Sunday, September 13, 2015

To Ontario school boards: let parents decide about the sex "education" curriculum

The Minister of Education Liz Sandals said this past past week that for sections of the sex-ed that parents cannot pull their children out. In her own words, "As I said, the individual boards have their policies and the individual boards will make decisions consistent with their particular policies." This completely contradicts what the premier and the minister have been saying to parents all along: that they do have the choice to remove their children from portions of the curriculum that contradicts their values and beliefs. Have they been telling the truth or lying to Ontarians?

When the Health and Physical Education (HPE) document that contains the new sex curriculum component was released in February 2015 parents were worried about its radical contents. They had objected to the same curriculum in 2010 and at the time the Liberal government headed by Dalton McGuinty withdrew it because of complaints. Here's how Minister Sandals reassured parents who wanted their children to opt out, “It’s actually in the Education Act that a parent has the right to withdraw their child from content they don’t want their child to receive.” And this past week she says it's left to the boards. Both premier and the minster have seriously mislead parents.  (more...)

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