Ukrainian Nationalist movement once led by the notorious fascist Stepan Bandera: “Heroyam Slava!” In other words, “Glory to the Heroes!” who, in fact, collaborated with Nazi Germany during its occupation of Ukraine in World War Two.

Harper spoke as the keynote guest at a gala organized to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the League of Ukrainian Canadians (LUC) and its newspaper, Homin Ukrainy (“Ukrainian Echo”), as well as the 65th anniversary of the League of Ukrainian Canadian Women (LUCW). The event capped off a three day, tri-annual convention of the Leagues.

Held on February 22, the gala took place six years and one day after the Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych fled his country following the Euromaidan “Revolution of Dignity” in Kyiv, which saw pro-EU protesters and hard-right street fighters topple their Russian-oriented government.

Through the so-called “Canadian Conference in Support of Ukraine” (CCSU), many of Canada’s leading Conservatives have befriended a historically criminal, fascist network of Ukrainian nationalists that has remained dedicated to pushing the West to the brink of war with Russia since before World War Two ended. Today, followers of the long dead Nazi collaborator Stepan Bandera are vying with Ukraine’s neo-Nazis to lead another “revolution” – this time, against Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskiy and his moves to peace with Russia.  (more...)


Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Clergy sex abuse victim: 'My name is Barbara Erlandson and I am sharing my story'

abuse Catholic education pedophilia crime rape

An Ottawa woman who was sexually abused by Rev. Barry McGrory in the mid-1970s says a senior church official made her feel that she was to blame for the crime.

Barbara Erlandson says she met in 1977 with then Bishop John Beahan, one of the most powerful figures in the Catholic Archdiocese of Ottawa, to relate her story of abuse.

An Ottawa woman who was sexually abused by Rev. Barry McGrory in the mid-1970s says a senior church official made her feel that she was to blame for the crime.

Barbara Erlandson says she met in 1977 with then Bishop John Beahan, one of the most powerful figures in the Catholic Archdiocese of Ottawa, to relate her story of abuse.  (more...)

White supremacists encouraging their members to spread coronavirus to cops, Jews, FBI says

Nazi hate racism xenophobia police coronavirus COVID-19 eugenics medicine fascism terrorism infection contagion

Racist extremist groups, including neo-Nazis and other white supremacists, are encouraging members who contract novel coronavirus disease to spread the contagion to cops and Jews, according to intelligence gathered by the FBI.

In an alert obtained by ABC News, the FBI’s New York office reports that "members of extremist groups are encouraging one another to spread the virus, if contracted, through bodily fluids and personal interactions."

The FBI alert, which went out on Thursday, told local police agencies that extremists want their followers to try to use spray bottles to spread bodily fluids to cops on the street. The extremists are also directing followers to spread the disease to Jews by going "any place they may be congregated, to include markets, political offices, businesses and places of worship."

The FBI declined to comment on the alert, but issued a statement  (more...)

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Who Gains From A Broken Italy? Crisis Profiteers

South Tyrol Austria Italy Nazi politics economy Germany secessionism separatism
Herbert Schweiger: SS veteran and supporter of South Tyrol Independence
... While Catalan separatism is grabbing attention throughout Europe, South Tyrolean secessionist efforts are also making bigger waves. Once more, the German austerity dictate to counter the Euro crisis is the direct cause. Rome is obliged to execute drastic budget cuts, as demanded by Berlin, which effect the financial margin of maneuver for the Bolzano Alto Adige ("South Tyrol") province. The cancellation of resources earmarked for South Tyrol has provoked protests. The question of whether Austria can intervene in Rome on behalf of South Tyrol, is again being raised in this context. Austria presumes the "protective power" function for the German-speaking population of Northern Italy. "We are speaking here about Italian domestic problems, there is no need for Vienna's competence," admonished Italian Prime Minister, Mario Monti, in late October. His observation harvested vehement protest in South Tyrol and Austria. "On the question of South Tyrol" thundered Austria's former National Council President, Andreas Khol (ÖVP), Monti must "be urgently given tutoring." In Bolzano, the ruling South Tyrolean People's Party (SVP) has announced it would intervene both in Rome and Vienna - Austria's function as "protective power" is not an issue. It has even been suggested that North Italian public squares be named after Austria - as "clear evidence of the ties."

This month Vienna reacted. First, the Austrian government summoned Italy's ambassador to the foreign ministry to protest Monti's statement. Last Friday, the National Council gave an audience to a delegation from the South Tyrolean parliament in Vienna, which complained "about the pressure" exerted "from the Italian central government" on South Tyrol. An SVP parliamentarian complained that "in its austerity regulations," the Italian government "was ignoring the autonomy statutes" and infringing on "South Tyrolean competence." It is furthermore intending "to reform Italy's constitution to make it even more centralist." To which the president of Austria's National Council replied that Vienna, under no circumstances, would alter its prevailing political standpoint. It will "maintain its protective function for South Tyrol."  (more...)


Monday, March 23, 2020

South Tyrol and Nazis on the Run: How Hitler’s Henchmen Fled Justice

ratlines South Tyrol Nazi accountability history crime corruption Nazi books Argentina

Nazis on the Run: How Hitler’s Henchmen Fled Justice, Gerald Steinacher, Oxford University Press

The title of Gerald Steinacher's inquiry into how Nazi war criminals escaped from Europe at the end of the Second World War may echo the title of the comedy film Nuns on the Run, but that's as far as the laughs go. This is a scholarly, sober and troubling study, based on interviews with some of the surviving players and exhaustive research in a wide range of archives.

Steinacher demolishes the myth of the Odessa organisation. The idea of a well-heeled groups of ex-SS men devoted to saving their hunted comrades came into existence when the Americans became worried that the Nazis would ship plundered loot abroad to fund a Fourth Reich. This turned out to be fantasy, but the "Nazi hunter" Simon Wiesenthal picked it up and used the notion to explain why so many Nazi criminals had got away. Wiesenthal in turn inspired Frederick Forsyth to write The Odessa File. It was all nonsense. The truth was more prosaic, and all the more shocking.

Even before the war was over, SS men were preparing their escape. They used existing networks and agents to plan the exit routes. Bonds forged in battle or in Allied POW camps provided the basis for mutual aid, but where could they go? The Allies had occupied Germany and were in control of its borders. Yet there was one extraordinary corner of Europe that could have been designed for fleeing Nazis.

South Tyrol was a short step from southern Germany. To reach it entailed crossing two frontiers, but the Austrians did not look too closely at who was passing through, and there were long-established smuggling routes leading into Italy. Jews in flight from the Third Reich had previously used the same safe houses, passes and guides. When Adolf Eichmann set out from Germany in 1950, dressed in South Tyrolean costume, the system “worked like clockwork”. He later recalled, “Once it was the Jews - now it was Eichmann.”

After crossing the border, Nazi functionaries and SS men could relax. The people of South Tyrol were ethnically German and identified fiercely with German nationalism. In December 1945, the Allies had turned the peninsula over to Italian control, but the Italian security services were grossly inadequate.  (more...)


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Sunday, March 22, 2020

“The doors are now open”: indigenous people denounce missionaries targeting uncontacted tribes

Evangelicals indigenous tribal peoples ancestral lands accountability justice politics business environment

Missionaries targeting uncontacted tribes in Brazil have announced that they will shortly start using a helicopter to convert previously unreachable tribes.

Key indigenous organizations and leaders in Brazil have angrily denounced the move, as well as the appointment of a fundamentalist missionary, Ricardo Lopes Dias, to head the government department that protects uncontacted tribes’ territories.

Mr. Lopes Dias worked for years for one of the world’s largest evangelical missionary groups, the New Tribes Mission (NTM), in Brazil’s Javari Valley, home to the greatest concentration of uncontacted tribes anywhere in the world.

The NTM (now re-branded as Ethnos360 in the US) has openly fundraised to buy a helicopter to target tribes in the region. They have said: “This new helicopter flight program will enable Ethnos360 Aviation to serve all our current missionaries in the region and open the door to reach ten additional people groups living in extreme isolation.”

The NTM is notorious for openly advocating the forced contact of uncontacted tribes. It helped organize “manhunts” in Paraguay in the 1970s and 80s in which uncontacted Ayoreo people were captured and brought out of the forest: several people were killed in these encounters, and many others died of disease afterwards.  (more...)

The Hess Mess Enigma

Why did the Hess case go silent? Why is he almost erased from history? Why did the worst war criminals go free? How is German unification & EU expansion related? Why did they never release him? Was he the brain of the party? How is Dulles & Bormann involved? What influence did Haushofer & Thule have? How's Goring & Hess tied to Antarctica? Why did Goring cover for the Scotland flight? Was Bormann the Soviet Spy?

books history accountability Nazi war politics prison crime corruption deception

On May 10, 1941, Rudolf Hess, Deputy Führer of the Nazi party, parachuted into Scotland on a mission to finalize a negotiation with England, ending the war in Western Europe and preventing a “fusion” of England with the United States. This would leave Germany free to attack Russia to the East and to allow the Jews to leave for settlements in Palestine rather than be shipped to labor and extermination camps. The mission failed. Hess lived out the rest of WW II in England.

Found guilty of crimes against peace and conspiracy to commit crimes at the Nuremberg trials in 1946, Hess spent the rest of his life in Spandau prison under allied supervision, where he was “suicided” in 1987. Or was it really Hess? There is compelling evidence to suggest the man who stood trial at Nuremberg in 1945-46 and then spent 31 years in Spandau prison was not Hess, but a “double.”  The efforts to keep “Hess” in prison, tightly under wraps until his assassination, and all information classified to this day have been extraordinary. It’s not that someone wanted “Hess” kept silent – its that everyone wanted him kept silent – the Americans, the British, the Germans, the Russians and the Israelis.

Dr. Farrell leads us through the puzzle palace of the “Hess Mess” with his usual fascinating style in his new book Hess and the Penguins: The Holocaust, Antarctica and the Strange Case of Rudolf Hess.  Farrell weaves the known facts with an analysis of the many omissions and cover-ups involved. He tells the tale of the “Hess Mess” and it’s relationship to the British royal family, including the death of the King’s brother, the Duke of Kent, in a plane crash in 1942, Roosevelt’s negotiations with Churchill to enter the war and the Zionist plans for Israel.  (more...)

Saturday, March 21, 2020

The Nazi Breakaway Civilization

First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin.

Nazi fascism accountability economy finance business technology war CIA

A Nazi drug’s US resurgence: How meth is making a disturbing reappearance

drugs crime Nazi methamphetamine

Although I am teaching a course at Indiana University this semester on the opioid epidemic, I can’t get meth out of my mind.

A colleague of mine was recently carjacked. He was forced to drive at extreme speed throughout the city and escaped with his life only by intentionally crashing his car. My colleague told me he believes his gun-wielding assailant was suffering an acute psychosis related to methamphetamine use.

Opioids may get most of the media attention these days, but meth has hardly gone away. Law enforcement seizures of meth are surging in the U.S., up 142% between 2017 and 2018. Overdose deaths in 2017 were seven times higher than in 2007.

Just what is meth? Why is it such a grave threat to health? And why does its terrible specter seem to loom larger and larger?  (more...)


Friday, March 20, 2020

Nazi Island in the Sun

Canada Nazi KKK violence military mercenaries coup plot white supremacy

It’s one of the most audacious plots in North American history. Turn a Caribbean island nation into a criminal state — then use the money to fund Neo-Nazis and Klansmen across Canada, the US and Europe. The scariest part? They almost pulled it off.

Click to listen
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Canada Nazi KKK violence military mercenaries coup plot white supremacy


The beginnings of "Aktion Reinhardt"

„Aktion Reinhardt” rozpoczęła się w nocy z 16 na 17 marca 1942 roku od likwidacji getta na lubelskim Podzamczu i wywózki Żydów do obozu zagłady w Bełżcu . Była to zakrojona na szeroką skalę eksterminacja ludności żydowskiej przez nazistowskie Niemcy realizowana w ramach tzw. planu ostatecznego rozwiązania kwestii żydowskiej. Operacja miała na celu nie tylko zagładę Żydów, ale również grabież ich mienia. W pierwszym okresie „Aktion Reinhardt” objęła swoim zasięgiem Generalne Gubernatorstwo.

Jakub Chmielewski z działu naukowego Państwowego Muzeum na Majdanku opowiada o przygotowaniach tej zbrodniczej operacji oraz o tym, jak przebiegały pierwsze miesiące jej realizacji.

eugenics genocide Nazi crime Aktion Reinhardt

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Mona Eltahawy and the New Feminist Extremism

identity politics feminism fascism men

For months, I’ve been wanting to have a conversation about Mona Eltahawy and the new feminist extremism she embodies. There were a number of women’s platforms I could have published this piece on that all cater to women’s issues.

I chose Clarion Project because what I’m about to discuss is not just a niche women’s rights or feminist issue; it’s an issue of extremism.

Since 2018, I’ve broadened the subjects I cover from Islamist extremism, which wants to crush the West, to other types of extremism, including:

  • Neo-Nazis, who want to crush non-Eurocentric races
  • Antifa, which wants to crush White Supremacists (and seemingly a lot of others)
  • And now, feminists, who want to crush men

I can’t ignore that a serious branch of feminism has devolved into another form of extremism.

I can’t ignore that feminism, as it’s represented today, is both psychologically (and sometimes physically) violent. (more...)

The Madness Of The Nazi Experiments

The Madness of The Nazi Experiments - In KZ Auschwitz, infamous Nazi doctors as Mengele and Schumann performed horrible and mostly fatal experiments "in vivo" on thousands of deportees, women, men and children, in order to find ways of fast and massive sterilization of "inferior races", and methods to promote the fertility of the German "Herrenvolk".

Auschwitz genocide crime eugenics Nazi war history slavery


Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Surviving Eugenics

Surviving Eugenics: Free Online Version from EugenicsArchive on Vimeo.

The 20th-century ideas and practices aimed at “improving human stock” known as eugenics were influential across the world, including in Canada. In 1928, the province of Alberta introduced the Sexual Sterilization Act, which promoted the practice of surgical sterilization for those deemed “mental defectives”, a practice in effect until 1972. British Columbia was the only other Canadian province to enact comparable eugenic sterilization legislation, which was in place until 1973. This History has special significance for people with disabilities and others marginalized by eugenic ideas today.

Undertaken with the generous support of the Community-University Research Alliance (CURA) program of the federal funding agency SSHRCC, Living Archives on Eugenics in Western Canada has developed accessible resources to explore the history of eugenics in Canada’s west and the contemporary significance of that history.  (more...)

Canada Alberta accountability eugenics healthcare medicine science technocratic fascism technocracy

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Cyber Treason

Today we are joined by writer, researcher, and former Mint Press contributor, Whitney Webb to discuss the cyber treason that is going on in our own big tech industries; specifically focusing on the company Cyber Reason and what their role is in all this, along other special interests undermining our country.

Unit 8200 technology cybersecurity accountability politics treason backdoors software espionage

Saturday, March 14, 2020

Lawsuit Reveals Govt Experiment That Gave Kids To Pedophiles To See If Sex Abuse Could Help Them

pedophilia medicine abuse crime rape malpractice Germany normalization

Starting in 1969 and running through 2003, a sickening and bizarre sexual experiment was carried out by government officials and a pedophile scientist that deliberately placed troubled children in the care of pedophiles to see if it had “positive consequences.” Victims from this utterly horrifying practice have filed a lawsuit which is getting media coverage this month, exposing the grotesque details of this taxpayer-funded pedophilia experiment.

This practice was known as the Kentler experiment — named after Helmut Kentler, an academic who argued that pedophilia could have “positive consequences” on children. The unruly and “feeble-minded” children would benefit from adult sexual attention, according to Kentler.

Despite the absolutely horrid implications of putting children in the care of pedophiles, in 1969, Kentler managed to persuade West Berlin’s ruling Senate that troubled youths would be glad to be put into situations in which they would be sexually abused.

The children would be “head over heels in love” with their new father figures, Kentler claimed.  (more...)


H/T to News From Underground

Friday, March 13, 2020

German spy agency puts part of far-right AfD under surveillance

Germany Nazi white supremacy Aryanism hate racism xenophobia extremism terrorism

The chief of Germany’s domestic intelligence agency (BfV) has described far-right terrorism and extremism as the biggest danger facing democracy in Germany, as his agency put part of the far-right Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) under formal surveillance.

The most radical rightwingers in the country numbered 32,000, said Thomas Haldenwang, adding that 13,000 of them were considered potentially violent.

“Rightwing extremism and rightwing terrorism are currently the biggest danger for democracy in Germany,” he said at a press conference.

His agency has placed under formal surveillance the AfD’s most radical faction, Der Flügel (The Wing). While there are no formal membership lists, Der Flügel is estimated to have about 7,000 followers, making up a fifth of the AfD’s membership.

Its influence in the party, however, goes beyond that, with its radically nationalist demands helping to shape the AfD agenda.

Reclassifying the group will make it easier for Germany’s spy agency to authorise wiretaps or make targeted use of police informants. Founded in 2013 in opposition to eurozone bailouts for Greece, the AfD has grown and shifted further right over the last seven years, shedding several leaders along the way.  (more...)


The Crimes of The Auschwitz Doctors

In KZ Auschwitz, infamous Nazi doctors as Mengele and Schumann performed horrible and mostly fatal experiments "in vivo" on thousands of deportees, women, men and children, in order to find ways of fast and massive sterilization of "inferior races", and methods to promote the fertility of the German "Herrenvolk".

human experiments Nazi medicine healthcare war crime doctors history Bayer


Wednesday, March 11, 2020

It is time for Helmut Oberlander to leave Canada

accountability crime immigration Nazi genocide justice Ukraine Canada

For what feels like the umpteenth time, we hear once again about the saga of Helmut Oberlander’s status as a Canadian citizen.

Oberlander spent the Second World War as a member of Einsatzkommando 10a, a Nazi death squad responsible for the murders of more than 90,000 Jews in Russia and Ukraine. Einsatzkommandos were one of the subgroups of the Einsatzgruppen, the notorious mobile killing units infamous for carrying out mass murders throughout Nazi-occupied Europe.

The Einsatzgruppen were the ones who led civilians, primarily Jews, into forests and fields to dig their own graves before being shot at point-blank range. Some of the most recognizable and horrific images of the Holocaust, of mothers shot with their young children in their arms, are of Einsatzgruppen members carrying out their work. Indeed, the Einsatzgruppen played a prominent role in covering Europe with the mass graves of innocents.

The biography of Oberlander is all too familiar for those who follow these cases. A member of an Einsatzgruppen subgroup, he served as a translator and interpreter between the Einsatzkommando and the local populace. From 1941 to 1943, he lived and worked full-time with Einsatzkommando 10a as they pursued their policy of mass murder throughout Europe.  (more...)


Tuesday, March 10, 2020

New owners knocking down home of London area Nazi

Canada London Nazi real estate history KKK Berghof fascism Martin Weiche demolition

A house on the edge of London with a long history of hatred is coming down.

A backhoe was seen Monday and Tuesday west of Hyde Park on Gainsborough Road at the former home of Martin Weiche, the late area resident who admired Adolf Hitler.

Hitler’s home was called the Berghof, or “mountain court,” a name Weiche also used for his hilltop property that hosted cross burnings by white supremacists and had a swastika cut into a field, but in recent years had fallen into disrepair and become a favoured site of so-called urban explorers.

“I think it’s good that it’s gone. It ought to have happened so long ago,” said Rabbi Catharine Clark of Congregation Or Shalom on Huron Street in London.

“To the best of my knowledge it’s been passed on to other owners who’ve chosen to demolish it,” said Arnie Marsman, the director of building services and chief building official for Middlesex Centre. “It’s no secret that there’s been trespassers on the property and they may want to protect their liability.”  (more...)



The Cagoule, Nazi Collaborators, The Order of The Solar Temple: Murder and Mayhem in French Canada

Order of the Solar Temple, X-Files, Star Wars, Mithra, Mithric Mysteries, Knights Templar, Knights of Malta, Sovereign Order of Saint John, Millennium, Chris Carter, Los Tecos, secret societies, Mystery Babylon, William Cooper, Cagoule, synarchy, Heaven's Gate, Propaganda Due, Aum Shinrikyo, Operation Gladio, stay-behind armies, secret armies, Otto Skorzeny, SS, Jean-Francois Thiriart, Luc Jouret, Joseph Di Mambro, special operations forces, paratroopers, Aginter Press, OAS, Charles de Gaulle, Barrack Obama, Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Joint Special Operations Command,Sovereign Order of the Solar Temple, OTS, SS, Nazis, Opus Dei, Legionnaires of Christ, sinarquista, Mexican drug cartels, NAFTA


cults Catholic drime fascism Nazi war violence freemasonry Gnosticism France synarchy technocracy


Neo-Nazis attend the #IStandWithGreece Rally in Toronto

Canada Toronto Nazi politics immigration fascism hate racism xenophobia white supremacy

Who attended?

Paul Fromm: A notorious and very longstanding neo-Nazi networker who has associated with and/or spoken at events for proscribed terrorist group Blood and Honour, the Aryan Guard, the KKK and David Duke, the Heritage Front, Holocaust denier Ernst Zündel, and many others.

‘Lily’ from Hamilton: A neo-Nazi Canadian Nationalist Party supporter who says she wants Coronavirus to kill more Chinese and was one of the leading figures directing harassment to the Al-Soufi family, leading to death threats and the temporary closing of their Toronto restaurant. Lily is primarily associated with the remnants of the anti-Muslim Yellow Vests Canada movement.

Gus Stefanis: A former candidate of the neo-Nazi Canadian Nationalist Party which has called for Jews to be “removed once and for all” from Canada and whose leader is charged with attacking two women in Regina

Ronny Cameron: A vlogger who came onto the scene originally as a moderate (by comparison) organizer in Toronto’s anti-Muslim scene who argued that they should limit the overt racism to be more effective. Cameron then started associating with alt-right neo-Nazis. He arrived to one of his own rallies with a group of them in October 2017, one of whom was carrying a black sun flag, which is perhaps the most popular neo-Nazi symbol today behind the swastika. Cameron has since gone full white supremacist.  (more...)


New US documentary features Orbán’s institutionalized antisemitism in Hungary

Hungary antisemitism racism hate xenophobia immigration fascism violence Nazi politics

Viral: Antisemitism in Four Mutations is a new documentary film just released in theatres in the US.  The film includes segments focusing on the Pittsburgh synagogue massacre, anti-Semitism in the UK Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn, anti-Semitic attacks in France and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s institutionalized anti-Semitic propaganda.

The film director Andrew Goldberg says that anti-Semitism is on the rise because of populist politicians and a polarized political environment that is amplified by social media. “I see today’s society becoming more fractured and angrier,” he said.  The film features US President Bill Clinton, Holocaust historian Deborah Lipstadt, conservative columnist George Will and many others.

There is nothing new about Viktor Orbán’s cynical antisemitism. Orbán frequently declares “zero tolerance” in English and continues his appalling racist and antisemitic policies in Hungarian.  It is revolting that leaders of his Fidesz party often speak highly of pro-Hitler Hungarian politicians and personalities of the last century.

Beyond the regime’s sick obsession with Holocaust survivor US financier George Soros, Hungary officially celebrates many WWII-era Hungarian fascists.  “My time as US Ambassador to Hungary was a four-year window into some of the darkest corners of anti-Semitism.” – wrote Eleni Kounalakis currently Lieutenant Governor of California.

Just recently the government named a prominent anti-Semite Ms. Beatrix Siklósi to head the most widely listened public radio, Kossuth Radio.  In an open letter, Jewish organizations protested the appointment accusing her of spreading anti-Semitic views on social media.  The Government calls the accusations are “baseless.”  (more...)


An odd feature of Trad Inc. is its lionization of Hungary as a savior of the "Christian West".

Monday, March 9, 2020

Epstein Bloomberg Prince Andrew Interview

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Saturday, March 7, 2020

Switzerland at the Heart of a Far-Reaching Surveillance Network Facilitating the U.S.-Backed Operation Condor

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The atrocities of Operation Condor – the U.S.-backed covert plan by Argentina, Chile, Brazil Paraguay, Uruguay and Bolivia to eliminate left-wing influence in Latin America – have been gradually revealed through declassified documents that detail the diplomatic manoeuvring and state terror that left tens of thousands of people killed, tortured and disappeared. Argentina is estimated to have the highest death toll with over 30,000 dictatorship opponents killed and disappeared. The Videla dictatorship in Argentina worked in close collaboration with Chile’s dictator Augusto Pinochet, who had ushered in a violent neoliberal experiment in Chile and a far reaching network of international surveillance to keep tabs on, and eliminate, any traces of organised resistance to the dictatorship that had the potential to form abroad.

U.S. intelligence was deeply involved in the propping of dictatorships in Latin America in particular after Chile’s Unidad Popular led by Salvador Allende triumphed at the polls. Declassified documents have shown that the U.S. knew about the tactics used by the Argentinian dictatorship – emulated after Chile’s practice of disappearing opponents into the ocean, packaged and thrown off helicopters provided by the U.S. In some cases, the death flights also served as a murder practice – some victims were thrown into the ocean drugged, yet still alive.

Recently, it has also been revealed that U.S. intelligence surveillance over the extent of human rights violations in Latin America was aided by Germany and Switzerland. A Swiss company, Crypto AG, was jointly owned by the U.S. and West Germany. The company was then acquired by the participating countries in Operation Condor and later incorporated into the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) technology.  (more...)


The Heresy of Pantheism At The Root Of Modernism & The Present Church Crisis

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Pantheism is the false belief that everything is God, or more precisely, that God is incarnate in everything.

As an error, it is an absurdity. It arises in the East in the Indus Valley in the ages before Christ and it is the core principle of Hinduism.

But it is also the consequential philosophical position of German nominalism.

Nominalism is an error introduced into Europe in the high middle ages by the Arabic philosopher Averroes. It spread rapidly at the University of Paris and thence to all of Europe, especially to the faculty of Tubingen. It was popular among secular logicians who, following Peter Abelard, thought they could carve out a place in Catholic society where they were not obliged by the faith to live moral lives.

Nominalism was condemned by both Saint Thomas of Aquinas, whose feast is celebrated today, at Aquinas and Priverno, Italy, and by Saint Bonaventure of Bagnoregio.

Nominalism ends up in pantheism, because nominalists deny that any particular word names anything particular or idea in a definitive way. For the nominalist, another word can just as easily name what is named.  (more...)

In the comments:
The problems are coming from Germany, so it is easy for German speakers to be unable to see them, because if they saw them, they would have stopped them in the German Speaking world. But as it is they are overflowing from German to the rest of the Church. I think part of this problem is that German is not a Latin tongue and so it's pick and chose how you like to translate words from Latin into German and they do not realize that you cannot play German word games with Latin words. That is what distinguishes the Roman Civilization from the German barbarism.

Friday, March 6, 2020

The 7th Anniversary of McCarrick’s “Influential Italian Gentleman”

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March 5, 2020 (Steven O’Reilly) – Almost seven years ago to this day, the General Congregations for the 2013 conclave commenced. These meetings were attended by both cardinal-electors and those cardinals who would not be eligible to vote in the conclave which would begin mid-March 2013.

This may call to mind the potential role played in the conclave by former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, regarding whom we still await the Vatican’s report on his sexual crimes and other corrupt acts. It has been just over a year since the release of the Testimony of Archbishop Vigano, which revealed that Pope Francis had lifted sanctions placed on McCarrick by Pope Benedict XVI. Vigano recounted his audience with the Pope in which Francis asked “what is McCarrick like?” The question was, as Vigano notes, deceitful as Francis was a long-time friend of McCarrick. The question appeared intended to determine whether Vigano was an “ally of McCarrick or not.”

This was not the first time, nor the last, when Pope Francis would appear to reward or protect a friend. Readers may recall the infamous story of how Francis interrupted Cardinal Muller, as the the cardinal was saying mass, to demand he end an investigation into Cardinal Murphy-O’Connor over an abuse allegation. Cardinal Murphy-O’Connor, another long-time friend of Pope Francis, is considered one of the key “pope-makers” of the conclave which elected Cardinal Bergoglio.

Catholics, understandably, wonder what motivated Pope Francis to lift the sanctions on McCarrick. Vigano in his Testimony seems to suggest one factor was the “important part he (McCarrick) had played in his (Bergoglio’s) recent election.” Here Vigano has in mind McCarrick’s revelation in an October 2013, during a lecture at Villanova University in which he recounted a curious tale. In early March 2013, just before the General Congregations, the pre-conclave meetings of cardinals, McCarrick was visited by an “influential Italian gentleman” at the North American College in Rome.  (more...)

Thursday, March 5, 2020

Researchers find list of 12,000 Nazis who lived in Argentina during the 1930s

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Researchers have discovered a list of 12,000 Nazis who lived in Argentina in the 1930s including many who hid stolen money in Swiss bank accounts.

The long-forgotten list was found in a store room at a former Nazi headquarters in Buenos Aires and handed to the Nazi-hunting Simon Wiesenthal Centre.

The centre said it believed that the 'long-dormant' bank accounts could still hold funds which were looted from Jewish victims under Nazi rule.

Although Argentina is better known as a refuge for exiled Nazis after World War II, many also lived there in the 1930s while a pro-Nazi military regime was in power.

The list of Nazis was drawn up in the 1930s and seized by an anti-Nazi administration which took power in 1938.

Many such records were burned when another pro-Nazi regime took power in 1943.

However, the surviving list was discovered by Argentine investigator Pedro Filipuzzi and handed to directors at the Wiesenthal Centre.

Many of the Nazis on the list held funds that were sent to a bank called Schweizerische Kreditanstalt, now known as Credit Suisse.  (more...)


Argentina Nazi crime war genocide immigration ratlines history

Golden Dawn: the rise and fall of Greece’s neo-Nazis

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A decade ago, violent racists exploited a national crisis and entered mainstream politics in Greece. The party has since been caught up in the biggest trial of Nazis since Nuremberg, and is now crumbling – but its success remains a warning. By Daniel Trilling

After he stabbed Pavlos Fyssas in the chest, leaving him to bleed to death on the pavement, Giorgos Roupakias walked calmly back to his car and waited to be arrested. “Don’t give me away, I’m one of you,” he said, according to a police officer who arrived at the scene.

“What do you mean, are you police?” asked the officer.

“No, I am Golden Dawn.”

Roupakias, an unemployed lorry driver, would later claim that the killing was an act of self-defence. He said he had simply got caught up in a random street brawl in the Greek port city of Piraeus, shortly after midnight on 18 September 2013. What he told the police officer, overheard by several witnesses, suggested something quite different. Golden Dawn was a neo-Nazi party that had risen to prominence the previous year amid Greece’s economic crisis. The party had gone from winning fewer than 20,000 votes in the country’s 2009 general election to winning more than 7% of the vote, and 18 parliamentary seats, in 2012. No outright fascist party in Europe had made such gains in a general election for years.  (more...)

Man Convicted On Hate Charges Linked to Nazi 'Simpsons' Fanfic

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An Albertan man who recently pleaded guilty to hate charges has been linked to an immense body of white supremacist propaganda that includes neo-Nazi Simpsons fan fiction and an anti-Semitic version of Monopoly.

Last week, Loki Hulgaard, an Albertan neo-Nazi who had a stockpile of weapons in preparation for a “race war,” pleaded guilty to promoting hatred and contravening the conditions of his firearm licence.

Hulgaard, of Medicine Hat, was charged with 13 firearm offences and promoting hatred in 2018 after a bungled attempt to use stamped Canadian currency as propaganda led to police finding his weapons.

In August 2018, Hulgaard was arrested after a Safeway cashier flagged to police that Hulgaard was using Canadian currency stamped with “Jewish White Genocide” and other anti-Semitic slogans, along with a URL for a (now defunct) anti-Semitic blog.

Authorities searched his home and found two rifles with their serial numbers removed, a .22 calibre rifle, a shotgun, 1,200 rounds of ammunition, over-capacity magazines, and hate literature. Promoting hatred carries a possible two-year sentence; contravening the conditions of a firearm licence isn’t a criminal offence.  (more...)

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

The Media’s Deafening Silence on Mike Bloomberg’s Ties to Epstein and Other Criminals

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After his late jump into the Democratic primary and, as critics argue, purchasing his way into the primary debates, former Mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg has received mixed coverage from corporate media, with many negative critiques of the current presidential contender’s history, conduct and connections.

Yet, despite efforts by other campaigns and more progressive-leaning media outlets to dampen Bloomberg’s chances at the nomination, one clear weakness of Bloomberg’s has thus far evaded meaningful media coverage: his ties to key players in the Epstein scandal, including Leslie Wexner, Ghislaine Maxwell and even Jeffrey Epstein himself.

Silence among outlets that largely oppose Bloomberg’s candidacy regarding his connections to Epstein and those in his close social orbit is odd, especially when reporting on an individual’s connections to the intelligence-linked pedophile are a sure-fire way to generate considerable negative attention and fodder for rival campaigns. This is particularly striking given that the numerous accusations that Bloomberg has long stoked a toxic culture of sexual harassment at his company, resulting in no small number of non-disclosure agreements over the years, have received some media attention. Yet, the fact that many of Bloomberg’s close friends have been accused of far, far worse has received hardly any coverage by comparison.  (more...)


Last century, German-speaking countries were an offshore haven for America's secret government. Has the locus of power shifted to the Middle East?

Monday, March 2, 2020

With Grenell Appointment, the Israel Lobby’s Foothold on US Intelligence Grows Even Stronger

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Last week’s appointment of U.S. Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell to the post of Director of National Intelligence (DNI) received criticism from both sides of the political divide, mainly for his lack of experience and history of outspoken and partisan political statements. Much more overlooked, however, are Grenell’s ties to the powerful American pro-Israel lobby and Israeli politicians alike, including organizations and individuals with a history of espionage and blackmail against the United States.

Grenell is merely the latest example in a series of appointments over the past few years that have seen individuals with deep ties to the pro-Israel lobby rise to top positions in the U.S. intelligence community, including the NSA’s current director of Cybersecurity Anne Neuberger as well as the leaders of the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board (PIAB).

With many of these posts directly involved in overseeing the security of the upcoming 2020 election, ostensibly to combat “foreign interference,” these connections are even more significant. Some of the Israel lobby groups in question have not only engaged in illegal espionage against the U.S. government, but are also openly meddling in the current Democratic party primary.

Beyond the potential effects on the upcoming election, these troubling ties between top U.S. intelligence officials and a foreign government do not bode well for American national security and will only advance the long-standing practice of American neoconservatives conflating Israeli national security interests with those of the United States.  (more...)