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Klaus Barbie and the 1980 Bolivian Coup

Bolivia Klaus Barbie coup Nazi CIA freemasonry paramilitary politics terrorism assassination police business corruption cocaine

The 1980 putsch was not just one of many coups d'etat by power-hungry generals in Bolivia. It was two years in the planning and was supposed to complete a "stable axis" in South America—from Chile, through Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay, to Bolivia. The coups in Chile in 1973 and in Argentina in 1976 were examples.

That is how it is stated in a plan with the code name Amapole (poppy flower) which had already been devised in 1978 at the initiative of the Bolivian intelligence officer Klaus Altmann, i.e., Klaus Barbie. The political, economic, and military aspects of the planned putsch were set' forth in 145 pages. Klaus Barbie himself prepared the military part.

The Bolivian banker, Dr. Enrique Garcia, had the responsibility of planning the economic direction of the new order" after the putsch. U.S. institutions paid him for his work. Under the heading "logical framework" Garcia designed an economic order for Bolivia using Chile as an example. If one believes the designer of the plan, there were very definite foreign promises of investments—under the stipulation that the economy in no way be jeopardized by leftist parties or "subversive groups" for at least ten years. U.S. concerns accordingly promised an oil refinery, a truck assembly plant and a Ford factory. Argentina wanted to secure the exploitation of the ore deposits in Mutun with long term credits.  (more...)

Bolivia Klaus Barbie coup Nazi CIA freemasonry paramilitary politics terrorism assassination police business corruption cocaine
Within days of the Vatican Pachamama scandal, another fascist Bolivian coup

Friday, November 29, 2019

The Nazi Legacy : Klaus Barbie and the International Fascist Connection

books fascism Nazi crime drugs violence politics terrorism torture assassination cold war coup Bolivia CIA freemasonry cocaine

Most of the attention paid to Barbie, ""The Butcher of Lyon,"" has gone to his career as jack-booted Nazi thug, the torturer who persecuted Jews and killed Resistance hero Jean Moulin. This trio of British journalists--Ascherson is senior foreign correspondent of the London Observer, Linklater is the Observer's managing editor, Hilton is Latin American correspondent for the Sunday Times --takes Barbie's story much further, even beyond his postwar work for US intelligence. Though all that is masterfully covered, the story's main interest lies in the focus of the second half: Barbie's Bolivian sojourn. After he got to Bolivia (under the auspices of US intelligence, working through right-wing Croatian Catholic priest, Dr. Krunoslav Draganovic), Barbie joined a German community of long-time residents and new Nazi immigrants. He started a wood business and assumed the persona of a cultivated businessman. But it wasn't long before Barbie (known as Klaus Altmann, the name of the murdered chief Rabbi of his home town of Trier) began to cash in on his wartime expertise. He made contacts with other Nazi transplants in Lima and Buenos Aires, forming a group that would later sell anticommunist intelligence techniques to the governments of Bolivia, Peru, and Argentina. But first he got involved in currency smuggling, arms sales, and cocaine trading. He also got himself installed in the Bolivian Army as an antiterrorist adviser and teacher of torture techniques. One of the major stories here is Barbie's role in the Bolivian coup d'etat of 1980, which overthrew an elected government and installed a group of generals who were prospering in the cocaine trade. The coup itself was accompanied by murders of political and trade union opponents, carried out by hooded death squads.  (more...)

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Italian Police dismantles 'Nazi' Party network, raids 19 locations

Italy Nazi crime fascism paramilitary weapons

The Italian police in a series of raids carried out in at least 19 locations uncovered a group that was in the process of recruiting members to form a new Nazi party, Italian news sources reported.

The raid was carried out by a joined team of police officers from 16 jurisdictions in Sicily and northern Italy. A joint task force, which has been active for the last two years, carried out the raids in multiple locations.

Italian news wire ANSA reported that the suspects were recruiting like-minded people for joining a pro-Nazi group - "Partito Nazionalsocialista Italiano dei Lavoratori" - the Italian National Socialist Workers' Party.

The police also recovered weapons and explosives from the alleged Pro-Nazi group members.

The investigation found that the group has been carrying out recruitment drives on social media. The members of the group also allegedly were able to set up connections with other Nazi sympathizers in Portugal, France, and Spain, Italian local newspaper, Corriere del Mezzogiorno reported.  (more...)

Bolivia Coup Led by Christian Fascist Paramilitary Leader, a Multi-Millionaire – with Foreign Support

Bolivia fascism Nazi politics violence paramilitary police coup Evangelicals Indigenous neopaganism

When Luis Fernando Camacho stormed into Bolivia’s abandoned presidential palace in the hours after President Evo Morales’s sudden Nov. 10 resignation, he revealed to the world a side of the country that stood at stark odds with the plurinational spirit its deposed socialist and indigenous leader had put forward.

With a Bible in one hand and a national flag in the other, Camacho bowed his head in prayer above the presidential seal, fulfilling his vow to purge his country’s Native heritage from government and “return God to the burned palace.”

“Pachamama will never return to the palace,” he said, referring to the Andean Mother Earth spirit. “Bolivia belongs to Christ.”

Bolivia’s extreme right-wing opposition had overthrown leftist President Evo Morales that day, following demands by the country’s military leadership that he step down.

Virtually unknown outside his country, where he had never won a democratic election, Camacho stepped into the void. He is a rich and powerful multi-millionaire named in the Panama Papers, and an ultra-conservative Christian fundamentalist groomed by a fascist paramilitary notorious for its racist violence, with a base in Bolivia’s wealthy separatist region of Santa Cruz.

Camacho also hails from a family of corporate elites who have long profited from Bolivia’s plentiful natural gas reserves. And his family lost part of its wealth when Morales nationalized the nation’s resources, in order to fund his vast social programs — which cut poverty by 42 percent and extreme poverty by 60 percent.  (more...)

Who else sees Evangelical brutality in Latin America as an American strategy to drive Indigenous populations away from the Catholic faith and into the arms of New World Order neopagans? Some background reading might help provide some of the missing pieces:

Long Before Epstein: Sex Traffickers & Spy Agencies

accountability crime corruption child prostitution pedophilia politics sex trafficking CIA MI6 blackmail

The alleged use of sexual blackmail by spy agencies is hardly unique to the case of Jeffrey Epstein. Although the agencies involved as well as their alleged motivations and methods differ with each case, the crime of child trafficking with ties to intelligence agencies or those protected by them has been around for decades.

Some cases include the 1950s -1970s Kincora scandal and the 1981 Peter Hayman affair, both in the U.K.; and the Finders’ cult and the Franklin scandal in the U.S. in the late 1980s. Just as these cases did not end in convictions, the pedophile and accused child-trafficker Jeffrey Epstein remained at arms’ length for years.

“For almost two decades, for some nebulous reason, whether to do with ties to foreign intelligence, his billions of dollars, or his social connections, Epstein, whose alleged sexual sickness and horrific assaults on women without means or ability to protect themselves… remained untouchable,” journalist Vicky Ward wrote in The Daily Beast in July.

The protection of sex traffickers by intelligence agencies is especially interesting in the wake of  Epstein’s death. Like others, Epstein had long been purported to have links with spy agencies.  (more...)

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Paramilitary Panda: WWF Land Grabs Rooted in Covert Apartheid History

WWF Nazi ecofascism environment paramilitary violence war mercenaries

Earlier this year, BuzzFeed News broke several stories detailing human rights violations by the World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF). The publication found that, since 2009, as part of its “anti-poaching” efforts, the WWF has armed, trained, and funded paramilitary units, located in six different countries, that committed various abuses — torture, sexual assaults, and murder of local villagers. The non-government organization (NGO) was also found to have evicted tens of thousands of indigenous residents to make room for Chitwan National Park in Nepal.

BuzzFeed portrayed these abuses as a dangerous — but fairly recent — side effect of the conservation movement’s increasingly militant war against well-armed poachers.

The truth — barely touched upon by mainstream media — is much more insidious than that. The WWF serves a larger purpose: for powerful interests to cordon off land for the exploitation of natural resources. It may even serve as a cover for covert military operations.

To unpack these loaded claims, the story of WWF’s militancy will be broken into two parts: the history of the organization’s founder and his involvement in clandestine activities, followed by its more recent alliance with corporate and military partners.  (more...)


Map of hate: Publication pinpoints Canadian users of neo-Nazi site Iron March

Canada neo-Nazi politics violence crime fascism internet terrorism hate racism xenophobia

TORONTO -- A student and singer from Montreal. A welder from Edmonton. A graduate student in Toronto. A non-profit worker in Vancouver. The list of usernames, emails and posts of the 88 users of the now-defunct neo-Nazi site Iron March with Canadian IP addresses spans provinces, age groups and religious affiliations.

But they all believe, and call for, the same thing – terrorism, death and genocide.

Earlier this month, an anonymous anti-fascist activist performed a “data dump” of Iron March’s metadata into the public sphere, including usernames, email addresses, IP addresses, messages and posts.

Iron March was active from 2011 to 2017, and was considered a hotbed of modern fascist far-right neo-Nazi militant movements – key among them Atomwaffen, an extremist neo-Nazi group linked to several murders in the United States and formed from users on Iron March.

The site also had links with international neo-Nazi fascist groups like Britain’s National Action, Greece’s Golden Dawn and the group Azov Battalion out of Ukraine. Users on the site idolized murderers like Anders Breivek and Dylann Roof, and often called and planned for a racial holy war – which they referred to as RAHOWA.

The Southern Poverty Law Centre (SPLC), a U.S.-based organization that monitors hate groups, defines Atomwaffen as “a series of terror cells that work toward civilizational collapse.”  (more...)

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

MintPressNews in Bolivia

MintPress has partnered with journalist Camila Escalante to cover the post coup crisis in Bolivia, where the United States backed a right wing unelected President Jeannine Anez to push democratically elected President Evo Morales out.

Hundreds of thousands of indigenous protesters have taken over the streets of Bolivia in protest of the coup only to be met with tanks, tear gas and massacres.

Prelude to current turmoil:

Bolivia coup protests fascism politics violence massacre police military

Mae Brussell on the P2 Masonic Lodge Scandal

"In all of the years that I've been broadcasting on KLRB and on other stations—it's nine years going into my tenth year—I've never had a news story so ripe with conspiracies and interlocking intrigue as a story that broke this week. It's Italy's Watergate; or, it's a continuation of our assassination syndrome and our Watergate scandal all wrapped up into a ball of wax that broke in the news just last week on a Reuters news story: Masonic Lodge Scandal Shakes Italian Regime. And most of this broadcast this evening is going into the background of that scandal as it broke just this week because of the interlocking links to the assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan and the assassination attempt on Pope John Paul II. And then hopefully get through enough material on this scandal and other material in the next week or two to show the inter-connections between those two events and the scandal breaking in Italy at this time..."


Propaganda Due freemasonry Vatican Catholic accountability business corruption crime fascism Nazi politics embezzlement money laundering
Nothing changes

Mae Brussell Exposes the Nazi Coup in America

Mae Brussell was a married housewife with five children living in southern California before she took up the study of fascism in America. After the Kennedy assassination, she purchased the twenty-six-volume Warren Commission Report, and compiled, for herself, evidence that Lee Harvey Oswald was, as he maintained after his arrest, a "patsy." She had a regular radio broadcast on KLRB, an independent FM radio station in Carmel, California. She also published articles in Paul Krassner's the Realist, Hustler, People's Almanac, and the Berkeley Barb. In 1983, Mae's hour-long program shifted to KAZU-FM in Pacific Grove, California, and she remained on the air weekly until her final broadcast in June 1988. On October 3, 1988, at sixty-six, Brussell died of cancer.

Mae Brussell Nazi fascism accountability corruption crime business military politics CIA

Monday, November 25, 2019

Mae Brussell interview with Louis Tackwood, a former LAPD agent provocateur

During the late 1960s & early 1970s, Louis Tackwood worked as a police informer for the Los Angeles Police Department. In this capacity, he infiltrated the Black movement. In late 1971, he went public concerning his work as an informer, eventually detailing LAPD covert operations in this book. During the 1975-76 trial of the San Quentin 6, Tackwood testified that in summer 1971, he (as a police agent in on a set-up) had personally smuggled into prison the weapon supposedly used by George Jackson during the events of Black August. But around late 1986, Tackwood changed his story, claiming that his testimony at the SQ6 trial had been coached to him.

He claimed that Nixon's people planned on creating a Reichstag-fire style terrorist attack at the GOP convention in 1972 and then use it as a pretext for setting up a police state, but the plan fell through after the Watergate burglary. During the 70s, Tackwood appears to have gone back and forth between working as a police informer and exposing police covert operations.

In The Glass House Tapes, Tackwood is quoted as saying: "I'm giving up only two names. There's 'Martin', and there's 'White'. Aright, now, 'Martin' was the code name for my contact, and I'm gonna tell you he's C.I.A., all the way. Are you ready for this? He was in Dallas when they got Kennedy; he left out of there for the Caribbean." Martin and White were names allegedly used by James McCord and Howard Hunt.

accountability corruption crime police politics provocateurs informers

In the 60s and 70s, the word was Don't trust anyone over 30. I would affirm that nothing has changed, particularly with respect to any college don.

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Gods and Beasts: The Nazis and the Occult

"Gods and Beasts: The Nazis & the Occult" (1977) by Dusty Sklar is an interesting study of the relationship between the Nazis and their movement and the occult philosophies that surrounded them. The book traces the involvement of the occult behind the early proto-Nazis including Jorg Lanz von Liebenfels, Guido von List, Rudolf von Sebottendorf and other figures associated with H. P. Blavatsky and her Theosophy movement and their influence on the worldview of Adolf Hitler. The book notes the influence of occult ideas on Hitler and Himmler as well as the Romantic notion of the Aryan race. The book explains the importance of the occult behind the Nazi movement and notes how Hitler's rise to power was mirrored in occult circles. The book also notes the eerie similarities between various more recent cult figures such as the followers of L. Ron Hubbard or Reverend Moon and the rise of Hitler.  (more...)

gnosticism cults occult Nazi books New Age secret societies neopaganism New World Order


The Ultimate Evil: Mind Control, Satanism and the U.S. National Security Establishment

On August 10, 1977, the NYPD arrested David Berkowitz for the "Son of Sam" murders that had terrorized New York City for more than 13 months. Berkowitz confessed to being a lone murderer — one who had carried out eight senseless shooting with a .44 caliber Bulldog revolver. The case was officially closed. Journalist Maury Terry was suspicious of Berkowitz's confession, convinced as he gathered corroborating evidence throughout the years, that Berkowitz did not act alone. In this investigative story, first published in 1987, Terry details the chilling events, proving that Berkowitz was an affiliate of - and triggerman for - a Satanic cult known as the Process Church of the Final Judgment, a far-reaching organization that is connected to other ritual slayings across the country. Updated wtih Berkowitz's recent confirmations from his prison cell, Terry untangles the web of information and shocking extent of the Process Church's activities. Includes black-and-white photographs.

crime serial killers violence Nazi books cults New Age


Wednesday, November 20, 2019

On The Ground In Bolivia

fascism Bolivia military politics police violence coup

fascism Bolivia military politics police violence coup

The Rise of Militant Religious Right in Latin America

fascism politics violence military police corruption coup Bolivia fundamentalism religion

The recent coup d’état in Bolivia that overthrew President Evo Morales was not merely a standard right-wing putsch aided and abetted by the US Central Intelligence Agency but also placed into power politicians affiliated with a rising fundamentalist Protestant movement in Latin America that can be termed “Christo-fascist.” Many of the far-right and out-of-the-mainstream Protestant sects that have gained power in Guatemala, Colombia, Brazil, and, now, Bolivia have decried traditional Roman Catholicism in Latin America as heretical to their religious ideology and even pro-Communist. As for mainstream Protestant religions, the fundamentalist sects view them as hopelessly liberal, as well as heretical.

The recent military coup in Bolivia that ousted democratically-elected President Evo Morales from office involved senior active duty and retired high-ranking officers of the Bolivian armed forces, some of whom were trained and indoctrinated at the infamous US “School of the Americas,” known since 2001 as the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (WHINSEC), located in Fort Benning, Georgia. One of the School of the Americas trainees is General Williams Kaliman, the now-former commander of the Bolivian armed forces who ordered Morales to step down as president. Kaliman’s service to the coup was not very appreciated by its ringmasters, the fundamentalist Christians, among whom is the current acting president of Bolivia, Jeanine Áñez Chávez. One of Áñez’s first moves after she seized power was to dismiss Kaliman as the head of the armed forces and replace him by General Carlos Orellana. Áñez was the Second Vice President of the Senate and assumed the Bolivian presidency after Morales and the senior members of the line of succession in the governing Movement for Socialism (MAS) party were forced to resign by the military.

In keeping with the tenets of Christo-fascism in Latin America, Áñez not only rejects Roman Catholicism but also the traditional beliefs of the indigenous Aymara people of Bolivia as “satanic.”  (more...)

God’s Bankers: A History of Money and Power at the Vatican

Ask a devout, theologically literate ­Roman Catholic to describe the institution of the church, and you’re likely to be told that it was founded by Jesus Christ at the moment he gave his disciple ­Peter the “keys to the kingdom of heaven” and vowed that “whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven.” This made ­Peter the head of the universal church, ­empowered to administer the sacraments, spread the Gospel, save souls and forgive sins until Christ’s return, as well as to pronounce with infallible authority on ­matters of Christian faith and morals. Christ also promised Peter that “the gates of hell shall not prevail” against the church — meaning that no matter how corrupt the institution might appear at any given moment of history, it will never be so consumed by evil that it ceases to be capable of fulfilling its God-appointed tasks.

Ask an informed historian or journalist about the history of the church — especially the Vatican and the papacy — and you are likely to hear a different story. On this telling, the church from the beginning has been an all-too-human institution that ­often follows a logic of self-interest, placing the good of its members ahead of those outside it, and the good of those in positions of ecclesiastical power ahead of the good of everyone else. To a greater or lesser extent, this has been true of most institutions throughout history, though it has been a particular problem in the 2,000-year history of the church, with its lack of democratic accountability and deep roots in the corruption-prone political culture of the Italian peninsula. The result has been a tension — and sometimes a blatant contradiction — between the church’s exalted claims for itself and its behavior.  (more...)

books accountability transparency Catholic Vatican Bank business crime corruption war politics Nazi fascism

Vatican’s London luxury development company, with ties to alleged financial crime, offered to raze parish rectory

accountability Catholic Vatican Bank business crime corruption real estate embezzlement money laundering

London, England, Nov 19, 2019 / 02:35 pm (CNA).- Developers acting for the Vatican Secretariat of State offered to raze a London parish hall and rectory and replace it with low-cost housing, in order to try to push through a luxury apartment development. The luxury development project involves two recently suspended Vatican employees, and a nest of Vatican-controlled holding companies led by an architect linked to accusations of money laundering and fraud involving Vatican accounts.

In a June 2016 proposal submitted to local authorities in the Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, a developer seeking permission to develop luxury apartments at 60 Sloane Ave offered London’s St. Pius X parish hall and rectory as a location for building the low-income housing required by law to offset the luxury development.

The inclusion of the parish property in the planning application was facilitated by officials at the Vatican Secretariat of State, who visited the parish and worked with the local Archdiocese of Westminster to secure the cooperation of the parish pastor.

The involvement of the Vatican in developing the proposal comes to light after Cardinal Angelo Becciu, who authorized the Vatican’s investment, described the Holy See’s involvement in the real estate development as a matter of ordinary business, denying there was anything suspicious about the transaction.  (more...)


I'd say that quick synopsis is a bit optimistic.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Disgraced former Ottawa priest skips sentencing, arrest warrant issued

abuse boys crime gay clergy homosexuality pedophilia rape Catholic

Disgraced former Catholic priest Barry McGrory skipped his sentencing at the Ottawa courthouse Monday morning.

Superior Court Justice Michelle O’Bonsawin has issued an arrest warrant for the convicted sex predator, believed to be living in Toronto.

McGrory, 85, showed no emotion back in June when the same judge found him guilty of sexually abusing two teenaged boys in historic crimes dating back to the late 1960s. McGrory molested the boys in a church rectory.

McGrory used his position as a parish priest to exploit vulnerable and naïve young men for his own sexual satisfaction, the judge ruled.

The now-defrocked priest used booze and drugs to groom his victims.

“He infiltrated their families and used their faith in him to take advantage of the complainants,” the judge said in June.  (more...)

Another Trudeau, another Canadian-backed coup in Latin America

Bolivia coup fascism politics violence military junta police Canada terrorism assassination

The Trudeau minority government has failed to condemn a coup d'état against a democratically elected progressive leader in Latin America, even as the newly installed regime massacred people in the streets, hunted elected socialist leaders, and expelled accused subversives from the country.

I’m writing, of course, about the Sept. 11, 1973, overthrow of the Allende government in Chile. Despite protests, and repeated NDP motions in Parliament, in the days following the coup, Pierre Trudeau’s government quickly recognized the military junta that became one of the most notorious and murderous dictatorships of the 20th century. (Only after sustained protest did the Liberal government of the day reverse its position of excluding most Chilean refugees, a change in policy that saw thousands fleeing the coup eventually settle here.)

History now repeats itself, and the tragi-farce of Liberal claims to progressive internationalism is exposed again.

Last week’s coup d'état in Bolivia, which forced President Evo Morales into exile in Mexico, saw the installation of self-declared “interim” president Jeanine Áñez, a Christian extremist who has contempt for the country’s secular constitution and is overtly racist towards Bolivia’s Indigenous peoples. Áñez, to take just one example, has referred to the New Year’s celebrations of the Indigenous Aymara nation as “satanic.” She represents a political party whose presidential candidate finished fourth, with less than five per cent of the vote, in the recent elections. Morales’ party has a majority of the representatives in both elected chambers of Bolivia’s legislature.

Despite acknowledging Áñez’s history of anti-Indigenous statements, the Canadian government announced they would support Bolivia’s “interim” regime — on the pretext of helping Áñez in her caretaker role as new elections are organized.  (more...)


Bolivia coup fascism politics violence military junta police Canada terrorism assassination
Move over Fidel. Klaus Barbie is claiming paternity from the grave.

Monday, November 18, 2019

Media Silent as Bolivia’s New Right-Wing Gov’t Massacres Indigenous Protesters

Bolivia fascism violence corruption military politics white supremacy oligarchy

Despite having been in power for only one week, the new Bolivian coup government of Jeanine Añez has already turned the powers of repression onto the population, using live rounds on demonstrators protesting the forceful removal of President Evo Morales from power on November 10. Morales has sought asylum in Mexico.

The death toll, according to Bolivia’s national ombudsman, has risen to 23, with more than one thousand people arrested. That figure includes the victims of the Cochabamba massacre, where soldiers and police killed nine indigenous protesters Friday.

The full scope of the armed forces has been unleashed on demonstrators, with security forces using live ammunition, tanks and even attack helicopters to destroy resistance to the coup. Much of Bolivia’s security state, including many of the leaders of the coup, were trained by the FBI and by the notorious School of the Americas in Fort Benning, GA, a U.S. Army installation where many of the most brutal death squads and torturers in Latin American history cut their teeth. Those skills are now on show in Cochabamba. “Death squads unleashed in Bolivia: the coup regime has granted immunity to soldiers who shoot protesters. In just days they’ve shot hundreds of people,” announced Green Party Presidential candidate Jill Stein via Twitter.  (more...)


The Vienna Bank Job

finance banks crime corruption money laundering asset stripping fraud embezzlement Austria

For years, banks in three Eastern European countries were stripped of assets by their owners using a blunt but efficient scheme made possible by Meinl Bank, a venerable Austrian financial institution that lost its license last week.

Hundreds of millions of euros were siphoned out of Ukraine, Latvia and Lithuania, punching holes in state budgets and leaving creditors empty handed, according to a six-month investigation by OCCRP and its Austrian partners, profil and ORF.

At the heart of the scheme was Meinl, which had gambled big — and lost — in real estate before turning to a profitable new business: helping bankers across Eastern Europe siphon money from their own institutions. The business helped keep Meinl afloat but the bank, now called Anglo Austrian AAB Bank AG, may pay the ultimate price.

On November 15, the European Central Bank (ECB) revoked the private Viennese bank’s license.

“The license of Meinl was revoked due to its history and the violation of due diligence over the past few years,” Helmut Ettl, executive director of the Austrian Financial Market Authority, said Friday.

In a statement to OCCRP, the bank said it regrets the revocation decision, which it called unnecessary.

“(T)oday’s decision by the ECB does not change anything; the bank will continue and complete its withdrawal from the banking business as planned,” the bank said, adding that unspecified “legal steps are currently being evaluated.”

Authorities in four countries have confirmed criminal investigations of operations facilitated by Meinl Bank between 2011 and 2015, when hundreds of millions of dollars and euros from other banks flowed through Meinl accounts before disappearing into shadowy offshore companies.

The investigation by OCCRP and its partners found evidence that Meinl helped bankers in Ukraine, Lithuania and Latvia bypass regulations and bans, shifting vast amounts of money out of their banks just before their collapse.  (more...)

The Lovecraft Code and The Nazi Legacy

Peter Levenda discusses his book The Lovecraft Code and the Nazi legacy that no-one in the security establishment will acknowledge.

accountability books fascism gnosticism Nazi ratlines Colonia Dignidad Chile Argentina neopaganism Ahnenerbe

Sunday, November 17, 2019

The Essence of Evil: Sex with Children Has Become Big Business in America

child prostitution pedophilia sex trafficking family crime

“Children are being targeted and sold for sex in America every day.”—John Ryan, National Center for Missing & Exploited Children
Children, young girls—some as young as 9 years old—are being bought and sold for sex in America. The average age for a young woman being sold for sex is now 13 years old.

This is America’s dirty little secret.

Sex trafficking—especially when it comes to the buying and selling of young girls—has become big business in America, the fastest growing business in organized crime and the second most-lucrative commodity traded illegally after drugs and guns.

As investigative journalist Amy Fine Collins notes, “It’s become more lucrative and much safer to sell malleable teens than drugs or guns. A pound of heroin or an AK-47 can be retailed once, but a young girl can be sold 10 to 15 times a day—and a ‘righteous’ pimp confiscates 100 percent of her earnings.”

Consider this: every two minutes, a child is exploited in the sex industry.

According to USA Today, adults purchase children for sex at least 2.5 million times a year in the United States.

Who buys a child for sex? Otherwise ordinary men from all walks of life.

“They could be your co-worker, doctor, pastor or spouse,” writes journalist Tim Swarens, who spent more than a year investigating the sex trade in America.  (more...)

CIA search for mind control with Stephen Kinzer

Chris Hedges talks to author Stephen Kinzer about the CIA’s quest for mind control through its experiments in drug and torture during the 1950s and 1960s, both  domestically and internationally.  Kinzer’s new book is titled Poisoner in Chief: Sidney Gottlieb and the CIA Search for Mind Control.


CIA mind control accountability drugs military medicine books Nazi

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Prince Andrew’s other pedophile friend: Prep school priest who came to his 1986 wedding to Sarah Ferguson

Canada Prince Andrew abuse boys education crime gay clergy homosexuality misconduct pedophilia rape

Pollsters have ranked Prince Andrew as the least popular royal; he’s known for being boorish, self-centered and tone-deaf to criticism. Even a positive quality attributed to him — loyalty — has often gotten him in trouble, most notably when it came to his desire to stay friends with Jeffrey Epstein.

In fact, Andrew stuck by the now-deceased Epstein even after the multimillionaire financier was first investigated for sex trafficking and was convicted in 2008 of solicitation of a minor.

“You’re such a puritan,” Andrew told a friend who urged him to cut ties with Epstein, according to a 2011 Vanity Fair report. “Leave me alone. Jeffrey’s my friend. Being loyal to your friends is a virtue. And I’m going to be loyal to him.”

It turns out that registered sex offender Epstein is not Andrew’s only longtime friend who was accused of sex crimes against minors. A 2017 investigative report  by the Canadian magazine Maclean’s showed that the Duke of York also stayed loyal to an Anglican priest who was the chaplain at the elite prep school he attended as a teenaged exchange student 40 years earlier.

That priest, Keith Gleed, was later accused by at least five former students of sexually abusing them when he worked at Lakefield College School in Ontario from 1974 to 1980, when the school was an all-boys academy and when Andrew attended the school.  (more...)


Canada Prince Andrew abuse boys education crime gay clergy homosexuality misconduct pedophilia rape

'He’d start by tickling you': Survivors share their stories of sexual abuse in new documentary

abuse boys Catholic crime education gay clergy homosexuality misconduct pedophilia rape Basilians

SAULT STE. MARIE -- A new documentary about a sexual abuse survivor’s court battle with the Catholic Church kicked off the third annual Hot Docs Showcase in Sault Ste. Marie Wednesday night.

Rod MacLeod was a student at St. Charles College in Sudbury when he was sexually abused by a Basilian priest and teacher there by the name of Father Hodgson ‘Hod’ Marshall.

"He would pin you against his desk with his legs so that you couldn’t move and he’d start by tickling you, then very soon he was under your clothes," said MacLeod.

The new Canadian documentary, Prey, follows MacLeod’s civil suit against the Basilian Fathers of Toronto for its role in enabling his abuser. He was eventually awarded $2.57 million in damages.

MacLeod remained silent for 55 years before deciding to share his story.

"I hadn’t come forward when I was younger, so I made it my mission to go through with a whole trial right from start to finish with the idea of lifting the veil of silence off this horrible situation," he said.  (more...)

Canadian Soldier With Ties To Neo-Nazi Terrorist Groups Arranged For Illegal Weapons Sale In Bosnia

accountability fascism nazi military violence youth Canada

‘Nick’, who identifies as a fascist, a racist, and a “violent fanatic,” says he is a member of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), according to private messages and posts on the now-defunct Iron March forum.

The Iron March forum existed for self-identifying fascists and neo-Nazis and gave rise to terrorist groups such as the Atomwaffen Division (AWD). It had approximately 87 users with Canadian IP addresses, according to a newly released dump of information which included private messages. Nick and Zeiger (aka Gabriel Sohier Chaput of Montreal) were administrators. Nick encouraged people to join AWD, and called the members killed in Florida by one of their own “my associates.” Chaput is wanted in Quebec and his current whereabouts are unknown.

Nick was active in the forum and reaffirming his membership in the Canadian Armed Forces until it went down in November of 2017, claiming to work in an office-based noncombat role with the Navy. On the forum he would promote fascist reading materials and glorified terrorist attacks.
“100 Breiviks who fight the system using violence are worth more than a million ‘fascists’ who think about what their image will be.”
Breivik murdered 77 people, including children, at a Worker’s Youth League camp in Norway in 2011.

Nick, who’s profile includes the description “worshiping school shooters,” told a frustrated high-school student on Vancouver Island: “if you really want to stop the leftists at your school you’re going to have to use more than just arguments, but at least it’ll be a permanent solution don’t break the law though.”

Nick also encouraged other fascists to join the military, as previously noted by VICE, but he says he wouldn’t follow orders that went against his fascist beliefs and told others that you “can always go AWOL [away without leave] or shoot your CO [commanding officer].” He says he wants a system collapse, a “cleansing,” and to “re-establish order with extreme violence.”  (more...)


Friday, November 15, 2019

Bolivia Is the Latest Successful US-Backed Coup in Latin America

fascism corruption Nazi politics violence coup Bolivia white supremacy

Bolivian President Evo Morales “resigned” at gunpoint Sunday, after army generals publicly demanded his resignation, despite convincingly winning re-election just three weeks ago.

The preceding 21 days were filled with fractious demonstrations and counter-protests from Morales’ supporters and opponents. On October 20, Morales had secured enough votes to win the election outright in the first round without the need for a run-off against his closest challenger, Carlos Mesa. However, Mesa cried fraud, citing supposed irregularities in the vote-counting procedure, claiming Morales did not receive the requisite vote share to ensure his victory. The Organization of American States (OAS) and the U.S. government repeated this claim, although neither group provided evidence of fraud. Morales invited the OAS to audit the election as he was confident of its veracity. Indeed, a report by the Washington-based Center for Economic Policy Research found that the vote totals were “consistent” with those announced, finding no irregularities whatsoever. Despite this, the local U.S.-backed opposition went on the attack.

On Saturday, veteran political scientists Noam Chomsky and Vijay Prashad warned that “a coup is brewing against the elected government” of Bolivia, expressing their concern at the “fascistic” violence percolating throughout the country. In Santa Cruz, a stronghold of the wealthy white elite who oppose Morales, the office of the electoral authority was burned down. Meanwhile, in Vinto, opposition groups kidnapped local mayor Patricia Arce, cut her hair off and painted her body red, publicly dragging her through the streets and abusing her, forcing her to commit to leaving office.

Victor Borda, President of Bolivia’s Chamber of Deputies, was also forced to resign after coup forces attacked his house and kidnapped his brother.

As soon as Morales stepped down, the police, who had refused to serve his government, ordered his arrest and vandals ransacked his house. Meanwhile, the conservative opposition joyously burned the flag of Bolivia’s indigenous people (a majority of the country’s population), in the clear hopes that the coup would mark a return to rule by the white elite who had been in power since the time of the Conquistadors.  (more...)


fascism corruption Nazi politics violence coup Bolivia white supremacy

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Canada backs coup against Bolivia’s president

Canada Bolivia corruption business politics fascism coup military

In yet another example of the Liberals saying one thing and doing another, Justin Trudeau’s government has supported the ouster of Evo Morales. The Liberals position on Bolivia’s first ever indigenous president stands in stark contrast with their backing of embattled pro-corporate presidents in the region.

Hours after the military command forced Morales to resign as president of the most indigenous nation in the Americas, Chrystia Freeland endorsed the coup. Canada’s foreign affairs minister released a statement noting “Canada stands with Bolivia and the democratic will of its people. We note the resignation of President Morales and will continue to support Bolivia during this transition and the new elections.” Freeland’s statement had no hint of criticism of Morales’ ouster, who still has two months left on his 2015 election mandate. Elsewhere, leaders from Argentina to Cuba, Venezuela to Mexico, condemned Morales’ forced resignation.

Ten days ago Global Affairs Canada echoed the Trump administration’s criticism of Morales’ first round election victory. “It is not possible to accept the outcome under these circumstances,” said a Global Affairs statement. “We join our international partners in calling for a second round of elections to restore credibility in the electoral process.”  (more...)


In pursuit of Bolivia's secret Nazi

business crime corruption drugs Nazi military violence CIA coup cocaine Bolivia

For decades here in Bolivia we had an infamous tradition of ruthless dictators. In the early 70s General Hugo Banzer siezed power. He turned to the ex-Nazi Klaus Barbie to help him with the repression. It was not the first time that Barbie, a war criminal wanted by the French and German authorities, had mingled with hardliners. Here in Bolivia he used to do big business with the drug lords. He had his own team of assassins, some from Italy and others from Argentina, called the Grooms of Death. He also sold them weapons.

American intelligence officials helped Barbie to become established in Bolivia as part of their crusade against communism. He acted as a sort of counter-intelligence official. Under the alias of Klaus Altmann he worked primarily as an interrogator and torturer. He also helped in the same way in Peru. He did the same things here as in Germany and France. For him the word communist meant "dead". Many Bolivians died during that dictatorship; one that was prolonged for more than 10 years. Barbie was in charge of the murders of many Bolivian citizens, including priests and members of the opposition.

So some of us felt that we had to do something about it. But in 1980, after General Banzer, an even bloodier dictator, Luis García Meza, rose to power in what was called the narco, or cocaine, coup. Barbie was a key aide then. He was the main ideologue of that coup; he organised absolutely everything. He was even given the rank of lieutenant colonel in the Bolivian armed forces, and was then able to move around with total impunity. Today Bolivians know all about Barbie, but for a long time many even doubted that such a criminal could be here.  (more...)


business crime corruption drugs Nazi military violence CIA coup cocaine Bolivia
Cocaine seized in Bolivia in Nazi packaging

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Andean Atlantis: Race, Science and the Nazi Occult in Bolivia

fascism Nazi politics military pseudoscience archaeology Atlantis white supremacy

As the train steamed around the bend, Lake Titicaca became visible far to the north. The morning sun danced on the water. The majestic Cordillera Real towered beyond. The whistle howled. The engine lurched. After an arduous journey from Berlin, amateur archeologist and future SS commander Edmund Kiss had finally reached his destination: the ruins of the ancient city-state of Tiwanaku.

Tiwanaku had been an object of western fascination since 1549, when a motley band of Spanish conquistadors encountered the ruins deep in the Andes, in what is today Bolivia. Massive stone gateways, enormous granite megaliths, colossal earthworks, intricately-carved stele, mysterious glyphs—the Spaniards marveled at their discovery. Asked of the origins of the ruins and the fate of the civilization that constructed them, local indigenous caciques, or lords, stated that they were from a time long past, and that their original inhabitants had been destroyed by a great flood.

Its antiquity so obvious, its provenance so uncertain, Tiwanaku became one of the great mysteries of modern archeology. During the nineteenth century, the ruins attracted a host of European naturalists that speculated on the civilization that built the monumental structures. Some attributed the site to ancient Egyptians, others to bearded Europeans. All agreed that the ancestors of Lake Titicaca’s local peoples, the Aymara, would have been incapable of accomplishing such a magnificent feat. But if native Andeans hadn’t constructed Tiwanaku, then who had?

Kiss disembarked at Tiwanaku with a bold theory. Tall and bespectacled, his face pink from the unrelenting Altiplano sun, he stood out among the Aymara porters shuffling past. Their rural, ‘uncivilized’ condition only strengthened his conviction that the ruins were built a million years ago by his Aryan ancestors—an ancient Nordic race—who had migrated from the Lost City of Atlantis.

Kiss’s Atlantis theory may have been strange; but stranger still was the fact that it was hardly new. For decades, Bolivians themselves had been pondering their Altantean ancestry—in fact, for many of the same reasons that Kiss had. A connection to Atlantis empowered Bolivia’s European-descendant aristocracy for the very same reasons that it attracted Nazis. It gave them their own private Garden of Eden; and it reinforced the myth of white supremacy.  (more...)


fascism Nazi politics military pseudoscience archaeology Atlantis white supremacy

Sleeping With The Third Reich: America’s Unspoken “Alliance” with Nazi Germany

Accountability history corruption business fascism Nazi military war betrayal duplicity collusion treason

Without US support to Nazi Germany, the Third Reich would not have been able to wage war on the Soviet Union. Germany’s oil production was insufficient to wage a major military campaign. Throughout the war, the Third Reich relied on regular shipments of crude oil  from US Standard Oil owned by the Rockefeller family.

The main producing countries in the early 1940s were: the United States (50% of global oil production), the Soviet Union, Venezuela, Iran, Indonesia, and Romania.

Without a steady supply of oil, Germany would not have been able to conduct Operation Barbarossa which was launched on June 22, 1941. The invasion of the Soviet Union was intent upon reaching and taking control of the oil resources of the Soviet Union in the Caucasus and Caspian sea regions: the oil of Baku.

Prior the December 1941, Texas oil was shipped on a regular to Nazi Germany.

While Germany was able  to transform coal into fuel, this synthetic production was insufficient. Moreover, Romania’s Ploesti oil resources (under Nazi control until 1944) were minimal. Nazi Germany largely depended on oil shipments from US Standard Oil.  (more...)


Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Presstitutes Embedded in the Pay of the CIA: A Confession from the Profession

CIA mainstream media books corruption

The eagerly awaited English edition of "Bought Journalists" was suppressed for three years under the title "Journalists for Hire" -- and still got 24 five-star-only Amazon reviews from would-be readers. 18 months on the bestseller list in Germany. Now it's finally here!

Ever get the feeling the media tries to manipulate or lie to you? You have plenty of company! And you are right -- the facts are in. A world-class media insider has blown the whistle on what really goes on inside the media industry.

Author Udo Ulfkotte was a respected journalist for 17 years with Germany's newspaper of record, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. He begins this explosive exposé by first owning up to his own career, where he had to sell out to have the job. He then reveals the deceptive tricks and secret networks of power within the media. How perks are used to bribe journalists and opinion makers to twist their reporting. How the tone of corruption is set from the top -- play along or quit. How the long arm of the NATO press office enrolls the media to get Europe to support more foreign wars.

Ulfkotte names hundreds of names and gives you a behind-the-scenes look at the organizations that influence the German media with one-sided propaganda, such as The Atlantic Bridge, Trilateral Commission, German Marshall Fund, CFR, and Aspen Institute. He unmasks the intelligence agencies behind these lobbies groups and the propaganda techniques they use, such as US Embassy grants for projects to influence European public opinion.

When the CIA holds the hand that holds the pen

Would you be surprised to learn that spies sit and write articles in newspaper editorial offices? Which are then published on op-ed pages under the names of well-known journalists? Or which journalists receive bribes for their reporting? Have you heard how prestigious "journalism prizes" are a reward system for cooperation? Much as "Heroes of Labor" were honored for writing the best communist propaganda in the former East bloc. Seen from the inside, the difference between journalist and propagandist isn't as far as you might like.

The elite owners of the media feel it's their right to think for us, and to mold public opinion to their agendas. Their Freedom of the Press is Freedom to Censor the news.

Our nation depends on the media to understand our world, just as each one of us depends on our eyes and ears. The media are our senses. When they hide the truth, or lie to us, they put us all in danger.

A million people died in Iraq, Libya and Syria because the press didn't just report the news, didn't just lie about the news, but they invented and sold the events that served as pretexts for wars. The author spent years in the Middle East, surviving an attack with chemical weapons supplied by US and German firms.

This book is a veteran's guide to the media spider's web. It shows how the system works, sharpens your common sense skepticism, and increases your immunity to the controlled media's attempts to do our thinking for us.

You will gain a whole new perspective on media reports. A good idea of how much you can believe the news on TV or the radio: almost nothing. Ulfkotte dissects the German media establishment, which media outlets are owned by political parties, the journalists that are under their influence, and what keeps them there. You will see how whole countries are manipulated – and who is pulling the strings and why. Here is the bad news about the news: our idea of a free press with a broad spectrum of opinion is pure fantasy. Very often, what is called the "news" is simply brainwashing.


Monday, November 11, 2019

Longtime TCDSB teacher charged with sexual assault

abuse Catholic crime education misconduct pedophilia rape

A teacher with the Toronto Catholic District School Board has been arrested after he allegedly sexually assaulted a teenage girl, police said.

Toronto police allege that, between February 2013 and September 2014, a teacher sexually exploited a then 16-year-old teen at Father John Redmond Catholic Secondary School in Etobicoke.

The man had been employed with the TCDSB since 2007 and had been working at Father John for the past nine years. Prior to that, he worked at St. Basil-the-Great College School from 2007 to 2008.

Andrew Lee, 42, of Hamilton was charged with sexual assault and sexual exploitation on Friday.

Lee was scheduled to appear in court on Friday 2201 Finch Avenue W.

Earlier this year, another high school teacher at Father John was charged in connection to a sexual assault that took place in December 2016 on school property.

Justin Iozzo, 35, of Toronto, was arrested on May 1 and charged with one count of sexual assault and one count of sexual interference.  (more...)