Tuesday, April 30, 2024

"Have You No Sense of Decency?"


Congressional Hearings university presidents ousters ejections McCarthy hearings anti-semitism epithets tarring stigmatization slander smears suppression academic freedom clampdowns

The recent Congressional hearings leading to a bloodbath of university presidents brings back memories from my teen-age years in the 1950s when everyone’s eyes were glued to the TV broadcast of the McCarthy hearings. And the student revolts incited by vicious college presidents trying to stifle academic freedom when it opposes foreign unjust wars awakens memories of the 1960s protests against the Vietnam War and the campus clampdowns confronting police violence. I was the junior member of the “Columbia three” alongside Seymour Melman and my mentor Terence McCarthy (both of whom taught at Columbia’s Seeley Mudd School of Industrial Engineering; my job was mainly to handle publicity and publication). At the end of that decade, students occupied my office and all others at the New School’s graduate faculty in New York City – very peacefully, without disturbing any of my books and papers.

Only the epithets have changed. The invective “Communist” has been replaced by “anti-Semite,” and the renewal of police violence on campus has not yet led to a Kent State-style rifle barrage against protesters. But the common denominators are all here once again. A concerted effort has been organized to condemn and even to punish today’s nationwide student uprisings against the genocide occurring in Gaza and the West Bank. Just as the House Unamerican Activities Committee (HUAC) aimed to end the careers of progressive actors, directors, professors and State Department officials unsympathetic to Chiang Kai-Shek or sympathetic to the Soviet Union from 1947 to 1975, today’s version aims at ending what remains of academic freedom in the United States.

The epithet of “communism” from 75 years ago has been updated to “anti-Semitism.” Senator Joe McCarthy of Wisconsin has been replaced by Elise Stefanik, House Republican from upstate New York, and Senator “Scoop” Jackson upgraded to President Joe Biden. Harvard University President Claudine Gay (now forced to resign), former University of Pennsylvania President Elizabeth Magill (also given the boot), and Massachusetts Institute of Technology President Sally Kornbluth were called upon to abase themselves by promising to accuse peace advocates critical of U.S. foreign policy of anti-Semitism.  (more...)

"Have You No Sense of Decency?"

Elites in the Global North are scared to talk about Palestine


fear bigotry censorship mainstream media Palestine cover-up deflection distortion deceit complicity Gaza genocide crime justice

Too afraid to actually talk about Palestine, authorities and institutions are resorting to bigotry and censorship

Israeli bombs continue to fall on Gaza, killing Palestinian civilians with abandon. Al Jazeera published a story about the destruction of 24 hospitals in Gaza, each of them bombed mercilessly by the Israeli military. Half of the 35,000 Palestinians killed by Israel were children, their bodies littering the overwhelmed morgues and mosques of Gaza. The former United Nations Assistant Secretary General for Human Rights Andrew Gilmour told BBC Newsnight that the Palestinians are experiencing “collective punishment” and that what we are seeing in Gaza is “probably the highest kill rate of any military, killing anybody, since the Rwandan genocide of 1994.” Meanwhile, in the West Bank section of Palestine, Human Rights Watch shows that the Israeli military has participated in the displacement of Palestinians from 20 communities and has uprooted at least seven communities since October 2023. These are established facts.

Yet, these facts—according to a leaked memorandum—cannot be spoken about in the “newspaper of record” in the United States, the New York Times. Journalists at the paper were asked to avoid the terms “genocide,” “ethnic cleansing,” and “occupied territory.” Indeed, over the past six months, newspapers and television shows in the US have generally written about the genocidal violence using passive voice: bombs fell, people died. Even on social media, where the terrain is often less controlled, the ax fell on key phrases; for instance, despite his professions of commitment to free speech, Elon Musk said that terms such as “decolonization” and phrases such as “from the river to the sea” would be banned on X.

At the University of Southern California (USC), Asna Tabassum, a South Asian American, was to deliver an address on campus to 65,000 people as the valedictorian of the class of 2024. Involved in the conversation around the Israeli war against the Palestinians, Tabassum was targeted by pro-Israeli activists who claimed to feel threatened. On the basis of this feeling of endangerment, whose source the university refused to disclose, USC decided to cancel her speech. In a thoughtful response, Tabassum—who majored in biomedical engineering and history (with a minor in resistance to genocide)—implored her classmates “to think outside the box—to work towards a world where cries of equality and human dignity are not manipulated to be expressions of hatred. I challenge us to respond to ideological discomfort with dialogue and learning, not bigotry and censorship.” Tabassum is 21-years-old. The USC provost who canceled her speech, Andrew Guzman, is 56-years-old. His reasons for shutting her down are less mature than her plea for dialogue.  (more...)

Elites in the Global North are scared to talk about Palestine

Pro-Israel groups vs. student democracy at McGill


Canada McGill University Palestine solidarity repression lawfare intimidation censorship smears slander calumny bigotry dehumanization Gaza genocide

Liberal MP Anthony Housefather is clamouring for the violent suppression of McGill students protesting Israel’s genocide in Gaza. It is an odious escalation in the Zionist movement’s bid to suppress democracy at the prestigious university.

On Saturday afternoon students set up two dozen tents on the university’s main lawn, which disrupts nothing but is exceptionally well placed just off a major downtown street. Soon after the first student divestment encampment in the country went up, Housefather posted to X, “Encampments are a violation of university policy. City police are municipal & universities fall under provincial jurisdiction. I call upon university administrators, police (and if needed provincial governments) to act. We can’t allow what is happening in the US to happen here.” A few hours later, at 10:20 PM on a Saturday night, Housefather repeated his call for a repression through a video message. On three occasions on Monday and Tuesday Housefather reiterated his demand for state repression, calling on McGill leadership to take “swift action.”

B’nai Brith and Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Centre echoed the MP’s message. Housefather and the apartheid lobby groups have long sought to suppress student voices and democracy at McGill.  (more...)

Pro-Israel groups vs. student democracy at McGill

Pro-Israel Group Threatens Gaza Activists


Doxing Deep Fakes False Flags Shirion Collective infiltration Zionists surveillance COINTELPRO social media

Meet the Shirion Collective, the rabidly pro-Israel group offering cash rewards for agent provocateurs to infiltrate Gaza solidarity protests.

This is not what democracy looks like


fascism military war genocide racism oppression ethnic cleansing youth education dissent Palestine solidarity Gaza depravity

People are revolting against Biden’s so-called rules-based order which is re-arming Israel, an out-of-control apartheid state openly committing genocide in Gaza.

Jewish Anti-Zionists Fight Slander Against Their Pro-Palestinian Advocacy


Judaism anti-Zionists slander Palestine solidarity Gaza genocide opposition moral courage steadfastness

Those who claim pro-Palestinian Jews are not really Jewish are “by my definition, completely unhinged.”

Jewish activists across the world have attended pro-Palestinian protests for the past six months to stand against Israel’s war on Gaza, which is being examined at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) as a “plausible” case of genocide.

Many of those Jewish activists face claims from some of Israel’s supporters that they are not really Jewish, or that they are “self-hating.” Activists say these insults erase a long history of Jewish solidarity in fighting against oppression and opposing Zionism.

David Mivasair, a retired rabbi living in Hamilton who served two different synagogues for about 23 years in Vancouver, told The Maple he has frequently received such allegations on social media and in the Jewish community because of his stand against genocide in Gaza.

“Zionist organizations and people try everything they can to discredit me,” Rabbi Mivasair explained. Some Hamiltonians wrote letters to the editor of a local newspaper claiming he is an antisemite.

“I became a rabbi, and I spent my entire life promoting Judaism,” he said. 

Rabbi Mivasair is not invited to any meetings or events held at Jewish schools, seniors’ homes, family service centres, or summer camps run by pro-Israel organizations because of his position on Israel. He said that he is a “persona non grata” among such groups.  (more...)

Jewish Anti-Zionists Fight Slander Against Their Pro-Palestinian Advocacy

Hijacking a Movement: Attempts to Criminalize Pro-Palestine Student Protests Across US College Campuses


mainstream media Fox News Murdoch Israel propaganda deceit student activism protests criminalization slander smears

The Role of Fox News, The Netanyahu Government and a Surveillance Group Called ‘The Shirion Collective’

It is obvious that Fox News is criminalizing US student protests that is currently taking place across college campuses in efforts to bring in armed police and the National Guard to crush the protesters who are critical of Israel and its war crimes against the Palestinian people. The students are demanding a ceasefire in Israel’s war against Hamas and the Palestinian people. They are also demanding that their schools cut all financial ties with Israel.

Fox News is the ultimate propaganda bullhorn that justifies Israel’s war crimes. It is a network that has no shame, no morals. It is also true that CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, the Washington Post, ABC news and the rest of the mainstream media also defend Israel on many levels, therefore, any criticism of the Zionist State is almost non-existent in the US mainstream media. 

However, when it comes to Fox News, Rupert Murdock and his son, Lachlan who is the current CEO, make sure that their network never criticize nor do any truthful reporting on the state of Israel and its genocide of the Palestinians.  The relationship between the Israeli government and Fox News has been close for a long time, in fact Fox News was one of the main cheerleaders for the War in Iraq which benefitted Israel more than the US government since Tel Aviv now has one less formidable enemy in the Middle East with Saddam Hussein being removed from power at the time. 

Fox News has been intolerant of any criticism against Israel, the network’s pro-Zionist agenda is clear when you listen to any of its overpaid newscasters including Sean Hannity, Jesse Waters, Harris Faulkner, and the rest of the paid propagandists.  The Times of Israel reported on a “secret” meeting between Lachlan Murdoch and Israeli war criminal, Benjamin Netanyahu in late January, ‘Media tycoon Lachlan Murdoch heads to Israel for secret meeting with Netanyahu’ said that “Lachlan Murdoch, the son of media tycoon Rupert Murdoch, is due to land in Israel on Monday for a meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that was intended to remain a secret” and that Lachlan was also meeting with Benny Gantz of the National Unity Party who might be a future prime minister for Israel.

So, the meeting was a secret, but I could bet you that the secret meeting was about Fox News willing to go full speed ahead with an Israeli narrative since the propaganda media giant also owns other influential news outlets including The Wall Street Journal, The Sun and one of the most absurd newspapers in circulation, The New York Post.  (more...)

Hijacking a Movement: Attempts to Criminalize Pro-Palestine Student Protests Across US College Campuses

US University students in the millions are demanding freedom in Palestine


university student activism McGill Concordia Palestine solidarity Gaza genocide encampments backlash protests rallies demonstrations divestment apartheid

The students in America and Canada have a war to stop, and they are determined to protest the Israeli war on Gaza. The US and Canadian government’s undying support for the genocide in Gaza has brought them under massive protests across university and college campuses, and the students are not backing down, and more campuses in Europe and Australia are joining in a global solidarity movement.

The students are asking for their individual institutions to stop investing in companies aligned with the Israeli war on Gaza. Higher education is a big business and institutions have financial portfolios which include companies benefiting from, or connected to, the war. The students know they can achieve results, because student protests in the 1980’s played a huge role in the fall of the apartheid regime in South Africa.

Similarly, US companies doing business with the oppressive regime in South Africa were pressured to divest of interests, while the American public were pressured by protests to boycott all products made in South Africa. The student protests were part of the successful end to apartheid.

Some universities began threatening students in an effort to stop the protests which have disrupted schedules. Students were threatened with expulsion, and with Princeton University tuition at $50,000 per year, they are taking a monumental risk to protest for freedom for Palestine, a ceasefire, and university divestment. This proves just how passionate these young people are.

McGill University, in Montreal, Canada, has seen protests and rallies since October calling for the school to divest from companies that supply weapons and other items to Israel’s military. Documents on McGill’s website show that it holds investments in companies including Lockheed Martin, a defense contractor that has sold fighter jets to Israel, and Safran, a French air and defense company.

Canadian media, CBC, reported protesters were demanding McGill and Concordia universities “divest from funds implicated in the Zionist state as well as [cut] ties with Zionist academic institutions”.  (more...)

US University students in the millions are demanding freedom in Palestine

Monday, April 29, 2024

Wave of Palestine solidarity encampments reaches Montreal


Palestine solidarity Montreal Canada McGill university student activism Gaza genocide divestment Israel arms industry complicity

Following the example set by students in the United States, solidarity encampments opposed to the Israeli state's assault on Gaza have now spread to campuses in Canada and around the world

Solidarity spreads fast. As the wave of student encampments has grown on postsecondary campuses across the United States, in protest of academia’s collusion with Israeli apartheid and its ongoing war in Gaza, students at McGill and Concordia Universities have followed suit. On Saturday, April 27, they erected camps on the grounds of McGill in downtown Montreal.

The organizers, comprised of Students for Palestinian Human Rights along with other solidarity groups, have installed the camps on the open ground next to the university’s main entrance off Sherbrooke Street. The camps were set up Saturday morning and supporters trickled in through the afternoon to show support. By the evening, hundreds were present at the site. The liberated zone, as the campers refer to it, is fenced off. Within the fence is where the activists are spending their days and nights in protest.

There has been a visible outpouring of support. Apart from showing up in solidarity, people have been donating food, water, and camping supplies. Despite the rain overnight, the spirit at the camps on the second day was high and the mood has been both defiant and festive, with a chorus of chants and music to keep the energy going. The camps are now the go-to spot for pro-Palestine activists and supporters in Montreal.

As has been the case with the protests since the start of the war in October, the social makeup of the crowd is extremely diverse, with Muslims, Arabs, and progressive Jews, as well as queer groups, on the forefront. Any accusation of anti-semitism is wide off the mark.

The organizers plan to maintain the camps until all their demands are met – complete divestment from companies that do business with Israel, and ending relations with Israeli universities. “We want all the focus we are drawing to be put straight back on what is happening in Palestine,” one member of the camps' media team told me. (She asked to remain anonymous out of concern about potential reprisals from her university.) “We are calling on both our university and Canada to end their complicity in the genocide.”  (more...)

Wave of Palestine solidarity encampments reaches Montreal

Occupation of the American Campus


student activism Columbia University Palestine solidarity divestment encampment ultimatum threats Gaza genocide justice divestment complicity occupation

Max Blumenthal and Aaron Mate discuss the escalation and growth of the protest movement on American campuses against the US-backed genocide in Gaza. They will also cover a looming ICC warrant for Netanyahu, the revealing spectacle of the White House Press Correspondents Dinner, and the latest from Gaza.

“And if we don’t get it – SHUT IT DOWN”: University students rally for a new world


Palestine solidarity student activism university hope encampments Gaza genocide moral courage defiance

“Please keep going because you are our only hope. And we promise we will hold our ground and tell you the truth, always,” says Bisan Owda, a Palestinian journalist who has reported live from Gaza, fled bombs, held children, flocked to and from tents, sobbed, and starved for over 200 days of genocide.

Owda is in a dimly lit tent, a keffiyeh around her shoulders, her dark curls pulled back. Her face is strained. The bags beneath her eyes are deep and hollow out her cheeks. Her gaze is fierce, emboldened by the student encampments raging across American campuses. The encampments mark the first time that Owda has felt hope for an end to the 75-year illegal occupation of Palestine.

“I’m 25 years old. I’ve lived my whole life in the Gaza Strip, and I have never felt hope like now. Never. It’s a magical feeling running in my veins right now, in my head… These universities around America and the world are stronger than the last occupation in history. And for the first time in our lives as Palestinians, we hear a voice louder than their voices and the sound of their bombs, and even stronger than their control in all aspects of our lives.”

The encampments began at Columbia University on April 17. Students demanded that their university divest from companies that fund the Israeli military’s international law violations in Palestine.

The tents have been described as “a village built overnight.” The communal identity of the encampments, though formed by the call for divestment from genocide, stretches beyond. Life within the tents shows an open-hearted, peaceful, organized, and fiercely humanist community. It has been called an “experiment in true actual democracy”.

There are morning assemblies by the encampment leaders; lectures and guest speakers; a first aid tent; meals and snacks; movies and pets; Passover celebrations and Shabbats for the Jewish students; and spaces for Muslim students to pray. A student living in the encampments describes them as “shaping our collective future together as students.”

“It’s children and youth who are leading the movement now for a free Palestine, putting everything they have on the line to demand justice and end of the genocide and a new era of the world not based on oppression or exploitation or colonialism,” says Owda in the Instagram video.  (more...)

“And if we don’t get it – SHUT IT DOWN”: University students rally for a new world

The War Measures Act and pro-Palestine protesters are about to get an unwelcome introduction


colonialism Canada Zionism War Measures Act backlash smears calumny slander senility Zionism youth student activism Palestine solidarity

The colonial empire strikes back. Mass arrests and martial law are now openly being called for by the reactionary Zionist forces in the colonial periphery of Canada and the United States of America, in coordinated fashion with the ramping up of repressive tactics by the state, against pro-Palestine youth.

The Sith lords determined to crush this “unlawful” rebellion are many. They include former Jewish terrorist organisation member Meir Weinstein, who has explicitly called for invocation of the War Measures Act. They include Toronto Sun writer Warren Kinsella, who has echoed Meir Weinstein’s call for the War Measures Act in print. They also include disgraced MP Kevin Vuong, infamous for blaming China for having faced a sexual assault charge, who has used cryptic legalese to justify said War Measures Act invocation. And most notably, they include Liberal MP Marco Mendicino, the one infamous for invoking the Emergencies Act on the ‘Freedom Convoy’.

The reaction by Zionist forces, the measures they’re calling for, and the disturbingly united solidarity with the right wing of the political establishment, particularly in the colonies of the United States and Canada, have given an ominous and impending signal of what’s coming next. In the context of a need to shut down opposition to the NATO ethnic cleansing plan, and in turn, shut down the rapidly growing popularity of Iran (0:00-0:12), the extensive toolkit of political repression has been activated. The renewed brutality of the colonial Canadian regime will test the mettle of the pro-Palestine movement, their commitment, and their readiness.  (more...)

The War Measures Act and pro-Palestine protesters are about to get an unwelcome introduction

The Silencing of a Giant Voice for Peace


NATO Nazi occult Theosophy Gladio Switzerland freedom oligarchy

Sneaky Nazis of NATO

Corrupt Congress Attacks Free Speech


congress corruption censorship free speech thought police universities demonstrations rallies protests encampments student activism Gaza genocide

To call protesters anti-Semitic for demonstrating on American campuses against the slaughter by Israel of over 34,000 Palestinians -- a slaughter backed by a bipartisan majority in Congress -- is evidence of the profound panic of the backers of this genocide that their crimes are out in the open.  The SS Thought Police in both parties, who just reauthorized the notorious practice of FISA spying on Americans, must be held accountable.  

This was the topic of a discussion with former CIA official and peace movement leader Ray McGovern on Saturday's LaRouche Organization's Manhattan Project.

Academic freedom for me but not for thee


academic freedom exceptionalism Zionism supremacy Gaza genocide student activism repression arrests expulsions suspensions evictions militarized police smears slander calumny racism discrimination

Authorities and institutions are trampling upon free speech and academic freedom, mistaking a call for life for its opposite

The irony is palpable. This past week’s wave of student protests on college campuses across the United States, Europe, and Australia have, among other things, allowed the double standards for freedom of expression to swim clearly into focus. The same self-appointed arbiters of academic freedom and free speech who insisted on unfettered access to college campuses for the purposes of peddling transphobia, misogyny, and white supremacy, are now keen to suppress student expression at any cost, no matter how brutal or contradictory. They do so under the guise of combatting antisemitism and at the behest of a foreign government that has itself now razed each of Gaza’s universities in full or in part in the midst of a seven-month-old campaign that saw drone strikes targeting children at play, mass graves dug into the grounds of occupied hospitals, a massacre in a flour line, and the indiscriminate murder of untold thousands upon thousands of civilians while their homes are bulldozed to the ground in the service of a supposed rescue operation. Meanwhile, in an area far from Hamas control, Palestinians of the West Bank continue to endure dispossession, displacement, and violence at the hands of Israeli settlers.

Certainly, October 7 was horrific. So shocking were the reports of Hamas’ and linked groups’ atrocities that they gave pause even to those who would celebrate resistance, and for others provided further justification for the catastrophic assault on the people of Gaza that followed. This staggering violence visited upon civilians is the culmination of a 76-year-long occupation that has gone on so long that in the West many turn away in exasperation or indifference, citing “complexity,” terrorism, incivility, Iran, or prior claims to the land. Although we may live comfortably with orientalism, students pay attention. And none of the old narratives are sticking. What is new is the willingness of people to speak out en masse, knowing full well the costs of protest: blackballing, accusations of antisemitism and sympathy with terrorism, expulsion, and now police violence and incarceration. While American police in riot gear batter students and wrestle economics professors to the ground, the fact that large numbers of protestors are Jewish makes no difference. Neo-Nazis receive better treatment when they come to campus.

Closer to home, the keffiyeh is banned from the Ontario legislature while the provincial government scrambles to pass a bill that, in the name of student wellness, will almost certainly quash student speech. Those who feel threatened by appeals to international law and human rights will feel protected, no doubt. Fear is not something most of us would wish upon those with differing views, especially when it is a residue of Holocaust trauma. While it is important not to dismiss these concerns, we must also think of our students, friends, and colleagues expected to watch this massacre of their people unfold in silence because of the century-long debasement of Palestinian and Arab lives that settlers in North America tacitly accept.  (more...)

Academic freedom for me but not for thee

Sunday, April 28, 2024

Michael Moore Was Almost Shot By The IDF


Michael Moore IDF Palestine solidarity academia student activism campus encampments dissent protests Gaza genocide Judaism unions Flint Michigan

00:00:00 Michael Moore on Katie's Genocide Remix song   

 • Biden & Netanyahu React To ICJ: 'Noth...  

00:02:25:20 Michael Moore's experience being shot at by the IDF in the 1980s

00:04:51:05 On the Jewish history of Flint's labor struggle

00:08:21:27 Seder protests and police arresting students, the next generation

00:10:34:02 What counts as antisemitism? Okay to criticize Jeffery Epstein?

00:11:09:27 On the killing of aid workers

00:13:39:22 The best thing you can do for Israelis is speak out against the killing

Shut up or meet a truncheon! Victim Bryce Greene on the US student crackdown


academia Indiana university student activists Palestine solidarity snipers backlash intimidation protesters demonstrators choppers rallies repression censorship crackdown militarization police

Armed goons, armoured cars, choppers, snipers – for the crime of putting up a tent in a park. US campuses have become military bases, says eyewitness Bryce Greene.

Protesters set up encampment at McGill University in solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza


Canada Montreal McGill University academia Palestine solidarity encampment Gaza genocide student activism divestment Israel colonialism apartheid

The protesters held up signs with messages such as “McGill funds genocide.”

An encampment on McGill University’s downtown campus in support of Palestinians in Gaza was still going strong on Sunday.

Several tents went up after 1:30 p.m. Saturday. A ring of more than 100 young people formed around the encampment as they chanted slogans like “Palestine will live forever.”

The protesters also held up signs with messages like “McGill funds genocide.”

The protest was peaceful and within sight of several police vehicles parked near the Roddick Gates on Sherbrooke St.

A person who declined to give her name described herself as a volunteer for the protest and said the protesters had been in talks with the university, but the administration asked them not to put up the tents. She also said they planned to be there “indefinitely.”  (more...)

Protesters set up encampment at McGill University in solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza

Bulwer’s Dream and the Coming Race


Aryan race Edward Bulwer-Lytton Vril Theosophy Nazi oligarchy occult literature Zanoni

Edward Bulwer-Lytton (1803-1873) was a British occultist, politician, grand strategist and oligarchical heir to two of the oldest bloodlines of England’s elite. He was also the first to popularize the concept of a species of automata controlled by a superior race of beings that had evolved within vast underground caves in his 1871 novel ‘Vril: The Power of the Coming Race’.

This book was no mere piece of entertainment, but rather served as a strategic outline for oligarchist planning which charted a course of action for several generations of imperialists which directly inspired the idea of a superior Aryan race that would replace humanity.

In his book, Bulwer-Lytton has two travelers happen by accident upon a vast underground civilization deep within an elaborate system of underground caves. The author describes these advanced subterranean beings as “a race akin to man’s but infinitely stronger in form and grandeur of aspect”. Bulwer-Lytton describes his advanced race as antediluvian-Aryans who have lived for millennia underground, slowly but patiently waiting for the right moment to return to the surface and enslave the inferior humans living there.

With their superior genetic power, this transhuman race communicates directives telepathically onto automata servants, mediated by an etheric energy which Bulwer dubbed “vril”. Bulwer writes of his superior race saying:

“In all service, whether in or out of doors, they make great use of automaton figures, which are so pliant to the operators of Vril, that they actually seem gifted with reason. It was scarcely possible to distinguish the figures I beheld, apparently guiding or superintending the rapid movements of vast engines, from human forms endowed with thought.”

Bulwer-Lytton made it clear that the power of clairvoyance, telepathy, telekinesis and astral projection used by his Vril society was not the product of teaching but merely breeding of pure bloodlines. If the blood of higher nobility flows through the veins of a student, then they can be taught occult techniques to wield the vril (like the pure bloods in Harry Potter, or the special bloodlines of Jedi warriors in more recent lore). But a low-born has no chance to use the Vril force.  (more...)

Bulwer’s Dream and the Coming Race

Did British Intel Create Neo-Nazi Militia?


Ukraine neo-Nazi army secret infiltration NATO military Gladio terrorism fascism militia

In mid-February, Berlin’s Junge Welt revealed how Centuria, an ultra-violent Ukrainian Neo-Nazi faction, has since the Russian invasion of Ukraine cemented itself in six cities across Germany, and is seeking to expand its activities across Europe, influencing populations and governments to adopt their horrendous worldview. Disturbingly, they’re not the only fascist militants from Kiev with major political and societal ambitions, going under the name of Centuria. As we shall see, there are strong indications the latter is the monstrous offspring of British intelligence.

The latter Centuria’s activities are outlined in a detailed report from George Washington University’s Institute for European, Russian and Eurasian Studies (IERES). It notes that the group’s parent organisation is a “self-described order of ‘European traditionalist’ military officers that has the stated goals of reshaping the country’s military along right-wing ideological lines and defending the ‘cultural and ethnic identity’ of European peoples against ‘Brussels’ politicos and bureaucrats’”:

“[Centuria] envisions a future where ‘European right forces are consolidated and national traditionalism is established as the disciplining ideological basis for the European peoples.’”  (more...)

Did British Intel Create Neo-Nazi Militia?


Meet Centuria, Ukraine’s Western-trained neo-Nazi army

Ukraine neo-Nazi army secret infiltration NATO military Gladio terrorism fascism militia

Push to Erase Palestinians: Canadians Promoting Genocide


Canada erasure Palestine Zionism Gaza genocide keffiyah bigotry racism politics schools legislature media ethnic cleansing cancelling colonialism apartheid

In the name of protecting Canadian Jews many are promoting the cultural and physical erasure of a faraway people.

Recently there’s been a push to suppress a traditional Palestinian garment. To the delight of many, the speaker of the Ontario legislature banned kaffiyehs from the provincial assembly. In a sign of support for this racist policy, prominent ‘progressive’ doctor and Ottawa-Carleton District School Board trustee, Nili Kaplan-Myrth, recently bemoaned a fellow trustee who “put on a keffiyeh”, making it “not safe for Jews”. Similarly, author Dahlia Kurtz posted about a friend who panicked when a worker at her child’s daycare had on a kaffiyeh and a similar thing happened when the president of a Canadian Union of Public Employees local wore the garment while addressing members. In a particularly odious expression of this thinking, right wing X account Love My 7 Wood quote tweeted a picture of a member of the Alberta legislature wearing a kaffiyeh noting, “She and her NDP colleagues wear that for one reason and one reason only. To intimidate Jews.” (To which I replied “All Palestinian culture exists for one reason and one reason only. To intimidate Jews.”)

Others have sought to erase Palestinian poetry. B’nai Brith recently gloated that they got a Toronto library branch to remove prominent poet Refaat Alareer’s “If I Must Die” from a display. Four months ago Alareer and five family members were wiped out by the Israeli military and on Friday they killed his daugher, her husband and their infant child.  (more...)

Push to Erase Palestinians: Canadians Promoting Genocide

Neglect, abuse, torture: The West is ignoring the fate of Palestinians stuck in Israeli jails


Palestine prison Israel neglect abuse torture complicity indifference moral bankruptcy journalism colonialism Zionism

For over six months, the world has watched the devastating Israeli campaign against Palestinians in Gaza, which has killed over 34,000 people so far (including over 16,000 children).

Fewer are aware, however, of the nearly 10,000 Palestinians held in Israeli prisons, many of whom have been repeatedly arrested and held for prolonged, indefinite periods. These include children, university students, medics, doctors, and journalists, among others.

While these numbers have increased dramatically in just over half a year, media coverage is scant, with the exception of some reporting on Layan Naser, one of the Christian university students re-imprisoned earlier this month. She was taken by Israeli troops from her family’s home in the early morning, with her parents held at gunpoint. But this is not an isolated phenomenon, she’s just one of many Palestinian students similarly abducted, ostensibly in the name of security, for taking part in campus activism.

On April 7, the Palestinian Commission of Detainees and Ex-Detainees Affairs condemned the latest kidnappings of Layan Kayed and Layan Naser, two young women who have previously been targeted and imprisoned, along with multiple others.

The greater issue is that, as of April 17, which is Palestinian Prisoners’ Day, over 9,500 Palestinians are being held in Israeli prisons – roughly one third of whom are imprisoned under what is termed ”administrative detention” – a procedure that allows the Israeli military to hold people based on secret evidence, indefinitely and without trial.  (more...)

Neglect, abuse, torture: The West is ignoring the fate of Palestinians stuck in Israeli jails

Saturday, April 27, 2024

Keffiyeh bans and the fragility of apartheid supporters


Canada Ontario legislature Queen's Park Keffiyeh ban apartheid Gaza genocide Palestine solidarity oppression authoritarianism

The moral panic over a simple piece of cloth is a defensive and paranoid response to Israel’s growing isolation

On April 25, independent Ontario MPP Sarah Jama wore a keffiyeh, a checkered scarf traditionally worn in parts of the Middle East, during question period in the Ontario legislature. Speaker Ted Arnott demanded that she leave. Jama refused, and according to CBC, “Arnott said he was not prepared to remove Jama by force.”

After the incident, the speaker’s office “named” Jama—who was elected in 2023 as the member of provincial parliament for Hamilton Centre with 54 percent of the vote—thereby restricting her ability to participate in the legislature. In Queen’s Park, Arnott explained: “As a result of being named, the member, for the reminder of the day, is ineligible to vote on matters before the assembly; attend and participate in any committee proceedings; use the media studio; and table notices of motion, written questions, and petitions.”

The speaker’s effort to punish Jama, followed by the naming, were justified on the basis that she violated the ongoing keffiyeh ban in the legislature.

The ban not only applies to elected officials, but also members of the public. Visitors have been refused entry solely because they were wearing keffiyehs.  (more...)

Keffiyeh bans and the fragility of apartheid supporters

Israel will not stop Freedom Flotilla 2024


Freedom Flotilla Gaza genocide Palestine solidarity Guinea-Bissau betrayal Blue Mosque Istanbul starvation famine justice ICJ complicity

On April 27, 2024, after Guinea-Bissau acceded to Israel's request that it withdraw its flag from two of the Gaza Freedom Flotilla's vessels, organizers of the Freedom Flotilla Coalition held a press conference near Istanbul's historic Blue Mosque. There, after describing the extraordinary lengths to which Israel will go to deprive Palestinians of humanitarian aid, they declared that they will persevere.

Understanding the Venetian Hand Behind England


Venice Britain England William of Orange Whigs Satanism occult slavery colonialism Amsterdam London Crusades American Revolution

In this week’s episode of Breaking History, Gordon and Matt take a deep look at the Venetian Hand Behind England

Supplemental Reading

EIR: The Leibniz Revolution In America, 1727-1752  https://larouchepub.com/other/2004/3132leibniz_pfv.html

Leibniz, Not Locke, Inspired the Declaration of Independence http://american_almanac.tripod.com/leiblock.htm

Ukrainian ‘fact-checker’ arrested following assault on Grayzone contributor


Ukraine fact checker assault arrest Suprun OUN-B Nazi violence censorship journalism crime extremism Russophobia fanaticism

A Ukrainian show host from the US and EU-funded 'Stop Fake' organization, Marko Suprun, has been arrested after choking Grayzone contributor Moss Robeson. RT’s Steve Sweeney has the story.

Student protests could have economic impact


academia Ivy League Palestine solidarity moral values principles economy corporations Israel Netanyahu divestment Gaza genocide

Political analyst Tamer Qarmout says university protests across the US could have a broad impact on the economy since the country’s future workforce are the ones criticising companies they may eventually work for.

“These are students of Ivy League universities, elite universities that provide the pipeline of employees for the same companies we’re talking about, the future leader of these companies. So it’s a critical juncture,” Qarmout, assistant professor in public policy at the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies, tells Al Jazeera.

When we see students who stand on principle values on ideas, you cannot buy this with money … it’s hard because this is a value system, you are in conflict with an entire value principle system that this these students present,” he added.

With eyes on US college campuses, students stress: ‘Gaza is why we’re here’


academia Palestine solidarity Gaza genocide student activism encampments free speech college campuses defiance crackdowns backlash

Global attention has turned to universities across the United States, where students have erected encampments to demand action to end Israel’s war on the Gaza Strip.

Al Jazeera's correspondents report from different US universities' locations.

Friday, April 26, 2024

Students Are Taking the Lead in Denouncing Gaza Atrocities


academia Columbia University Palestine solidarity Gaza genocide narrative control censorship student activism atrocities encampments rallies protests demonstrations divestment Israel police repression arrests suspensions expulsions evictions

Israel and its friends malign them as “antisemites”

If you were wondering why or how the mainstream media coverage of what is taking place in Gaza is so slanted as to make it look like a real war between two well-armed and competitive adversaries instead of a massacre of civilians, wonder no longer! A leak has exposed a New York Times internal document that provides editorial guidance about words that should not be used in any article relating to Gaza or to Palestine. They include “genocide,” “ethnic cleansing,” “occupied territory,” and even “Palestine” itself. The intent is clearly to eliminate any words with negative connotations what might be applied in some fashion to Israel and to what Israel is doing, even going so far as to not include any suggestion that Palestine itself might be considered a legitimate political entity. At the same time the media is letting be heard arguments that Israelis killing Palestinians is justified as they are all “terrorists,” even the little ones who will grow up to become enemies of Israel and Jews worldwide.

To a large extent, it is the Zionists themselves that created the need to censor the language being used to describe developments between Israel and its neighbors and that is because Israel, which de facto and illegally occupies all of historic Palestine, made itself de jure “the nation state of the Jewish people” back in 2018 in spite of its Christian and Muslim citizens which, at the time, amounted to something like 20% of the population. To put it simply, a Jewish state cannot also be a democracy for all of its citizens any more than the US can be a Christian state, so it is necessary to divert attention away from that paradox. And there are other degrees of unpleasantness that spring from that necessity, including the fact that devout Jewish believers actually do follow the ten commandments, including “Thou shall not kill!” while Israel has been doing nothing but killing since its foundation as well as plenty of violations of “Thou shall not steal” and “Thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor!” So instead of behaving better and trying to live peaceably with its neighbors, the “Jewish state” opted instead to cultivate a partly mythical saga of victimhood referred to as the “Holocaust” and to label all of its lethal overreactions as legitimate “right to defend itself” responses.

This in turn has spawned another line of defense, what has become the virtual industry which might be referred as the pursuit of “antisemitism.” And to make it really dangerous for the average American citizens who still believe that it is possible to criticize the behavior of foreign countries, the chant of “antisemitism” has been picked up wholeheartedly by the politicians and it is being turned into laws particularly at state levels to punish people who attempt to criticize Israel. National level politicians in Congress are also submitting draft laws that would apply similar restraints throughout the country so it will inevitably be goodbye the First Amendment’s guarantee of freedom of speech.

The current unrest of pro-Palestinian “encampments” and “liberated zones” at 33 college campuses in the US protesting against what is clearly a genocide taking place in Gaza by calling for a ceasefire and a halt to institutional investment in Israel as well as a suspension of ties to Israeli government educational bodies. The movement is, as a consequence, being assiduously labeled a manifestation of “antisemitism” by Congress, by Joe Biden in the White House and by nearly all of the mainstream media.  (more...)

Students Are Taking the Lead in Denouncing Gaza Atrocities

Canada and Palestine: The War on Zionism


Canada Palestine First Nations journalism politics Gaza genocide complicity Keffeyeh CSIS Jason Kenney immigration citizenship

The Canada Files' bi-weekly show, "Canada and Palestine: The War on Zionism", is co-hosted by TCF EIC Aidan Jonah and Free Palestine TV Senior Director - Laith Marouf.

Show topics:

  • - The evolving situation in Palestine,
  • - Canadian elites' support to Israel,
  • - Canadian resistance to this support.

The show touches on the status of Palestinian resistance, Israel's bombing of Iran's embassy in Syria, Ontario's Keffeyeh ban, attacks on a Nakba Remembrance Day and more.

Top Ukrainian ‘fact-checker’ arrested for assault on Grayzone contributor


Ukraine Canada OUN-B Banderites violence crime arrest Washington attack strangulation Nazi journalism assault censorship

Marko Suprun, an influential NATO state-funded Ukrainian ‘fact-checker’ with close ties to Nazi activists, was taken into police custody in Washington, DC, after assaulting a contributor to The Grayzone at an event hosted by a neocon Beltway think tank. 

The Ukrainian-Canadian host of a self-styled ‘anti-disinformation’ outfit — which receives thousands of dollars from the US and UK governments and works with Facebook to censor content — was arrested on Capitol Hill last week after assaulting a contributor to The Grayzone.

On April 16, Marko Suprun, who presents an English-language show for the group StopFake.org, and whose wife has served as Ukraine’s acting Minister of Health, was charged with simple assault after strangling, shoving, and stomping on Grayzone contributor Moss Robeson. The incident occurred during an anti-Russia event hosted by the neoconservative Jamestown Foundation, entitled “Russia’s Rupture and Western Policy.” Robeson was fully credentialed and authorized by organizers to participate in the discussion.

“This is the guy! This is the guy!” Suprun reportedly shouted, while forcing Robeson into the hallway, choking him with both hands, and pushing him to the ground, leaving his glasses broken.  (more...)

Top Ukrainian ‘fact-checker’ arrested for assault on Grayzone contributor

Revolt in the Universities


Universities revolution students Gaza genocide Palestine solidarity defiance encampments protests rallies moral courage arrests police expulsions evictions backlash

University students across the country, facing mass arrests, suspensions, evictions and explusions are our last, best hope to halt the genocide in Gaza.

Achinthya Sivalingam, a graduate student in Public Affairs at Princeton University did not know when she woke up this morning that shortly after 7 a.m. she would join hundreds of students across the country who have been arrested, evicted and banned from campus for protesting the genocide in Gaza.

She wears a blue sweatshirt, sometimes fighting back tears, when I speak to her. We are seated at a small table in the Small World Coffee shop on Witherspoon Street, half a block away from the university she can no longer enter, from the apartment she can no longer live in and from the campus where in a few weeks she was scheduled to graduate.

She wonders where she will spend the night.

The police gave her five minutes to collect items from her apartment.

“I grabbed really random things,” she says. “I grabbed oatmeal for whatever reason. I was really confused.”

Student protesters across the country exhibit a moral and physical courage — many are facing suspension and expulsion — that shames every major institution in the country. They are dangerous not because they disrupt campus life or engage in attacks on Jewish students —  many of those protesting are Jewish — but because they expose the abject failure by the ruling elites and their institutions to halt genocide, the crime of crimes. These students watch, like most of us, Israel’s live-streamed slaughter of the Palestinian people. But unlike most of us, they act. Their voices and protests are a potent counterpoint to the moral bankruptcy that surrounds them.  (more...)

Revolt in the Universities

Thursday, April 25, 2024

Israel Safer Than Hampstead? Jews Stand Up And Call Out The Propaganda


Israel Britain aliyah propaganda fear porn debunking Judaism antisemitism deceit Palestine solidarity

Israel Safer Than Hampstead? Jews Stand Up And Call Out The Propaganda

Sources: www.ukcolumn.org/video/uk-column-news-24th-april-2024

  • - The Telegraph: Britain’s Jews fear for their lives because Sir Mark Rowley is a weak coward (archived link)
  • - LBC: Sunak 'appalled' by officer's threat to arrest Jewish man at pro-Palestine rally as calls mount for Met boss to quit
  • - NPR: Concerns over antisemitism rise as Jews begin observing Passover 
  • - Ynet: Number of Westerners seeking to make aliyah surges

Canadian state apparatus conspires with Zionist vigilantes to dox and spy on pro-Palestine community


Canada Zionists vigilantes Shomrim doxing harassment surveillance hate crimes revenge porn politics

A web of spying and doxing is being laid upon the pro-Palestine community in Canada.

Former leader of the Canadian chapter of an FBI-recognized terrorist organisation (Jewish Defence League) Meir Weinstein and far-right vigilante organisation ShomRim has converged to spy on the pro-Palestine community. Their latest target is Tara, a woman who they doxed by revealing her LinkedIn information, phone number, and address. They have even threatened to engage in illegal revenge porn against her and dox her in front of the whole pro-Palestine community. Zionist Conservative MP Melissa Lantsman has engaged in separate doxing towards the pro-Palestine community, and is even connected to ShomRim as well.

The far-right, pro-colonial forces that embody the inherent nature of Canada are now engaging in targeted offensives against the pro-Palestine community. They have started at vulnerable targets such as Tara, in order to send chills down the spines of the less committed, and perhaps less principled. When that fails, due to strong leadership, they will simply arbitrarily detain and concoct pretexts for other forms of pro-colonial repression and violence.

The Canada Files reached out to Tara after learning of her doxing by Meir Weinstein and his associates. According to Tara, as a single mother, she began to advocate for Palestine after seeing the horrors involved in Israel’s genocidal bombing campaign and siege. She then converted to Islam. Afterwards, she found herself in an online ‘flame war’ with Meir Weinstein, Joe Warmington, and a doctor from Texas named Gary Branfman after she posted a video denouncing Meir Weinstein’s slander about Tara's previously posted protest safety videos, and his generally violent, “every Jew with a .22” terror-linked history.

The most controversial events happened shortly after the illegal settlement sales controversies and exposes on the actions of the Zionist community during those protests.  (more...)

Canadian state apparatus conspires with Zionist vigilantes to dox and spy on pro-Palestine community

We must hold Guilbeault to account for supporting Israeli violence


Canada Guilbeault politics Gaza genocide environment silence indifference unresponsiveness Israel lobby influence

As a long-time ecologist Steven Guilbeault knows we can’t overcome the climate crisis without just and equitable rules that apply to everyone no matter where they live on the planet. As a former Greenpeace spokesperson he knows militarism is extremely ecologically damaging. As a father, Guilbeault knows that killing 15,000 Palestinian children cannot be justified.

Still, Canada’s environment minister has supported one of the most horrific military onslaughts in recent memory. In fact, Guilbeault is in the cabinet of a government that has enabled Israel’s holocaust in Gaza.

The only public statement Guilbeault seems to have made regarding the conflict came soon after Hamas’ October 7 assault. On X he posted, “Canada condemns the violent terrorist attacks on Israel. Full stop.” It linked to a message from the prime minister noting, “Canada strongly condemns the current terrorist attacks against Israel. These acts of violence are completely unacceptable. We stand with Israel and fully support its right to defend itself.”

As Israel has “defended itself” by killing 40,000, Guilbeault has stayed mum. An individual who said I “came into politics so I could continue to be an activist” has ignored the many thousands who have marched in his riding over the past seven months. He has ignored a Laurier—Sainte-Marie Palestine solidarity group’s repeated appeals to support a long-term ceasefire and two-way arms embargo. Activists have also asked Guilbeault to raise his voice against Israel’s siege of Gaza and Canada’s complicity in Israel’s occupation, organizing multiple protests and town halls focused on the environment minister’s complicity in genocide. But he’s failed to even meet with organizers.

If the killing of over 15,000 Palestinian children isn’t enough to move Guilbeault, perhaps the ecologist could at least denounce the environmental devastation wrought by Israel’s war machine?  (more...)

We must hold Guilbeault to account for supporting Israeli violence

Exposing Kevin Vuong’s Pathetic Rebrand Attempt


Canada Toronto politics Israel lobby Zionism servility corruption cravenness moral bankruptcy Gaza genocide deceit mendacity sleaze

Vuong seems to be attempting to make himself an attractive potential Conservative candidate by appealing to a key Toronto demographic

Prior to October 7, I knew independent Toronto MP Kevin Vuong as a scumbag. In the months since, Vuong has tried to rebrand himself, and his effort has been partly successful: I now know him as a Zionist scumbag. These are harsh words that some may balk at, but I think even worse descriptors are fair. 

To explain why, I’ll take you through how Vuong became an MP, a series of events that may be mentioned in civics courses well after he has otherwise been forgotten. This process includes what I consider to be the most shameful choice a Canadian politician has made in an election in my lifetime. It has only gotten worse since then, as I believe Vuong has used the genocide in Gaza as an opportunity to reshape his image in service of his political survival. 

This is a theory, but it’s supported by a close look at Vuong’s record and how the political climate in Canada has developed. I asked Vuong what he thought about the theory, but he didn’t reply.  

Vuong is just one of many Canadian politicians whose behaviour over the past few months warrants ridicule and condemnation, but given how unique his political career is, I think it’s worth spending some extra time on him. Also, whether he continues as an MP or not beyond the next election will say a great deal about the state of politics in Canada and the influence the Israel lobby has on it.  (more..)

Exposing Kevin Vuong’s Pathetic Rebrand Attempt