Sunday, February 28, 2021

The Strecker Memorandum

 This is the most controversial video you’ll ever see. Dr. Robert Strecker refutes, with documented evidence, virtually everything the so-called experts and Government reports have told you about AIDS. He asserts in no uncertain terms that:

  • AIDS is a man-made disease,
  • AIDS is not a homosexual disease,
  • AIDS is not a venereal disease,
  • AIDS can be carried by mosquitos,
  • and there can never be a vaccine.

Although decades have passed and untold billions have been spent in research, cancer is still with us, the second major cause of death in America. The most dreaded fear that all oncologists (cancer doctors), virologists and immunologists live with is that someday cancer in one form or another will become a contagious disease, transferable from one person to another.

AIDS has now made that fear a reality, and if you think you’re safe because you’re not gay or promiscuous, or because you’re not sexually active, then you had better watch this video very carefully until you fully understand what Dr. Strecker is telling you as he takes you step by step and shows you how this dreaded disease was actually man-made. Condoms can’t prevent it and there won’t ever be a vaccine.

Dr. Strecker shows how AIDS was predicted, requested, created, deployed and works very well!  (more...)

The Strecker Memorandum

AIDS medical fraud biological warfare cancer virus population control eugenics technocracy depopulation

Friday, February 26, 2021

Conspirators' Hierarchy: The Story of the Committee of 300


conspiracy committee of 300 John Coleman geopolitics corruption

Can you imagine an all powerful group, that knows no national boundaries, above the laws of all countries, one that controls every aspect of politics, religion, commerce and industry, banking, insurance, mining, the drug trade, the petroleum industry, a group answerable to no one but its members?

To the vast majority of us, such a group would appear to be beyond the realms of possibilities and capabilities of any given organization. If that is what you believe, then you are in the majority. The conception of a secret, elite group exercising control of every aspect of our lives is beyond our comprehension. Americans are prone to say, "It can't happen here, our Constitution forbids it."

That there is such a body, called "The committee of 300," is graphically told in this book. When most people attempt to address our problems, they speak or write about "they"; this book tells precisely who "they" are, and what "THEY" have planned for our future, how "they" have been at war with the American nation for 50 years, a war which we are on the brink of losing, what methods "They" use and exactly how "they" have brainwashed us.

If you are Puzzled and perplexed as to why things are occurring that we as a nation don't like yet seem powerless to prevent, why it is that the United States always seems to back the wrong horse, Why the UNITED states is in a depression from which it will not emerge, why our former social and moral values have been turned aside and seemingly buried; if you are confused by the many conspiracy theories, the CONSPIRATORS'' hierarchy: the committee of 300 will clearly establish that these conditions have been deliberately created to bring us to our knees.

Once you have read the applying truths contained in this book, understanding past and present political, economic, social and religious events will no longer be a problem. This powerful account of the forces ranged against the United States, and indeed the entire free world, cannot be ignored.

Quarantine: Compliance officer sexual assault, hotel workers fired, etc.

A security guard hired to ensure compliance with quarantine requirements in Oakville faces sexual assault and extortion charges. He allegedly told a woman they were in violation of the quarantine order and then demanded cash for the fine. When she refused to pay, police allege he sexually assaulted her. Meanwhile workers from the Pacific Gateway Hotel, a federal quarantine hotel in B.C, voted to strike in response to loosing their jobs to the Red Cross.

quarantine Canada hotels sexual assault Red Cross crime human rights

How Real Nazis Came to the Americas: the Recruitment of Klaus Barbie


Klaus Barbie Nazi war crimes CIA ratlines Vatican Bolivia death squads drug trafficking

By the time Klaus Barbie went on the payroll of an American intelligence organization in 1947, Klaus Barbie had lived several lifetimes of human vileness. Barbie sought out opponents of the Nazis in Holland, chasing them down with dogs. He had worked for the Nazi mobile death squads on the Eastern Front, massacring Slavs and Jews. He’d put in two years heading the Gestapo in Lyons, France, torturing to death Jews and French Resistance fighters (among them the head of the Resistance, Jean Moulin. ) After the liberation of France, Barbie participated in the final Nazi killing frenzy before Allies moved into Germany.

Yet the career of this heinous war criminal scarcely skipped a beat before he found himself securing entered on the US payroll in postwar Germany. The Barbie was shipped out of Europe by his new paymasters along the “ratline’ to Bolivia. There he began a new life remarkably similar to his old one: working for the secret police, doing the bidding of drug lords and engaging in arms trafficking across South America. Soon, his old skills as a torturer became in high demand.

By the early 1960s, Barbie was once again working with the CIA to put a US-backed thug in power. In the years that followed, the old Nazi became a central player in the US-inspired Condor Program, aimed at suppressing popular insurgencies and keeping US-controlled dictators in power throughout Latin America. Barbie helped organize the so-called “Cocaine Coup” of 1980, when a junta of Bolivian generals seized power, slaughtering their leftist opponents and reaping billions in the cocaine, boom, in which Bolivia was a prime supplier.

All this time, Klaus Barbie was one of the most wanted men on the planet. Even so, Barbie flourished until 1983, when he was finally returned to France to face trial for his crimes. In the whole sordid history of collusion between US intelligence agencies, fascists and criminals, no one more starkly represents the evils of such partnerships than Klaus Barbie.  (more...)

How Real Nazis Came to the Americas: the Recruitment of Klaus Barbie


US Destroys Anti-fascist Forces, Stalin’s Failed Efforts to Align with West

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Federal Conservatives call for suspension of hotel quarantine policy following reports of sexual assault


quarantine rape crime politics assault fraud extortion

Some Conservative MPs are asking the federal government to suspend the mandatory hotel quarantine policy in the wake of two reports of sexual violence.

Montreal police have arrested a Windsor, Ont. man alleged to have assaulted a woman at a quarantine hotel in Dorval, Que.

The woman in question told La Presse that a fellow traveller forced his way into her hotel room, grabbed her and then started to undress while grabbing his genitals. She said security guards were slow to respond to her calls for help.

Robert Shakory was arrested by Montreal police and now faces charges of sexual assault, breaking and entering and criminal harassment, the newspaper reported.

Meanwhile, a Hamilton, Ont. man hired and trained by Canada's federal public health agency to work as a security guard has been accused of sexually assaulting a woman during a quarantine check this month.

Halton Region Police say the man, whose full name is Hemant, went to an Oakville, Ont. home on Feb. 18 to carry out a quarantine compliance check, demanded money for a bogus fine and then sexually assaulted a woman after she refused to pay.  (more...)

Federal Conservatives call for suspension of hotel quarantine policy following reports of sexual assault

The Stats on Covid-Vaccine Injury and Death Don’t Add Up


vaccine covid injury harm deaths accountability cover-up

There’s a big mystery that needs to be solved.

It’s how many people are getting sick and dying from the Covid vaccines.

There are reports from around the world of large numbers of elderly people dying right around the time they’re vaccinated.

On rare occasions those reports of those deaths even percolate into the mainstream press. An example is this January 16, 2021, Bloomberg article. It quotes the Norwegian Medicines Agency as attributing more than a dozen deaths, perhaps many more, among people 75 and over to effects of the Pfizer-BioNTech mRNA vaccine such as nausea and vomiting.

And I’ve heard first-hand that a lot of people are getting sick after vaccination, particularly seniors. I’ve heard this also from others, including health care professionals.

But officials almost always quickly proclaim that deaths aren’t caused by the vaccines. Instead they tell us that serious injuries are extremely rare.  (more...)

The Stats on Covid-Vaccine Injury and Death Don’t Add Up

The Covid-vaccine Death and Injury Stats Don't Add Up from Rosemary Frei on Vimeo.

It's time to confront the dark postscript to America's role in defeating the Nazis


Nazi war criminals cold war Canada America MI6 collaborators ratlines havens immigration deception

Last weekend, the United States deported Friedrich Karl Berger, an ex-Nazi concentration camp guard. The deportation was seen as a triumph of justice. When commenting on the case, Acting Attorney General Monty Wilkinson lauded the efforts of law enforcement involved in the process, while affirming America isn't "a safe haven for those who participated in Nazi crimes."

Except that it has been.

The US, of course, played a crucial role in defeating Nazi Germany. Over 400,000 Americans lost their lives in the war against Adolf Hitler. But there's also a dark postscript to this story, one that began when World War II ended and one that we need to address now.

America's been a haven for thousands of Nazis and Nazi collaborators who served in concentration camps and death squads and SS units. Several were even leaders of Nazi-allied governments. And we didn't merely take them in -- in some cases, we welcomed and protected them; we kept them safe from justice. It's far past time we acknowledged it.  (more...)

It's time to confront the dark postscript to America's role in defeating the Nazis


‘Ratline to Canada’ imports Nazi war criminals

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Operation Rusty


Operation Rusty Nazi war crimes espionage Abwehr Foreign Army East WWII CIA OSS

Operation Rusty was the name of a US Military Intelligence Service project in the immediate post-WWII period that combined Hermann Baun's espionage group of former Abwehr agents (project KEYSTONE) and Reinhard Gehlen's group of former Foreign Army East staff (project BOLERO) into a single espionage organization. Operation Rusty resulted in the Gehlen Organization, named after its leader Reinhard Gehlen, former head of the Foreign Armies East (Fremde Heere Ost, FHO), which had done espionage for the Nazi Wehrmacht at the Eastern front. The Gehlen Org, which at first consisted entirely of former FHO personnel, was transformed into the Bundesnachrichtendienst, to this day Germany's foreign intelligence service.

Shortly before the end of World War II, on April 4, 1945, Gehlen and his deputy, Gerhard Wessel, both still leading the FHO, met with Hermann Baun, a German Abwehr officer who had coordinated espionage close to the front during the Wehrmacht's entire Russian campaign, as well as his adjutant Graber in Bad Elster. They agreed to offer key personnel and materials to the Americans once the war was over. This meeting has also  become known as the “Pact of Bad Elster” (Pakt von Bad Elster). The attendees decided to give all the FHO members the code name “Fritz,” and the Abwehr members the code name “Otto.”  (more...)

Operation Rusty

Exploring the Oxford-AstraZeneca Eugenics Links

Even some in the independent media have bought into the hype surrounding the Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID vaccine and its "non-profit" nature. But once you peel back the layers of obfuscation you quickly find not only the profit motive hiding underneath, but the dark specter of eugenics. Whitney Webb of Unlimited Hangout joins us to discuss her recent article, "Developers of Oxford-AstraZeneca Vaccine Tied to UK Eugenics Movement."

Oxford University Eugenics Society AstraZenica vaccine COVID profiteering Epstein Fauci medicine pandemic population control

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Cambridge Analytica, QAnon, and 4th Generation Warfare

 Fourth Generation Warfare, QAnon, Cambridge Analytica, psychological warfare. personality profiles, data mining, Council for National Policy, the Heritage Foundation, the American Security Council, Dominionism, MorningStar Ministries, Rick Joyner, General William Boykin, General Michael Flynn, spiritual warfare, Bosnian War, Clinton, PATCON, Biden administration, Ron Paul, libertarianism, Camp of the Saints, alternate reality games, Joseph Matheny, Ong's Hat, conspiracy theory, consensus reality, Christian right, economic collapse, Bannon

4th Generation Warfare Cambridge Analytica QAnon psychological warfare Christian Right


Battle without Bullets: The Christian Right and Fourth Generation Warfare

The "Great" Reset & The Shrouded Family History Of Klaus Schwab

Johhny Vedmore, here to discuss his recent article entitled: "Schwab Family Values." Johnny unearths some very alarming facts about the history of the Schwab family - such as past collaborations with the Nazi party - which paints a very unnerving picture of the WEF founder. This seemingly secret past also illuminates some long-standing motives that might be influencing the push for the "reimagining" of our very society, also called "The Great Reset".

Klaus Schwab Switzerland Nazi Great Reset neofeudalism collaboration WEF Ravensburg

Monday, February 22, 2021

Medical Censorship & Harms of Lockdowns

An exclusive interview with 3 Canadian Frontline Doctors

Dr. Kulvinder Kaur Gill, Dr. Patrick Phillips and Dr. Ashvinder Lamba

Hosted by Amina Sherazee | Human Rights Lawyer

Co-Director of The Constitutional Rights Centre

coronavirus censorship medicine harms lockdowns Ontario policy doctors human rights

Sunday, February 21, 2021

The Coming Currency Reset


currency reset technocracy finance fascism neofeudalism pandemic WEF Vatican Rothschild corporations

Originally published on 01/16/21 on In this episode, Whitney is joined by Catherine Austin Fitts to discuss the coming economic "great reset" and the plans to introduce a new and truly Orwellian economic system in its aftermath. The plans for that new system, especially the effort to merge identification, economic activity and vaccine records into COVID "health passports," are discussed along with its implications and endgame.

Plandemic: Indoctornation

Guided by the meticulous work of Dr. David E. Martin, Plandemic II: Indoctornation, tracks a three decade-long money trail that leads directly to the key players behind the COVID 19 pandemic. David Martin is the creator of the world’s first quantitative public equity index – the CNBC IQ100. He served as Chair of Economic Innovation for the UN-affiliated Intergovernmental Renewable Energy Organization and has served as an advisor to numerous Central Banks, global economic forums, the World Bank and International Finance Corporation, and national governments. Dr. Martin has pioneered global programs to bring corporate and stock market transparency to multi-national extractive industries and has been instrumental in bringing the world’s largest white-collar criminals to justice.

pandemic fraud conflict of interest conspiracy profiteering indoctrination mainstream media politics pseudoscience scientism technofascism documentary

Saturday, February 20, 2021

Schwab Family Values


Klaus Schwab Switzerland Davos Ravensburg great reset globalism Nazi collaborator engineering WEF

On the morning of 11 September 2001, Klaus Schwab sat having breakfast in the Park East Synagogue in New York City with Rabbi Arthur Schneier, former Vice President for the World Jewish Congress and closely associate of the Bronfman and Lauder families. Together, the two men watched one of the most impactful events of the next twenty years unfold as planes struck the World Trade Center buildings. Now, two decades on, Klaus Schwab again sits in a front row seat of yet a generation-defining moment in modern human history.

Always seeming to have a front row seat when tragedy approaches, Schwab’s proximity to world-altering events likely owes to his being one of the most well-connected men on Earth. As the driving force behind the World Economic Forum, “the international organization for pubic-private cooperation,” Schwab has courted heads of state, leading business executives, and the elite of academic and scientific circles into the Davos fold for over 50 years. More recently, he has also courted the ire of many due to his more recent role as the frontman of the Great Reset, a sweeping effort to remake civilization globally for the express benefit of the elite of the World Economic Forum and their allies.

Schwab, during the Forum’s annual meeting in January 2021, stressed that the building of trust would be integral to the success of the Great Reset, signalling a subsequent expansion of the initiative’s already massive public relations campaign. Though Schwab called for the building of trust through unspecified “progress,” trust is normally facilitated through transparency. Perhaps that is why so many have declined to trust Mr. Schwab and his motives, as so little is known about the man’s history and background prior to his founding of the World Economic Forum in the early 1970s.

Like many prominent frontmen for elite-sponsored agendas, the online record of Schwab has been well-sanitized, making it difficult to come across information on his early history as well as information on his family. Yet, having been born in Ravensburg, Germany in 1938, many have speculated in recent months that Schwab’s family may have had some tie to Axis war efforts, ties that, if exposed, could threaten the reputation of the World Economic Forum and bring unwanted scrutiny to its professed missions and motives.

In this Unlimited Hangout investigation, the past that Klaus Schwab has worked to hide is explored in detail, revealing the involvement of the Schwab family, not only in the Nazi quest for an atomic bomb, but apartheid South Africa’s illegal nuclear programme. Especially revealing is the history of Klaus’ father, Eugen Schwab, who led the Nazi-supported German branch of a Swiss engineering firm into the war as a prominent military contractor. That company, Escher-Wyss, would use slave labor to produce machinery critical to the Nazi war effort as well as the Nazi’s effort to produce heavy water for its nuclear program. Years later, at the same company, a young Klaus Schwab served on the board of directors when the decision was made to furnish the racist apartheid regime of South Africa with the necessary equipment to further its quest to become a nuclear power.

With the World Economic Forum now a prominent advocate for nuclear non-proliferation and “clean” nuclear energy, Klaus Schwab’s past makes him a poor spokesperson for his professed agenda for the present and the future. Yet, digging even deeper into his activities, it becomes clear that Schwab’s real role has long been to “shape global, regional and industry agendas” of the present in order to ensure the continuity of larger, much older agendas that came into disrepute after World War II, not just nuclear technology, but also eugenics-influenced population control policies.  (more...)

Schwab Family Values

Friday, February 19, 2021

Freemasonry in the Church: The Pecorelli List


freemasonry church Catholic Vatican curia infiltration corruption assassination Propaganda Due Grande Oriente

The Pecorelli list alleges the presence of Freemasons in the upper ranks of the Vatican II Church (prohibited and causing excommunication). The list was published by Carmine Pecorelli, a member of Propaganda Due and the Grande Oriente d'Italia, purporting to be a list of 120 masons in or associated with Vatican dicasteries, including cardinals, bishops and priests as well as members of the laity. It included Cardinal Jean Villot and Cardinal Agostino Casaroli who were Secretary of State in the Vatican City. Pecorelli himself was murdered shortly after in March 1979.  (more...)

Metapedia: Peorelli List


Freemasons in the Church

The Quigley Formula - G. Edward Griffin

 An excellent lecture by G. Edward Griffin entitled "The Quigley Formula: A conspiratorial view of history as taught by the conspirators themselves"

"Quigley" is the late Carroll Quigley, a Council on Foreign Relations member and historian, as well as mentor to CFR & Trilateral Commission member Bill Clinton. 

The lecture is based around the following quote from his book Tragedy & Hope, pp. 1247-1248:

"The National parties and their presidential candidates, with the Eastern Establishment assiduously fostering the process behind the scenes, moved closer together and nearly met in the center with almost identical candidates and platforms, although the process was concealed as much as possible, by the revival of obsolescent or meaningless war cries and slogans (often going back to the Civil War)....The argument that the two parties should represent opposed ideals and policies, one, perhaps, of the Right and the other of the Left, is a foolish idea acceptable only to the doctrinaire and academic thinkers. Instead, the two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can "throw the rascals out" at any election without leading to any profound or extreme shifts in policy. ... Either party in office becomes in time corrupt, tired, unenterprising, and vigorless. Then it should be possible to replace it, every four years if necessary, by the other party, which will be none of these things but will still pursue, with new vigor, approximately the same basic policies."

Quigley CFR Georgetown Cecil Rhodes Round Table scholarship conspiracy secret society globalism collectivism

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Viel Glück, Dr. Fuellmich!


Corona pandemic medicine WHO FuelCovid 19

The virtual disappearance of the flu (from official reporting anyway) may corroborate Dr. Fuellmich’s thesis that its patients have simply been reclassified as Covid victims, Stephen Karganovic writes.

The Covid 19 class-action lawsuit filed by the office of German-American Göttingen based lawyer, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, needs to be revisited. In the fall of last year, prior to the lockout from most internet platforms of data and analyses inconvenient to the Covid panic narrative, there was considerable discussion about and interest in Dr. Fuelmich’s ground-breaking legal action. It was to be undertaken against the World Health Organization and several other major players (including Dr. Christian Drosten, the German government’s favorite virologist from Berlin’s Charité University, associated with the hospital by the same name of Navalny fame) for involvement in the staging the world-wide crisis. The submission charges the defendants with a panoply of broadly conceived crimes against humanity. For the pedantic minded, it should be pointed out that this is just the general thrust of the lawsuit, clearly designed to evoke shades of Nuremberg. But in addition to the criminal law dimension, it also features pronounced tort (civil wrong) elements.  (more...)

Viel Glück, Dr. Fuellmich!

Hershey, Nestlé, Mars and Other Chocolate Makers Named in Child Slavery Class Action Lawsuit


abuse chocolate child slavery Hershey Nestle Mars lawsuit abuse

Many people give chocolates as a symbol of love on Valentine's Day, but for some the popular candy is more bitter than sweet.

A human rights group filed a lawsuit Friday on behalf of eight Malian men who say they were trafficked across the border to the Cote D'Ivoire and forced to harvest cocoa for one or more of seven popular companies, including Mars, Nestlé and Hershey.

"Enough is enough!" IRAdvocates Executive Director Terry Collingsworth said in a statement announcing the lawsuit. "Allowing the enslavement of African children in 2021 to harvest cocoa for major multinational companies is outrageous and must end."

The class action lawsuit was filed with the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia. In addition to Nestlé, Hershey and Mars, the lawsuit also names Cargill, Mondelēz, Barry Callebaut and Olam. It marks the first time that a class action lawsuit of this type has been brought against cocoa companies in a U.S. court, The Guardian reported. The eight men, who are now young adults, seek damages for forced labor and compensation for the fact that the companies inflicted emotional harm and improper supervision while getting rich at their expense.  (more...)

Hershey, Nestlé, Mars and Other Chocolate Makers Named in Child Slavery Class Action Lawsuit


Mars, Nestlé and Hershey to face child slavery lawsuit in US

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Is a Revolutionary Movement Developing in Europe?


Germany revolution lockdowns pandemic masking demonstrations Europe independence

US media provides little news of Europe.  What is provided is strictly “narrated.”  Consequently, Americans are unaware of what seems to be a spontaneous, leaderless, popular uprising against mandated lockdowns and masks. There are large demonstrations in Germany, and they have spread to Vienna and to Copenhagen.  The people have more sense than the public authorities and reject the Covid mandates. 

In The Netherlands, the Hague Court has ruled that the Covid curfew has no legal basis and “is a far-reaching violation of the right to freedom of movement and privacy and limits, among other things, the right to freedom of assembly and demonstration.”  

Klaus Madersbacher, proprietor of the website, thinks that Germans are associating the fear-based campaign that is asserting new government controls over people’s lives and activities with an American hegemonic agenda. He believes that it is a revolutionary mass movement that should now become organized under leadership in order to achieve the independence of countries and their peoples.  

One wonders if insouciant Americans are capable of a revolutionary temperament or whether the only protests Americans will witness are the Establishment-funded Antifa and BLM riots that loot and burn private businesses.  (more...)

Is a Revolutionary Movement Developing in Europe?


The new German way is a good way

Monday, February 15, 2021

Sexual breach of trust findings cost 28 Ontario teachers their licence to teach


Ontario education abuse pedophilia crime teachers College misconduct

Twenty-eight Ontario teachers found by their college to have committed a sexually-related breach of trust have lost their teaching credentials, the Star has learned.

The revocations include a teacher at a Toronto art school who “spooned” with female students on international trips and sent 1,300 sexually charged texts to one female student, including one text where he said he had a dream of performing oral sex on her.

These 28 teachers — the college has only confirmed one name to the Star — lost their privilege to teach on Dec. 8, 2020, when changes to an Ontario law made retroactive the new rule that any teacher previously found guilty by the Ontario College of Teachers of sexual impropriety would lose his or her teaching licence.

Some were still listed in “good standing” up until Dec. 8; most had left the teaching profession in Ontario, according to a College spokesperson. However, anyone checking their credentials, perhaps looking to hire them in another jurisdiction, would not have the full picture of their disciplinary record.

Over the past ten years, Toronto Star reporters have investigated the college’s practice of giving what critics say amounted to a slap on the wrist to teachers who committed sexually inappropriate acts with students. The Star found an inconsistent approach by the college, which regulates teachers in Ontario.

While the college made the move on December 8, 2020, it has not made the information public. When the Star discovered the identity of one teacher who lost his licence — Richard Burdett — a spokesperson for the college confirmed Burdett was one of the 28 who had their licence revoked, but said the full list of names will not be made public until they are published in Professionally Speaking, the college’s official publication, on Tuesday.  (more...)

Sexual breach of trust findings cost 28 Ontario teachers their licence to teach

Rocco Galati: Vaccine Choice Canada Lawsuit Update

Constitutional Lawyer Rocco Galati is President and Director of The Constitutional Rights Centre in Ontaria, Canada. He is representing Vaccine Choice Canada in a lawsuit filed on 6 July 2020 against Prime Minister Justin TRUDEAU, Dr. Theresa TAM, Chief Medical Officer for Canada, Marc GARNEAU, Canadian Transport Minister, Doug FORD, Premier of Ontario, and others including the CBC.

Rocco Galati constitution law lockdowns pandemic masking vaccines lawsuit Canada

Dispersing the Fog: The RCMP, the CIA, Governments and the Continuing Crisis in Canada


RCMP politics corruption crime Canada CIA scandal books

Dispersing the Fog is an unprecedented and explosive report compiled from an investigation into the politics and justice system of Canada, focusing primarily on the relationship between governments of Canada since the 1980s and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Until recently, no institution in Canada has enjoyed such admiration and respect as the Mounties. They were beloved. They were trusted. They were respected. From its humble beginnings in 1874, the Mounties have evolved into a hugely complex police force with almost 16,000 officers and nearly 10,000 civilians with an annual budget of $4 billion. There is no police service in the world like it, and for good reason. For more than 35 years the RCMP has found itself mired in a seemingly unending litany of organizational, legal and political controversies, the kinds of scandals that would have ruined a similar-sized corporation. How did it all go so wrong? In Dispersing the Fog , Paul Palango provides answers to questions that have long simmered in the consciousness of Canadians. Why was Ottawa so anxious to settle in the Maher Arar case? What were the roots of the Income Trust scandal that helped to get Stephen Harper elected Prime Minister of Canada? Was Brian Mulroney an innocent victim of biased journalists in the ongoing Airbus imbroglio? Why did governments cover up the truth in Project Sidewinder, a joint RCMP-CSIS investigation? Palango builds on the powerful and influential arguments made in his first two RCMP books, Above the Law and The Last Guardians , to show Canadians why they should be concerned about the RCMP, its mandate, its performance and its relationship to governments and politics. No other author knows the subject matter better than Palango. Dispersing the Fog is not just a book about the RCMP, but a story about the political and justice systems in general and a wake-up call for any Canadian concerned about the security and integrity of the country. Dispersing the Fog is an elegant, thorough and conclusive debunking of the many myths of the RCMP and the Canadian way of policing. It shows clearly how the federal and provincial governments have encouraged and nurtured the RCMP over the past three decades for their own political purposes. It takes the reader on a step-by-step, virtually invisible process whereby one prime minister after another toyed or parried with the RCMP in pursuit of his own respective agenda. In our post-9/11 world, Dispersing the Fog addresses the role played by RCMP leaders, politicians and the media, who have all collectively failed to recognize and address the very real and articulate concerns of Canadians from coast to coast who have long questioned the ability or willingness of the RCMP to carry out its duties. No one who cares about democracy and the health of the country's guardian institutions can afford to ignore this book.

Dispersing the Fog: The RCMP, the CIA, Governments and the Continuing Crisis in Canada


Why we need a full public inquiry into the Nova Scotia massacre

Saturday, February 13, 2021

No illegal Israeli military recruiting in Canada


Canada Israel IDF recruitment crime cover-up military Toronto

October 19, a complaint has been provided to Justice Minister Lametti, in regard to the illegal Israeli military recruiting happening in Canada.

Dozens of prominent individuals have joined the call on Justice Minister Lametti to investigate illegal recruitment in Canada for the Israeli military

An open letter signed by Noam Chomsky, Roger Waters, Ken Loach, former MP Jim Manly, as well as poet El Jones and author Yann Martel, and more than 170 Canadians as well as several others, has been delivered to Justice Minister David Lametti asking him to investigate recruitment taking place in Canada for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). Alongside the open letter, a formal legal complaint was sent to the justice minister.

It is a crime in Canada to recruit anyone for a foreign military. It is also a crime to aid and abet such recruitment by offering incentives and encouraging any person to serve in a foreign military.

The Foreign Enlistment Act states, “Any person who, within Canada, recruits or otherwise induces any person or body of persons to enlist or to accept any commission or engagement in the armed forces of any foreign state or other armed forces operating in that state is guilty of an offence.”

The only exception would be the recruitment of Israeli citizens who are not Canadian.  (more...)

No illegal Israeli military recruiting in Canada


Media Is Ignoring Alleged Illegal Israeli Army Recruitment In Canada

Friday, February 12, 2021

History: US Business Operations with Nazi Germany


Nazi treason America business collusion financing Hitler Germany Ford

Among the Nazis’ first actions after taking power was to dismantle the German trade unions and labour power. By March 1933 the first concentration camp was erected at Dachau, soon to be followed by others, where numerous communists, socialists and other undesirables were interned. The German masses were thereafter transformed largely into devoted followers of Hitler, subjected regularly to Nazi propaganda; much of the techniques of which Gauleiter of Berlin Joseph Goebbels had learnt in the 1920s from Edward Bernays, the influential American propaganda merchant.

The Third Reich’s destruction of the left, along with Hitler’s stated intention to preserve big business, was welcomed by corporate managers. Before Hitler had even come to power, his views had drawn approval abroad from leading industrialists; like the American tycoon Irénée du Pont, a proponent of racial superiority and until 1925 the president of chemical multinational DuPont; and Henry Ford, founder of the Ford Motor Company, a fervent anti-Semite who in the early 1920s wrote ‘The International Jew: The World’s Problem’.

A number of business moguls in America were overtly anti-Semitic, and Hitler’s rants against the supposed Jewish problem met with their approval. Ford’s writings in fact seem to have influenced Hitler and other Nazis like Baldur von Schirach, future head of the Hitler Youth. At the Nuremberg trials in May 1946, von Schirach said he had read Ford’s above work “and became anti-Semitic. In those days this book made such a deep impression on my friends and myself, because we saw in Henry Ford the representative of success”.

Ford himself was providing funds to the Nazi Party since the 1920s, when it was a miniscule political organisation. Hitler kept a life-size portrait of Ford behind his desk in Munich, and in 1931 the Nazi leader told a Detroit news reporter, “I regard Henry Ford as my inspiration”. Each year Ford also sent money to Hitler personally on his birthday through Swiss or Swedish banks, between around 10,000 to 20,000 Reichsmarks annually. These payments to Hitler continued until 1944, more than two years after the German declaration of war on America.  (more...)

History: US Business Operations with Nazi Germany

The Geneva School and the Globalists. Switzerland’s Contribution to the Neoliberal World Order


neoliberalism Geneva School WTO Switzerland globalism

The Russian Revolution in 1917 panicked Europe’s upper middle classes, already much discredited and weakened by the gigantic tragedy of the First World War, the result of their own greed, irresponsibility and incompetence. The crash of 1929, which almost ruined most of the industrialized capitalist countries but hardly affected the young Soviet Union, further strengthened the alternative posed by the Russian Revolution. This “bourgeoisie” subsequently faced two huge tasks: rebuild the international capitalist order and respond to the challenge posed by Marxist criticism and the Russian Revolution.

A group of intellectuals hostile to communism, to the left in general, and even to New Deal capitalism in the U.S., sought to develop and impose a more authoritarian and profoundly anti-democratic reconstruction of capitalism: neoliberalism... Switzerland was the first country to welcome and finance these intellectuals, playing a key role in shaping the neoliberal order.

Quinn Slobodian, author of Globalists, gave a name to Switzerland’s contribution to neoliberalism: the Geneva School.

For Slobodian:

“The Geneva School includes: thinkers who held academic positions in Geneva, among whom Wilhelm Röpke, Ludwig von Mises, and Michael Heilperin; those who pursued or presented key research there, including Friedrich Hayek, Lionel Robbins, and Gottfried Haberler; and those who worked at the secretariat of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), such as Jan Tumlir and Frieder Roessler. Geneva School neoliberals transposed the ordoliberal idea of ‘the economic constitution’ – or the totality of rules governing economic life – to a scale beyond the nation.”

Still according to this author:

“Geneva – later the home of the WTO – became the spiritual capital of the group of thinkers who sought to solve the riddle of postimperial order “– the period following the end of the Austro-Hungarian Empire – that obviously included the challenge posed by the Russian Revolution. Slobodian added:

“What the neoliberals of the Geneva School sought was not a partial but a complete protection of the rights of private capital, and the ability of supranational judiciary bodies like the European Court of Justice and the WTO to override national legislation that might disrupt the global rights of capital”, in short, an economic constitution for the world.

For the Geneva School, always according to Slobodian:

“Commitments to national sovereignty and autonomy were dangerous if taken seriously. The Geneva School stalwarts thus believed that after empire, nations must remain embedded in an international institutional order that safeguarded capital and protected their right to move it freely throughout the world. The cardinal sin of the twentieth century was unfettered national independence, and the neoliberal world order required enforceable isonomy – or “same laws”, as Hayek would later call it – against the illusion of autonomy, or “own laws”.”  (more...)

The Geneva School and the Globalists. Switzerland’s Contribution to the Neoliberal World Order


Switzerland’s Dangerous Turn to the Far Right

Chrystia Freeland: Rhodes Scholar Trustee of the WEF, Deputy PM of Canada and the Failure of the ‘Super Elite’


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Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland has become a bit of a living parody of everything wrong with the detached technocratic neo-liberal order which has driven the world through 50 years of post-industrial decay.

As the February 2, 2021 National Post coverage of Freeland’s leading role as trustee of the World Economic Forum makes clear: Her role as Deputy Prime Minister of Canada (which is nominally a position devoted to protecting the interests of Canadians) creates more than a small conflict of interest. The WEF Great Reset agenda is, after all, nothing more than a dystopic program aimed at deconstructing industrial civilization under the cover of COVID-19 and this is not something which benefits any nation.

It is also important to keep in mind that the technocratic globalists whom Freeland represents have worked hard to undo the aberration of Donald Trump which profoundly altered the sacred script which had been obeyed for so many decades without much resistance. Even though Biden was imposed onto the American people this year, it is vital to recall that the script is profoundly flawed, and Trump’s 2016 victory was but one display of that.

Having been set up as a counterpart to the steely Hillary Clinton who was supposed to win the 2016 election, Freeland and her ilk have demonstrated their outdated thinking in everything they have set out to achieve since the 2014 coup in Ukraine. Certainly before that, everything seemed to be going smoothly enough for End of History disciples promoting a script that was supposed to culminate in a long-sought for “New World Order”.  (more...)

Chrystia Freeland: Rhodes Scholar Trustee of the WEF, Deputy PM of Canada and the Failure of the ‘Super Elite’

Thursday, February 11, 2021

Canadian Serial Killer Linked to Elite Satanists?


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Last February, Canadians had their mental paradigm shattered when a senior member of the armed forces, Col. Russell Williams was arrested and charged with murdering two women.

"The accusations shook the armed forces and the Canadian public. Col. Williams had been hand-picked and 'pipelined' into the upper echelons of the air force. He trained new pilots, flew the prime minister's plane and last summer was awarded command of S-Wing Trenton, with 2300 men and women, the country's largest and busiest air force base." (Globe and Mail, April 17.)

Today, Oct 21, Williams was sentenced to life in prison for murdering a subordinate, Cpl Marie-France Comeau in her home last October, and another woman Jessica Lloyd on Jan. 28. He confessed to breaking into the homes of other women, stripping them, beating them and photographing them naked. He also made some 80 pantie raids on women's homes.

He will still collect his $60,000  a year pension while in prison. 

He was arrested by the Ontario Provincial Police at a roadblock when an officer noticed his tire treads matched those found near Lloyd's home.

Canadians were dumbfounded. As the Globe and Mail put it: "How is it possible that someone so polished and groomed for leadership could stand accused of such crimes?"

Canadians will continue to be baffled until they realize that such events, including cases of missing persons and child molestation, are symptomatic of the presence of a satanic cult, the Illuminati, subverting "respectable" society. This is true of most countries.  (more...)

Canadian Serial Killer Linked to Elite Satanists?


The Tweed Creeper

Invisible Darkness: The Horrifying Case of Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka

New World Order: Corruption in Canada

Architects of Deception : Secret History of Freemasonry


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The world we live in may seem frightening and confusing. The politicians and mass media claim that there is no pattern for the turn of events. The idea that there is a hidden connection between various destructive phenomena is usually ridiculed as a “conspiracy theory”, which does not fit in with the official world-view.

To create order out of this apparent chaos, a key is necessary.

You are holding such a key in your hands. Jüri Lina’s revealing book provides an insight into the concealed network behind past and present events. This political system has been built up by forces working behind the scenes – an all encompassing deception by the Knights Templar, the Illuminati and today the Freemasons, clearly evident in our present lives.

Jüri Lina has collected information and rare documents from many sources to create a record of the devastating activities of the secret societies. He reveals the connections between the concealed organizations and shows how these have affected history with the aid of puppets like Napoleon, Lenin, Trotsky, Hitler, Mao Zedong, Roosevelt and Truman (all high-ranking freemasons). He examines the magic rites of freemasonry and traces their origins. The reader is shown the real reasons behind several major wars and revolutions, from the French Revolution in 1789 through the Gulf War in 1990 and the bombing of Serbia in 1999.

Finally the author reveals how these evil forces manifest themselves today and what plans they have for the future of mankind. This book exposes many dangerous myths and paints a different picture of the world, a picture, which may be less fair to behold, but which undoubtedly describes the real conditions we are faced with.  (more...)

Architects of Deception : Secret History of Freemasonry

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Germany’s Ministry of the Interior Hired Scientists to Justify “Tough Corona Measures”


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An extensive correspondence, which WELT AM SONNTAG has reviewed confirms that in the first high phase of the pandemic, the office of Interior Minister Horst Seehofer commissioned the hiring of researchers. Thereupon they provided results for a dramatic “secret paper” of the ministry.

The Federal Ministry of the Interior engaged scientists from several research institutes and universities for political purposes in the first wave of the corona pandemic in March 2020. It commissioned the researchers from the Robert Koch Institute and other institutions to create a calculation model on the basis of which the Ministry of the Interior, Horst Seehofer (CSU), wanted to justify tough corona measures.

This emerges from more than 200 pages of internal correspondence between the management level of the Ministry of the Interior and the researchers, which WELT AM SONNTAG has received. A group of lawyers have revealed the e-mail correspondence in a legal dispute with the Robert Koch Institute that lasted several months.

In an exchange of e-mails, the State Secretary in the Ministry of the Interior, Markus Kerber, asked the researchers  to develop a model on the basis of which “preventive and repressive measures” could be planned.

According to the correspondence, the scientists worked in close coordination with the ministry in just four days to develop content for a paper that had been declared secret, which was distributed via various media over the following days.

A “worst-case scenario” was calculated according to which more than a million people in Germany could die of the coronavirus if social life were to continue as it was before the pandemic.  (more...)

Germany’s Ministry of the Interior Hired Scientists to Justify “Tough Corona Measures”


German Official Leaks Ministry of Interior Report Denouncing Corona as ‘A Global False Alarm’

Child 'sextortion' reports on the rise during pandemic: national tip line


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TORONTO -- Sextortion - the act of blackmailing someone online using their nude photos or content as a threat or coercion - is on the rise in Canada during the COVID-19 pandemic, a child protection agency says.

The national tip line for reporting online sexual exploitation of children,, which is owned and operated by the Canadian Centre for Child Protection, says they have seen an 88-per-cent increase of sextortion and other online exploitation reports to the tip line since the pandemic began.

In an email to Tuesday, the Canadian Centre for Child Protection (CCCP) said the 88 per cent increase in reports includes “multiple forms of online sexual exploitation of children,” including children receiving explicit images, videos or messages from adults, being coerced into making and sending explicit content or having sexual images or videos of themselves be shared online.

On average, receives 40 reports of sextortion a month the organization said in a release, with many offenders connecting with children and teens through apps such as Snapchat, Facebook and Omegle.  (more...)

Child 'sextortion' reports on the rise during pandemic: national tip line


Study: Human sex traffickers luring new victims online

Invisible Darkness: The Horrifying Case of Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka


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Paul and Karla were the perfect picture of love and youth - and they were the essence of pure evil! Invisible Darkness is not only a must read for anyone interested in law and disorder, crime and punishment: a riveting page-turner, it is the tragic story of love gone mad. Together, the Ken-and-Barbie killers kidnapped, raped and murdered three teenage schoolgirls, beginning with Karla's own sister. Expertly drawn, the book rises far above the average true crime tale, chronicling the couple's descent from love and marriage to rape and murder. It relies on voluminous research, police notebooks, medical and psychiatric records, inaccessible court documents and in-depth interviews. The author details the unbelievable series of coincidences and police and forensic lab blunders that allowed Paul and Karla to elude detection for six years. If only Bernardo's DNA had been tested when he was first questioned as a suspect in a series of brutal rapes committed in and around the Toronto suburb where he then lived, he would have been caught before he had a chance to move to a small town minutes away from Niagara Falls and marry Karla Homolka. Together they looked to be the embodiment of the American dream: Young, well to do beautiful and in love. But the front door of their quaint pink Cape Cod -style house on the shore of Lake Ontario was a Gate to Hell. It was there they drugged and raped a half-dozen teenage girls while meticulously making videotaped records of the attacks. Everything was documented including their storybook wedding; the horse and buggy ride through picturesque Niagara-on-the-Lake to their reception and sit-down dinner for a 100 at the posh Queen's Landing Hotel as well as virtually everything they did behind their closed door. In the case of 14-year-old Leslie Mahaffy they not only kidnapped, tortured and raped her, they killed and dismembered her in the basement, encased the body parts in homemade cement castings and dumped them in a local reservoir. In one of those unholy coincidences, as they exchanged vows the police were dragging the lake. A year later they kidnapped Kristen French in broad daylight while she walked home from school on Easter weekend . Before they went to Karla's parents for Sunday dinner, Karla decided that Kristen had to die. Later, they dumped her naked body on the side road next to the cemetery where Leslie was buried. The storybook wedding turned into a nightmare. Finally, the Toronto police matched Bernardo's DNA to three rape victim's in Toronto. Bernardo is now rotting away in a maximum-security prison whereas Karla has remarried and has three small children. It has to read to be believed. 

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

New World Order: Corruption in Canada


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The first book of its kind in Canada. Casts rays into the deepest reaches of outer space and at the same time reveals the figures in the political carpet at home, diagnosing the disease that now infects the core of Canadian life: in Parliament, the civil service, the banking system, medical and social services, the Christian Churches, the military, "national security" Intelligence (Communication Security Establishment/CSE, CSIS), academia, and the astonishing penetration of central Canada by the Church of Satan. Reveals the individuals who have been active in creating a different version of Canada from the country our ancestors created and in which their families chose to live. These names include: Maurice Strong, John Polanyi, David Suzuki, Lester Pearson, The Canadian Instutute of International Affairs, Conrad Black, Brian Mulroney, Bob Rae, Mel Hurtig, Paul Desmarais, Pierre Trudeau, and many others. When he started this book in October 1993, Professor O'Driscoll was 'under investigation' by the University of Toronto for having published two prior volumes, of which this is the third of the trilogy. By the time this book was completed in 1994, he had been barred from his office, his files, his books, the Library, and had even been suspended from the University. Author is internationally known as a scholar with some 20 classical books from Oxford University Press, University of Toronto Press, Macmillan of London, Macmillan of Canada, McLean-Hunter, McClelland & Stewart, Canongate in Scotland, Dolmen in Ireland, and George Braziller in New York, who published his 'Celtic Consciousness' which was named by the American Library Association as the Outstanding Academic Book of the Year in its category in the United States in 1982. Professor O'Driscoll turned to his present investigations after events at the University of Toronto began to trigger in his mind a correspondence between what was happening locally and the huge political shifts that were beginning to take place in Eastern Europe. 

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Monday, February 8, 2021

Ottawa owes apology for Agent Orange in Vietnam


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A French legal battle offers an opportunity to revisit Canada’s role in chemical weapons use and whether Ottawa owes something to its Vietnamese victims.

On the weekend activists gathered in Paris to support a court case launched by a woman exposed to Agent Orange in Vietnam. The group Collectif Vietnam Dioxine is supporting French-Vietnamese woman, Tran To Nga, who is suing 14 companies that sold the powerful defoliant dioxin to the US military.

As a member of the Vietnamese Communists (Viet Cong) Nga breathed Agent Orange in 1966. She told the Associated Press “because of that, I lost one child due to heart defects. I have two other daughters who were born with malformations. And my grandchildren, too.” Spread between generations through breast milk, food and the water supply, Agent Orange victims’ children and grandchildren are often born with serious disabilities.

The toll the cancerous chemical had on Vietnam is staggering. Some three million Vietnamese were exposed to a defoliant that can cause immune deficiencies and damage one’s nervous system. Between 1962 and 1971 US forces sprayed 11 million litres of Agent Orange in southern Vietnam.

One aim was to deprive the guerrillas of cover by defoliating forests and rural land. Another goal of these defoliation efforts was to drive peasants from the countryside to the US-dominated cities, which would deprive the national resistance forces of their food supply and rural support.  (more...)

Ottawa owes apology for Agent Orange in Vietnam


Deadly Allies: Canada's Secret War, 1937-1947

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