Monday, September 21, 2015

Post-Christian Europe: Update on Euro Fascism

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Author Stieg Larsson
Driven, in part, by the social dislocation caused by the global financial collapse, fascism in Europe is gaining momentum. Much of the broadcast explores fascism in Sweden, a country not generally noted for its reactionary politics. A driving force in Swedish fascism for decades was the late Per Engdahl, whose New Swedish Movement coalesced in the 1930’s alongside the other fascist movements of Europe.

Engdahl was instrumental in the preservation of overt, above-ground Euro­pean fascism in the immediate post-World War II period. Shepherding an important meeting of fascist leaders at Malmo, Sweden in 1951, Engdahl has also been a contributor to an important fascist journal called Nation Europa.

Although Sweden is generally viewed as a quasi-socialist nation, contemporary fascist elements thrive in the corridors of power in that country. Many of that country’s most powerful industrialists and financiers enthusiastically backed Hitler. “Neo”-fascist and Nazi elements have links to the Swedish intelligence service, and Ikea founder and Sweden’s richest man Ingvar Kamprad has an overt Nazi heritage.

Among those brave enough to resist the encroachment of fascism in Sweden was the late author Stieg Larsson. Dying on November 9th, a significant date for the Nazis, his death has been attributed to “natural causes.”

Author Christopher Hitchens opines that if Larsson’s heart attack was, in fact, an assassination that would mean “medical murder.” Given the links between Sapo (the Swedish intelligence service) and Swedish Nazi elements, that is not a possibility that can be dismissed.  (more...)

Expanding on Larsson's world:

If that's the modified limited hangout, what's the truth?

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