Monday, February 28, 2022

Canada's "Criminal" Crackdown And The Klaus Schwab Connection


Canada lawlessness Chrystia Freeland WEF authoritarianism arbitrary arrest fascism oligarchy plutocracy

Not the sharpest tool in the box

The Esoteric & Eugenicist Roots of the Great Reset


occult esotericism eugenics Great Reset Darwinism Huxley Wells Russell transhumanism cybernetics Rhodes Blavatsky Bailey Crowley

Cynthia Chung does a deep dive on the roots of the dystopian technocracy and scientific dictatorship that ruling elites are attempting to bring about. She covers the waterfront with the Huxleys, Darwin, Wells, Russell, and more. We get into Blavatsky, Bailey, and Crowley. She discusses how they have long desired a scientific dictatorship to curb the population as well as human creativity. Yuval Harari is a disciple of H.G. Wells and Bertrand Russell is very important to understand in the context of The Great Reset which is centered around transhumanism and cybernetics.

Sunday, February 27, 2022

Grand Jury Proceeding by the Peoples´ Court of Public Opinion: Day 6 - Eugenics & Outlook


Grand Jury Peoples' Court Public Opinion Eugenics crimes against humanity justice coronavirus oligarchy conspiracy corruption

A group of international lawyers and a judge are conducting a criminal investigation modelled after the United States Grand Jury proceedings in order to present to the public all available evidence of COVID-19 Crimes Against Humanity to date against "leaders, organizers, instigators and accomplices" who aided, abetted or actively participated in the formulation and execution of a common plan for a pandemic. This investigation is of the people, by the people and for the people, so YOU can be part of the jury.

Through showing a complete picture of what we are facing, including the geopolitical and historical backdrop - the proceeding is meant to create awareness about

  • the factual collapse of the current, hijacked system and its institutions, and, as a consequence
  • the necessity for the people themselves retaking their sovereignty, and
  • the necessity to first stop this plandemic´s measures by refusing to comply, and
  • the necessity to jump-start their own new system of health care, education, economics and judiciary, so that democracy and the rule of law on the basis of our constitutions will be reestablished.

Grand Jury Proceeding by the Peoples´ Court of Public Opinion

Saturday, February 26, 2022

Police crackdown on peaceful protesters in Ottawa last weekend


Canada Ottawa police crackdown violence brutality barbarism lawlessness protesters truckers freedom convoy Justin Trudeau RCMP

Unfortunately, many dangerous police maneuvers were used during this weekend of intervention, injuring several people. This report is in fact a recap of the many hours of police interventions that took place between February 18 and 19.

Trudeau's 'Tyranical Behaviour' Makes Canada An International Laughingstock


Canada colony WEF Justin Trudeau neofeudalism fascism tyranny Emergency Act RCMP police violence brutality barbarism mandates despotism

Dr. Emad Guirguis discusses Canada’s fall from grace in the international community with Trudeau’s “tyrannical” Emergencies Act for illegally-parked, peaceful #FreedomConvoy truckers.

Randy Hillier: Police Violence and Possible Coverup


Canada police violence cover-up Ottawa protest freedom convoy Randy Hillier

On February 18th, we saw Canadian citizens attacked and trampled by the overreaching Ottawa Police following our Prime Minister’s enactment of the Emergencies Act. While we were told those who were injured left the area on their own two feet, it is clear with the evidence in my video, not everyone was so lucky. Watch my video showcasing this now scrubbed TikTok video of a recording from a TVA French News broadcast showing what appears to be officers dragging a protester unable to leave on their own.

I have sent a letter to the SIU and Attorney General about this video, you can read that on my website here:

Like, comment, tag, and share this with everyone you know. The people of Canada deserve the truth to be revealed and not what appears to be a coverup by our police.

BOOM, Trudeau Reversal Motive Surfaces – Canadian Banking Association Was Approved by World Economic Forum To Lead the Digital ID Creation


Canada banking security confidentiality violation Digital ID emergency act frozen accounts lockouts blacklisting confidence trust

Sunlight is the best disinfectant.  A promotional video from the Canadian Bankers Association (CBA) helps to neatly connect all the dots about why the Canadian government made such a quick reversal in their bank asset seizures in the last 24 hours {Go Deep}.  And yes, as we suspected, it was almost certainly contact from the World Economic Forum to Canadian Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland that triggered the change in position.

When Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland announced they would use the Emergency Act declaration to target the financial support systems, banks and accounts of the people who were protesting against COVID mandates, they not only undermined the integrity of the Canadian banking system – but they also inadvertently stuck a wrench into the plans of the World Economic Forum and the collaborative use of the Canadian Bankers Association to create a digital id...

If the Canadian government can arbitrarily block citizen access to their banking institution without any due process, what does that say about the system the Canadian Banking Association (CBA) was putting into place as part of their Digital ID network?

If the CBA digital identity were in place, the same people targeted by Trudeau’s use of the Emergency Act would have their entire identity blocked by the same government measures.  The realization of the issue, reflected by a severe undermining of faith in the banking system, is a dramatic problem for those working to create and promote the Digital ID.

It is not coincidental the financial targeting mechanism deployed by Trudeau/Freeland, the Canadian banking system, is the same system being used to create the digital identity.  As a result of the government targeting bank accounts, Finance Minister Freeland just created a reference point for those who would argue against allowing the creation of a comprehensive digital identity.  (more...)

BOOM, Trudeau Reversal Motive Surfaces – Canadian Banking Association Was Approved by World Economic Forum To Lead the Digital ID Creation

Friday, February 25, 2022

Freedom Convoy truckers regrouping at undisclosed location


trucker freedom convoy Canada fascism tyranny oppression Justin Trudeau over-reach

Truckers from the Freedom Convoy who have recently been evicted from downtown Ottawa are now regrouping at an undisclosed location.

After the recent police action last weekend, and the reinforcement to clear the area of protesters, I wondered what happened with all the people who saw their trucks, cars, furniture and equipment seized by the authorities.

I talked with some of the people who remained while they awaited more updates on the seizure — they revealed to me some of the secret locations other people went to.

At the first place I visited, I heard that the day before, they received a visit from the police who told them to leave or risk being arrested. The mainstream media also came to visit them this group. Most of them had already left the area when I arrived.

Afterwards, I drove two hours to the other side of Ottawa to find a really peaceful piece of private land where truckers and protesters were resting and taking some time off, relaxing after the recent traumatizing events.

Tents, toilets, fires, and others facilities were accessible. Some of them were still wondering what was going to happen with their cars, trucks, and other equipment they had lost. Others had no place to go, since some had lost their wallets or even had their bank accounts frozen.

I talked to some of these people and most of them wanted to remain anonymous, since the government has been threatening to chase them down.

Bank accounts still frozen and financial investigations still underway, despite revocation of the Emergencies Act


Canada banks blacklisting truckers convoy emergency measures act tyranny freeze accounts banks protests fascism

Despite the suspension of all emergency orders issued under the Act, the financial blacklisting of Canadian citizens initiated under those orders is yet to see an end.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau ended the use of the Emergencies Act on Wednesday, one week after it was first invoked, ahead of the Senate vote to determine whether the emergency powers would remain in place. Had the vote been rejected, the Emergencies Act would have been immediately ended. If it passed, the Act would have remained in place for 30 days before returning to another vote in Parliament.

The Act gave the government extraordinary powers to make arrests, seize assets, compel private companies to render their services to the government and to freeze bank accounts of anyone involved in the anti-government protests — all without so much as a court order. The emergency powers were used to crack down on protesters in Ottawa this past weekend, who were in Canada's capital as part of the nationwide 'Freedom Convoy' movement in opposition to the government’s imposition of remaining COVID-19 restrictions.

Despite the prime minister's revocation of the Emergencies Act on Wednesday, and the subsequent suspension of all emergency orders issued under the Act, the financial blacklisting of Canadian citizens initiated under those orders is yet to see an end.

According to Blacklock's Reporter, Canadian banks that froze millions of dollars held in accounts belonging to suspected Freedom Convoy sympathizers have not yet released all funds, cabinet’s representative in the Senate said yesterday.  (more...)

Bank accounts still frozen and financial investigations still underway, despite revocation of the Emergencies Act

Thursday, February 24, 2022

From The Ukraine/Russian Front Lines


Ukraine Nazi Azov Russia invasion war geopolitics analysis

V, CJ, Alex Krainer, Tim Kirby, Joaquin Flores and Matt Ehret unpack the earth shaking developments that have unfolded since Russia's recognition of the Donbass republics and military intervention into the nazi-ridden Ukrainian defense forces.

Divisions and Chaos Within the Ottawa Police. Violence and Brute Force Ordered by Trudeau Government


Canada Ottawa police RCMP City Council chaos division violence brutality Justin Trudeau tyranny RCMP

There is currently a state of chaos and a lack of leadership within Ottawa’s Police Services (OPS). The operation against the Freedom Convoy is conducted by the Ottawa Police, the RCMP and the Ontario Provincial Police. The Sureté du Québec is also involved.

There are divisions both within the Ottawa Police force and the Ottawa City Council. It’s a situation of utter chaos.

Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly “resigned” on Tuesday February 15 following Trudeau’s announced intent to apply the Emergencies Act. Visibly he was pressured to resign. Press reports intimate that “he was fired”.

Peter Sloly was accused of “mishandling”.

While police forces are currently involved in acts of violence and brutal repression, large sectors of the Ottawa Police and the RCMP had from the outset expressed their solidarity with the Freedom Convoy...

Was the firing of police chief Peter Sloly ordered by the Trudeau government?

“Ottawa Councillor. Diane Deans went to the [Ottawa police services] board to fire previous police chief Peter Sloly, sources said.”

“After that, she and the board tried to hire a new interim police chief from southern Ontario without a competition“

Members of the Ottawa City Council were not consulted.  (more...)

Divisions and Chaos Within the Ottawa Police. Violence and Brute Force Ordered by Trudeau Government

Pfizer & Moderna Investors Run for the Exits


pump and dump Pfizer Moderna Wall Street stocks pharmaceuticals crash

Wall Street investors are dumping their Moderna and Pfizer stock faster than the world can drop the mandates. Moderna is down 70 percent from its high, while Pfizer is off 19 percent. Former Blackrock Executive and investment adviser Edward Dowd calls for Moderna to go to zero and Pfizer to end under ten dollars per share.

How is this possible given that Pfizer now enjoys record earnings per share and a market capitalization of some $270 billion, making it the 29th largest corporation globally? With nothing but profits in sight for the Pharmaceutical giant, what could be the problem?

After all, in December, a Forbes' headline read, "The Vaccine Maker Can Dominate The Covid Market For Years to Come, Wells Fargo Predicts." In addition to the enormously profitable mRNA vaccines, Pfizer is rolling out potent antivirals like Paxlovid, which could earn $22 billion in 2022.

Compared to the $81 billion in 2021 revenue, the earnings from the vaccines and the antivirals could top $102 billion for 2022, which is music to shareholders' ears. However some are hearing shrieks, and these happen to be Wall Street's finest, the smart money that beats the rest of the herd to the exits like clockwork.

These sophisticated investors make it their business to not go with the conventional wisdom but to do their own research, which often pays spectacular dividends.  (more...)

Pfizer & Moderna Investors Run for the Exits

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

A Major Backfire – Is the Canadian Financial and Banking System in Serious Trouble as a Result of Their Attack on Private Bank Accounts?


Canada banks finance capital exodus loss of confidence instability Trudeau Freeland buffoons oafs emergency

Has there been a massive exodus of capital out of the Canadian financial system?

A few obscure but interesting data-points seem to indicate Justin Trudeau’s unprecedented use of the federal government and intelligence apparatus to target the bank accounts of Canadian citizens has just created a serious problem for their financial institutions.

If I was a betting person, I would bet half my stake that something very serious is happening in the background of the Canadian financial system, and it appears the leaders inside government, as well as leaders in the international financial community, are reacting and trying to keep things quiet.  Stick with me on this and stay elevated…

When Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced he was invoking the Emergency War Measures Act to seize bank accounts and block access to the financial system for people who were arbitrarily deemed as terrorists to the interest of the Canadian government, i.e. the Freedom Protest group writ large, many people immediately thought about the consequences of a government taking such action.

Indeed, the first response to many who witnessed the gleeful declarations of the Canadian government as they expressed their intent to utilize their emergency power, was that this was seriously going to undermine faith and confidence in the Canadian financial systems. The RCMP is the Canadian equivalent of the FBI.

If the government can work with the RCMP to target people based on an arbitrary political decree, and then control your bank account while simultaneously giving financial institutions liability protection for their participation, the confidence in the banking system is immediately undermined.

What might seem like a great tool for political punishment has long term consequences, especially if people start withdrawing their money and/or shifting the placement of their investments to more secure locations away from the reach of the Canadian government.  Considering the rules of fractional banking and deposits, it doesn’t take many withdrawals before the banks have serious issues.  (more...)

A Major Backfire – Is the Canadian Financial and Banking System in Serious Trouble as a Result of Their Attack on Private Bank Accounts?

Things you're not supposed to see:

Odd Little Note on the Puppet Handler of Trudeau

A message from Mohawk Women from Grand River concerning vaccine mandates and freedom


Mohawk women Grand River vaccine mandates freedom aboriginal Canada indigenous rights

The following is a message from Onkwehon:we Grand River Mohawk women from the Turtle, Wolf and Bear clans to the people standing up for freedom against vaccine mandates.

"At this time I would like to remind you that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. We would like to acknowledge all the ones who listened to their intuition, their gut feeling, in knowing that these vaccines weren’t a thing that resonated with their being. 

Thank you for having the courage to say “No” and stand up for what you believe. Continue to be mindful of your thoughts as we enter into these next few days.  You are awakened, you are the light, you are the love of humanity. Love will always prevail. Let’s continue to hold each other up as more truth and justice come to light.

This message is for all our sisters, brothers, and allies across Turtle Island and to our honored, age-old international relations. 

We send love and gratitude to all of the brave men and women who are holding the line, uniting together with kindness and compassion in their hearts for freedom, so that truth and justice may prevail. 

Canada is still a crime scene, and all will be held on genocide. Grand River Mohawks are alive and well. Mohawks still hold the original six international treaties, and we are in the centre of the Covenant Chain. 

As women we must remind the Canadian government of their pledge to the Grand River Mohawks and to the Onkwehon:we way of life. The [emergency measures] announcement today by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is a breach of this trust. 

Women are the allodial title holders. Even if the courts wanted to, they cannot provide the Canadian Government with a casa somasos. 

Universal laws are supreme law of the land and no legislative acts will ever supersede them. A formal notice will be sent to the Honorable Governor General Mary Simon ordering her to uphold her fiduciary responsibilities and invoke the appropriate Criminal Codes that we see fit under Royal Assent and international law. Implicating the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Christia Freeland, and the Premier of Ontario Doug Ford. 

In peace, freedom, and truth, take care, stay safe. We love you."

Note: the Latin term “Nemo dat quod non habet” that appears as text in the video means “no one can give what they do not have.” It is a legal rule, sometimes called the nemo dat rule, that states that the purchase of a possession from someone who has no ownership right to it also denies the purchaser any ownership title to it. (Source: Wikipedia).

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

US Hypocrisy Regarding Racist Ideology In Ukraine


Ukraine Azov Nazi white supremacy military brainwashing ideology blowback

School for thugs and goons. Recipe for blowback.

Clarity: A Post-Mortem On The Planted Actors In The Freedom Convoy


Benjamin Dichter planted actor freedom convoy astroturf infiltration sabotage truckers operatives duplicity chameleons police agents

“We’re the slaves of the phony leaders, breathe the air we have blown you.”

The Punk Meets The Godfather,

Pete Townshend

If you are like most of us, not on the ground in Ottawa over these past weeks, you were perhaps vaguely aware there were spokespersons for the Freedom Convoy, whom you never thought to question. Until the Amazing Polly drop, on Feb 11, which revealed the bitter reality that the four self-appointed leaders of the Convoy were rotten, unknown, vindictive, and had commandeered the GoFundMe account, whatever remained of it. Who were they? Nobody knew.

The top dog was a husky man who sure looked exactly like a “trucker,” named Benjamin Dichter. He was interviewed far and wide by the non-left mainstream media, including Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, both Jordan and Mikhaila Peterson, and many more. He sounded, as my friend Paul Bell put it, “all the right notes.” (How much do Tucker Carlson’s producers earn? Is it too much to ask that they book sources on major stories only following elemental background checks?)

We actually have a subscriber and friend, right here at The Truth Barrier, who has historical context on this fellow Dichter, dating back to 2014. We’ll hear from him shortly—he and I have been developing his story and correcting the text over the past week, during which time, as sometimes happens, the Story Fish actually jumps into the net.  (more...)

Clarity: A Post-Mortem On The Planted Actors In The Freedom Convoy

Part 2:

Our Man In Ottawa: Who Is Benjamin Dichter?

INTERVIEW: Candice Sero Aboriginal Protester Trampled by RCMP Horse Unit in Ottawa


Canada Ottawa Mohawk elder Candice Sero aboriginal protester trampled RCMP brutality violence truckers convoy

Alexa Lavoie of Rebel News speaks with Candice Sero, one of the protesters who was severely injured by the RCMP mounted unit when they charged in front of the crowd of peaceful protesters in Ottawa that were demonstrating against vaccine mandates. MORE:

“I’m still alive, I’m still here. Thank you to everyone out there. I’m okay.”

Monday, February 21, 2022

Grand Jury Proceeding by the Peoples´ Court of Public Opinion: Day 5 - Economical & Financial Destruction


Grand Jury Peoples' Court Public Opinion economical financial destruction sabotage treason fifth column infiltration organized crime oligarchy corruption

A group of intern. attorneys and a judge are conducting a criminal investigation modeled on the grand jury proceedings to present to the public all available evidence of past crimes against humanity related to Covid-19 of the "leaders, organizers, instigators, and accomplices" who assisted in the formulation and execution of a common plan for a pandemic. This investigation is of the people, by the people, and for the people, so YOU can be part of the jury.

By presenting a complete picture of the factual situation, including the geopolitical and historical background, the trial aims to raise awareness of the collapse of the current hijacked system and its institutions.

The Miners' Strike


miners Britain Yorkshire UK strike police violence brutality unions oppression resistance books

In addition to being the most bitter industrial dispute the coal miners' strike of 1984/5 was the longest national strike in British history. For a year over 100,000 members of the National Union of Mineworkers, their families and supporters, in hundreds of communities, battled to prevent the decimation of the coal industry on which their livelihoods and communities depended. Margaret Thatcher's government aimed to smash the most militant section of the British working class. She wanted to usher in a new era of greater management control at work and pave the way for a radical refashioning of society in favor of neo-liberal objectives that three decades later have crippled the world economy.

Victory required draconian restrictions on picketing and the development of a militarized national police force that made widespread arrests as part of its criminalization policy. The attacks on the miners also involved the use of the courts and anti-trade union laws, restrictions on welfare benefits, the secret financing by industrialists of working miners and the involvement of the security services. All of which was supported by a compliant mass media but resisted by the collective courage of miners and mining communities in which the role of Women against Pit Closures in combating poverty and starvation was heroic. Thus inspired by the struggle for jobs and communities an unparalleled movement of support groups right across Britain and in other parts of the world was born and helped bring about a situation where the miners long struggle came close on occasions to winning.

At the heart of the conflict was the Yorkshire region, where even at the end in March 1985, 83 per cent of 56,000 miners were still out on strike. The official Yorkshire National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) area photographer in 1984-85 was the late Martin Jenkinson and this book of his photographs - some never previously seen before - serves as a unique social document on the dispute that changed the face of Britain.

Sunday, February 20, 2022

Was the hacking of Ottawa trucker convoy donors a US-Canadian intelligence operation?


Canada Ottawa truckers convoy GiveSendGo fundraising hacker  confidential informant leak harassment intelligence donors

Aubrey Cottle, the hacker claiming credit for stealing convoy donor info, has boasted of work with the FBI and Canadian law enforcement. The data was published by DDoSecrets, an anti-Wikileaks non-profit which has targeted states in the crosshairs of US intelligence.

On February 13th, the names and personal details of almost 100,000 individuals who donated sums to support the Canadian truckers’ protest against vaccine mandates through the crowdfunding site GiveSendGo appeared online via Distributed Denial of Secrets (DDoSecrets), an online archive seeking to easily connect journalists and researchers with leaked information.

The mainstream media used the trove to frame the convoy as essentially foreign-funded, and harass small donors from average backgrounds. Numerous fascinating nuggets, such as the gifting of $215,000 by a donor whose identity, email, IP address and ZIP code was not recorded by the website, unlike every other giver, were in the process ignored.

The hack-and-leak represented just the latest broadside against the convoy activists. Hours later, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau activated the Emergencies Act for the very first time in Canadian history, an unprecedented move effectively suspending the civil rights of the protesters and granting federal law enforcement the power to seize their bank accounts without a court order. 

An alleged founder of hacktivist collective Anonymous, Canadian Aubrey Cottle, took credit for the hack of the convoy donors’ information in the form of an online “manifesto” and accompanying video overlaying a clip from the Disney musical Frozen. Echoing Liberal Canadian politicians, Cottle accused the convoy of holding Ottawa “hostage for weeks while terrorizing the peaceful citizens who live there.”  (more...)

Was the hacking of Ottawa trucker convoy donors a US-Canadian intelligence operation?

Grand Jury Proceeding by the Peoples´ Court of Public Opinion: Day 4 - Injections & Psychological Warfare


coronavirus Grand Jury Peoples' Court Public Opinion injections psychological warfare corruption crimes against humanity fraud

A group of intern. attorneys and a judge are conducting a criminal investigation modeled on the grand jury proceedings to present to the public all available evidence of past crimes against humanity related to Covid-19 of the "leaders, organizers, instigators, and accomplices" who assisted in the formulation and execution of a common plan for a pandemic. This investigation is of the people, by the people, and for the people, so YOU can be part of the jury.

By presenting a complete picture of the factual situation, including the geopolitical and historical background, the trial aims to raise awareness of the collapse of the current hijacked system and its institutions.

Force over Dialogue


Canada truckers convoy protesters human rights Justin Trudeau arrogance violence lawlessness Ottawa

A dark day for Canada, and the free world. WARNING: Upsetting images of police brutality.

Saturday, February 19, 2022

Jewish Experts, Professors Condemn Trudeau’s Nazi ‘Smear Campaign’ Against Freedom Convoy Protesters


Justin Trudeau identity politics smear truckers convoy Nazi protesters arrogance tyranny Canada

A group of top Israeli researchers and physicians denounced Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Friday for repeatedly comparing a group of protesters in Ottawa to Nazis.

Nearly two dozen professors and experts wrote a letter to the prime minister on Friday, denouncing his comments toward the protesters and members of Canada’s opposition Conservative Party. The group also hit Trudeau over his refusal to lighten “draconian” COVID-19 restrictions in light of the protests. The letter says:

As many other countries since the outbreak of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, Canadians have been subjected to draconian restrictions placed on their basic freedoms, such as lockdowns, forced quarantines, mask mandates, school closures and more recently, vaccine mandates.

Leaders all over the world have begun to realize that these measures carry enormous harms, with little or no benefit. Others double-down on their previous position, denying the evidence and aggravating the damage done to their nation’s livelihood and fundamental liberties.

In recent weeks, we have been following the news about the Freedom Convoy 2022 protests that have taken place in Canada in response to these measures. We witnessed, with mounting concern, how instead of a constructive dialogue with the protesters, you adopted a smear campaign portraying protesters as ‘Nazi sympathizers’, ‘racist’ and ‘antisemitic.’ The last incident was your allegation on February 16 that a Jewish member of the Conservative Party was “standing with people who wore Swastikas.”  (more...)

Jewish Experts, Professors Condemn Trudeau’s Nazi ‘Smear Campaign’ Against Freedom Convoy Protesters

Trudeau's Power Grab and the Roots of the Fabian Society of Canada


Trudeau Justin Pierre power grab fabian society Canada Malthusianism Club of Rome eugenics population control oligarchy neofeudalism cattle

Matt Ehret is asked to provide an update on the current boiling hot events in Ottawa, and the historic traditions of inside jobs in Canada which were deployed to justify the 1970 Martial Law conducted by the first Trudeau Prime Minister. Additionally, we discussed the Fabian Society in London, and its extension into Canada starting in 1931 with a Rhodes Scholar run think tank that Pierre Trudeau had joined in 1949. We additionally trace the eugenic-driven de-Christianizing of Quebec under the Quiet Revolution in 1960 which features connections to the October Crisis, the FLQ, the murder of several Quebecois statesmen and the creation of the Malthusian Club of Rome in ways that will shock you.

Friday, February 18, 2022

Queer beer? Wasting German tax money


queer beer wine LGBT Germany gender ideology degeneracy politics Green Party

The Greens have come up with another new revolutionary idea: The Family Minister of Rhineland-Palatinate, Katharina Binz (Bündnis90/Die Grünen), has started the "Queer Wine Rhineland-Palatinate" competition, with tax money, of course. The fact that Binz is also Deputy Prime Minister of the red-green state government gives the campaign a very special touch.

The competition is aimed at gay, lesbian, bisexual and intersex winemakers. According to the official statement, all those wineries where non-heterosexuals “work in a responsible position” can take part in the campaign.

In other words: The winegrowers in the state capital of Mainz who employ a non-binary cellar master should report. Or a lesbian chief grape picker. Trans winemakers probably also have very special opportunities.

The LGBT online magazine Queer was delighted to explain the campaign, which is sadly “unique in Germany”, in the new “gender German”.

“In a tasting, experts will then determine up to two wines that will be ambassadors for ‘QueerWein Rheinland-Pfalz’. Selected ‘QueerWine Rhineland-Palatinate’ wines are to be presented on May 18, 2022, the state’s constitution day, and sent nationwide to influencers in politics and society”.  (more...)

Queer beer? Wasting German tax money


Majority of young Germans annoyed by gender politics

Jewish Canadian lawmaker DEMANDS Trudeau apologize for saying she stood with 'swastika wavers'


political correctness Canada Justin Trudeau foot in mouth cultural appropriation holocaust swastika finger pointing accusations stigmatization pot kettle black backfire gaff

The Jewish member of Canadian Parliament whom Prime Minister Justin Trudeau accused of standing with 'swastika wavers' has spoken out to demand an apology, saying he is driving divisions in the country.

'He has not apologized, and I expect an apology,' MP Melissa Lantsman said in an interview with Fox News. 'I think the division in this country is growing and it's growing because of the prime minister's rhetoric on this.' 

Lantsman, a 37-year-old Conservative MP for the Toronto suburb of Thornhill, had confronted Trudeau in Parliament on Wednesday over his invocation of the draconian Emergencies Act to crack down on the Freedom Convoy protests against vaccine mandates.

Liberal Party leader Trudeau responded with scorn to her complaints, saying: 'Conservative Party members can stand with people who wave swastikas, they can stand with people who wave the confederate flag.' 

'We will chose to stand with Canadians who deserve to be able to get to their jobs, and get their lives back. These illegal protests need to stop and they will.'

Trudeau's comments were sparked uproar in the house, and forced the Speaker of the House to reprimand him and others, reminding them of rules against using 'inflammatory' language in Parliament during the debates.

After being reprimanded, Trudeau refused to apologize and again repeated that the blockades were illegal, and the measures to repress the protests were necessary.  

Lantsman said in the interview on Wednesday night that Trudeau was showing his 'true colors' with his denigrating remark.  (more...)

Jewish Canadian lawmaker DEMANDS Trudeau apologize for saying she stood with 'swastika wavers'

And Now, It’s Economic Warfare


economic warfare Canada Justin Trudeau lawlessness tyranny emergency powers arbitrary arrest restrictions confiscation bank accounts crowd-funding unaccountability

With the world reopening, and even US blue states and cities repealing mandates, how optimistic should we be? A little bit is warranted but not that much. What we are seeing right now in Ottawa reveals the hegemonic depth of the system that gave us lockdowns, then mandates: it is now capable of freezing your accounts and essentially starving you and your family. 

It’s economic warfare. 

This was a wild conspiracy theory last year. Now it is very obvious that this is where many governments want to go. We’ve seen examples just in the past week. 

The truckers in Canada deployed the crowd-funding platform GoFundMe and raised $9M, until suddenly the platform said that they would not distribute the money yet, pending the release of a clear plan on what the truckers were going to do with it. 

Many of us immediately smelled a rat. Sure enough, a few days later, GoFundMe announced that it would not give the money to the truckers but rather to other charities of its choosing. In other words, it would steal the money. That outraged many people, among them Elon Musk, and the Internet blew up in fury. At that point, GoFundMe returned all the money back to the donors. 

In the next act of this drama, the truckers went to GiveSendGo, a platform that seems more independent and that pledged to give the money to the truckers. With no promotion or even a clear link on Google on where to send money, the new method raised even more money. This was entirely thanks to uncensored networks where people were sharing information. 

But the story was far from over. The platform was hit with denial-of-service attacks from malicious actors and then hacked. The thing went down hard and had to be rebuilt. The data on donors was leaked to the government and then to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation who contacted donors under the guise of “doing a story” on the funding. It was a clear attempt at intimidation. 

The Minister of Finance got into the act and essentially declared that anyone using these to provide funding to the truckers were engaging in illicit activity — essentially terrorists. Without missing a beat, the Minister of Justice for Trudeau went further to declare that anyone who has given large figures through these platforms “should be worried” about having their bank accounts frozen. 

So there we have it on record: the Canadian government has declared that it can freeze anyone’s bank account and seize the contents based on their political views or charitable actions. In the midst of all of this, Trudeau declared emergency powers that allow the government to do this to all for non-compliers, and do so without any court order. 

The next step in this astonishing drama: crypto.  (more...)

And Now, It’s Economic Warfare

Thursday, February 17, 2022

There Is a Limit to the Tyrant’s Power: Ottawa Freedom Convoy Tears Down Illusion of Democracy in North America


Canada truckers convoy Ottawa tyranny freedom justice rights oligarchy

Tyrants living in their ivory tower echo chambers are panicking as they have no idea how to interact with actual human beings organizing themselves around such non-mathematical principles as “freedom”, “justice” and “rights”.

No, there is a limit to the tyrant’s power!

When the oppressed man finds no justice,

When the burden grows unbearable, he appeals

With fearless heart to Heaven,

And thence brings down his everlasting rights,

Which there abide, inalienably his,

And indestructible as stars themselves.

-Friedrich Schiller, Wilhelm Tell’s Rutli Oath

Who would have thought that Canada would ever be a spark plug for a freedom movement against tyranny?

As the editor of a Canadian geopolitical magazine for over 10 years and author of four books on Canadian History, I am a bit embarrassed to say that I certainly didn’t think that Canadians had this in them.

The “monarchy of the north” certainly isn’t something that exudes revolutionary sentiment- having been founded on such non-revolutionary principles as “Peace, Order and Good Governance” which have stood in stark contrast to the significantly more inspiring “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” enshrined in the founding documents of our southern cousins. Even our founding 1867 document (drafted over a champagne fueled month of hedonism in 1864) explicitly calls out the purpose of confederation not as a means of “supporting the general welfare” as was the case of the USA’s constitution in 1787, but rather “to promote the interests of the British Empire”.

But here it is.

Countless thousands of patriots have driven across the country to bunker down in Ottawa in peace and high festive spirits which I had to see with my own eyes to believe demanding something so simple and un-tainted by ideology: freedom to work, provide for families and a respect for basic rights as laid out in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms (a 1982 upgrade to the embarrassingly oligarchical British North America Act of 1867).

Mainstream media and political hacks have been working overtime to paint the Freedom convoy that converged on Ottawa on January 29 as an “insurrectionist movement” full of “white supremacists”, “Russian stooges”, and “Nazis” out to “overthrow the government”. Even the Bank of England’s former governor (and World Economic Forum Trustee) Mark Carney chimed in on February 7 stating that “this is sedition” and that “those who are still helping to extend this occupation must be identified and punished to the full force of the law”. Carney, the perennial financial darling of Goldman Sachs and the City of London (and Prime Ministerial hopeful) called for a targeting of all those who donated money to this domestic terror operation.

Faced with an organic civil rights movement of blue-collar truckers, farmers and tens of thousands of supporters who have convened on Canada’s capital to demand a restoration of their basic freedoms, the current Liberal government has failed to show even an ounce of humanity or capacity to negotiate. This shouldn’t be a surprise for those who have seen the hypocrisy of neo-liberal “rules-based” order ideologues in action over the past few years who are quick to celebrate the “liberty” of citizens of Ukraine, Hong Kong, or Xinjiang when the outcome benefits the geopolitical aims of detached technocrats hungry for global hegemony. The moment genuine self-organized labor movements arise demanding basic rights be recognized, then the masks comes off and the rage of tyrants show their true faces.  (more...)

There Is a Limit to the Tyrant’s Power: Ottawa Freedom Convoy Tears Down Illusion of Democracy in North America

Like Father, Like Son: How the Trudeaus Manufacture Crises to Justify “Emergency Measures”


Trudeau Pierre Justin War Emergency Measures contrivance power grab Canada dictatorship Synarchy oligarchy abuse police state military regime

The Emergency Measures Act, recently invoked by Canadian PM Justin Trudeau, was previously invoked by his father during the October Crisis of 1970. However, that event’s true history reveals important yet unsettling parallels and lessons to Trudeau’s efforts to end the Freedom Convoy and related blockades.

Due to the current activation of the Emergency Measures Act by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on February 14 in response to the Freedom Convoys and blockades both in Ottawa and across various provinces of Canada, I thought it fitting to revisit research that I had previously published as a series co-written with Paris-based journalist Benoit Chalifoux that explores the previous, controversial invocation of that same act by Justin’s father, Pierre Trudeau, in 1970. 

First, I will detail some important contextual information of the Martial Law and War Measures Act deployed by Pierre Trudeau, who utilized a demonstrably staged crisis run by Anglo-Canadian intelligence networks between 1960-1970, eventually resulting in tanks rolling across the streets of Quebec and opponents to an anti-human reform of society being crushed. This section will also deal with some important contextual matters dealing with the directing role of the eugenics-driven Fabian Society and its Canadian branches in this manufactured crisis, using it to shape a technocratic revolution in 1970. Next, I will break down the facts of the October Crisis, dismantling the official narrative of “lone cells of violence-prone separatists” and producing clear evidence that the entire operation was an inside job directed by top down agencies Anglo-Canadian intelligence.

Revisiting the October crisis of 1970 is important given recent events as they relate to the Canadian Freedom Convoys and related manifestations. There are unsettling similarities between what transpired in 1970 and what is happening now, with the staging of Confederate and Nazi flags within the currently ongoing Ottawa protest movement, which has been used to exacerbate the State’s narrative that these peaceful protesters are “violent racist insurrectionists” that must be stopped at all costs and the February 14 warning delivered by the former head of Trudeau’s security detail of an imminent false flag in Ottawa that would be sparked by firearms planted in or around the Freedom Convoy. This exercise will not only help us gain a better understanding of the nature of the game at play, but also the weaknesses of the “deep state” apparatus long embedded within the heart of Canada’s political and intelligence establishments.  (more...)

Like Father, Like Son: How the Trudeaus Manufacture Crises to Justify “Emergency Measures”

Accusing Jewish MP of 'standing with swastika' new low for PM


Justin Trudeau swastika Jewish MP sophistry provocation diversion disingenuousness

A Jewish Conservative MP is demanding an apology from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, insisting he falsely accused her and her colleagues of “standing with a swastika.”

And disgusted Jewish groups, fellow MPs, and even Trudeau’s own half-brother agree.

“The only time I’ve ever been made to feel singled out and less in our Parliament was by the prime minister of Canada,” said Thornhill MP Melissa Lantsman. “His words are dangerous and disgraceful.”

The controversy stems from an ugly exchange in the House of Commons Wednesday in which  Lantsman accused Trudeau of fanning “the flames of an unjustified national emergency” by calling Freedom Convoy truckers “racist” and “fringe.”

Trudeau’s response was a shocking low blow.

“Conservative Party members can stand with people who wave swastikas, they can stand with people who wave the Confederate flag. We will choose to stand with Canadians who deserve to be able to get their jobs, who need to get their lives back,” said Trudeau.

Suggesting a Jewish MP would stand with a Nazi flag was so repugnant that Speaker Anthony Rota scolded members, and “that incudes the Right Honourable Prime Minister,” for using “inflammatory words in the House.”  (more...)

Accusing Jewish MP of 'standing with swastika' new low for PM

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Trudeau Is Playing with Fire


Justin Trudeau Canada tyranny resistance dissent defiance courage freedom truckers farmers cowboys working class blue collar arrogance

Canadian coronavirus lockdown policies have been, and remain, some of the most stringent and restrictive in the entire Western world. It may be a Commonwealth thing, given that Australia and New Zealand have also descended into unrecognizable islands of cruel and capricious public health tyranny. 

In Ontario, citizens are now allowed to eat popcorn at movie theaters that only opened up again earlier this week on Monday at fifty percent capacity, and only because of comprehensive drubbing that the government was subjected to regarding this ridiculous, make-believe public health directive. 

Life in Canada has been tedious, tyrannical, and indescribably punitive. That is why for many months throughout the pandemic, ordinary Americans and pundits alike have been looking north from the land of the free (red states at least) and pretty much sneering at Canadians, bereft as they are of the First and Second Amendments. The polite Canadians, they scoffed, without their guns and their freedom of speech, were a lost cause.

And then one day, Prime Minister Trudeau pushed the nice Canadians a rule too far.  (more...)

Trudeau Is Playing with Fire

Home Army Girls – campaign: Poland, I’m in Love


Poland women girls Home Army war history resistance sacrifice

The "Poland, I’m in Love" campaign honors all Home Army members, but this video focuses on young women in its ranks, who fought and lost their lives. Introducing a few medics, couriers, Intelligence operatives and soldiers, we honor thousands these few represent. Take, for instance, Anna Smoleńska, designer of the "Fighting Poland symbol" and victim of KL Auschwitz; take Janina Przysiężniak, courier and medic 7 months pregnant when murdered by communist Security Services; take Zofia Jarkowska-Krauze, fallen in the Warsaw Uprising 18 days after her wedding.

In addition to the stories of these young women, there’s a story behind the video, especially the music. Recently, we were contacted by Mr. Allan Roy Wilson, songwriter, author, and teacher of Lethbridge, Canada, who’d experienced a personal tragedy two decades ago. Mr. Wilson offered us his song, "I Just Want You to Come Home" composed in memory of his late son, as soundtrack for a commemoration project of our choice. The work, very universal in its expression of grief and loss, seemed naturally suited for a video portraying young Home Army women who sacrificed their lives for their country. 

#PolandImInLove #80HomeArmy #WW2 #HomeArmy #WW2Women #WarsawUprising #OccupiedPoland #PolishHistory #GermanCrimes  #PolishResistance #WW2Resistance #FemaleSoldiers #WW2Victims #PolishArmy #PolishUndergroundState #FightingPoland #WeRemember #HistoryOfWomen

Monday, February 14, 2022

SS Death's Head Rings & The Nazi Occult Obsession


SS Death's Head Rings Nazi occult Germany Himler

The SS Death's Head Rings of WWII were born out of the Nazi's obsession with Nordic mythology and the occult. In particular that special rings are able to grant power to their wearers. With Himmler's as their figure head, each member of the SS is issued with a Death's Head Ring. But in 1944 production was halted, and Himmler ordered that all remaining rings were to be sealed inside a hill near Wewelsburg. To this day the rings have not been found...

Sunday, February 13, 2022

How the KKK got into the U.S. Justice Department


Albert Pike KKK freemasonry Scottish Rite FBI racism Confederates secret service Canada

April 4, 1998 marks an extraordinary double anniversary, one that highlights the still-ongoing struggle between two irreconcilable traditions in American life. One is a tradition of the American ideal at its best: the tradition of the Lincoln revolution, as it was carried forward in the twentieth century, by America's greatest civil rights leader, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The other tradition is that of British-sponsored anti-American treason, personified by the Confederate General, Southern Jurisdiction Scottish Rite Mason, and Ku Klux Klan founder, Albert Pike. The Pike legacy still exists today, under various guises: the FBI of the J. Edgar Hoover tradition, which is engaged in a racist campaign of frame-ups against African-American elected officials all across America; and the radical jacobinism of Black Nationalism, which came to the fore as the result of Dr. King's assassination, and which parades today under the banner of a "rainbow coalition."

Nobody can fully appreciate the still-unfolding struggle over the American ideal, without knowing the essentials of the struggle between the two, contending forces represented by Martin Luther King and Albert Pike.

It is, therefore, no small irony that April 4, 1998 marks the 30th anniversary of the assassination of Dr. King, and also the 100th anniversary of the U.S. Congress's treacherous passage of a bill authorizing the erection of a statue, on Federal government property in Washington, D.C., of the traitor Albert Pike.

President Abraham Lincoln's policies were responsible for making the United States into the world's greatest industrial power. He reversed the "free trade" doctrines by which the London-allied opponents of the American Revolution had expanded slavery, to the detriment of American industrial power. He introduced high tariffs to foster steel mills, government financing of railroad construction, free land and education to create independent, scientific farmers.   (more...)

How the KKK got into the U.S. Justice Department

Saturday, February 12, 2022

Listen: Kanenhariyo (Mohawk) Discusses Ontario’s “state of Emergency” in Response to Truckers Rebellion


Canada State of Emergency Doug Ford Justin Trudeau indigenous sovereignty ancestral lands Ontario

“They’re liars. They’re lying. But they’re afraid. They’re weak right now. They’re weak, and they’re pretending that they’re strong. Stand up.”

Kanyenkehaka (Mohawk) is from the Tehanakarineh family of the Bear Clan. His home is in Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory, but he currently resides at the Six Nations of the Grand River Territory (near Hamilton, Ontario). He is an Onkwehon:we (Indigenous) man and belongs to the Kayenkehaka Nation, not the Canadian or English nation. His people have kept their ways and traditions, and despite generations of mistreatment at the hands of the Canadian government, they remain a separate, allied Nation with their own rights and responsibilities to creation.

“For all of you who don’t have a clue what I’m talking about, maybe you’re new to this country. They didn’t teach you that Indigenous people own these lands. They’ll tell you that it’s theirs. It’s Canada’s wonderful free place. It was only free because they stole things. I’m talking to all the brown people in the cities that didn’t want to go and support the truckers because they thought they were racist. Well, the Liberal Government’s racist and so is the Conservative Government. The entire government of Canada is racist. And the RCMP are racist. Let’s face the facts the RCMP are just as much a culprit in the in the theft of the indigenous children that got sent to residential schools, because they were the collectors.”

Addressing Trudeau: “Maybe you didn’t, but I suspect you did, [have] the audacity to encourage the smear campaigns of swastika flags and white supremacy – but Canada’s built on white supremacy. Literally, built on white racism. The Canadian flag, that red and white maple flag has, as nasty of blood and history on it, as a swastika.”

“… well, it’s pretty simple. They said drop the mandates, and you need to quit. You can do that tomorrow… they want you to resign. They don’t have any confidence in you. You can’t even go anywhere in public without them throwing rocks at you and booing. Your people don’t love you. You can resign.”

“but that’s still our territory… Doug Ford, you don’t have any right to claim it, and you don’t have any right to make decisions, or to say ‘well, you can have your rights but we’re going to supersede them.'” ” The fuck you will.”

Canada State of Emergency Doug Ford Justin Trudeau indigenous sovereignty ancestral lands Ontario

50 Years Later: The True Story Behind the October Crisis of 1970 Must Be Told


Pierre Trudeau Synarchy October Crisis CSIS unaccountability police state military dictatorship deception false flag terrorism Canada Quebec

On June 15, 2019 the strange fact was made public by Canada’s National Post that the entire 40 year CSIS dossier compiled on Canada’s most famous Prime Minister, Pierre Elliot Trudeau was destroyed by Canada’s spy agency in 1989.

How this embarrassing fact could have gone un-noticed for so long is tied to access to information laws in Canada which make all government dossiers available on any public or private citizen 20 years after their deaths. With the 20 year anniversary of Pierre Trudeau’s death just around the corner, and the 50th anniversary of the October Crisis, hungry historians searching for a story filed early applications to read this long awaited dossier which was supposed to be awaiting scrutinizing eyes in the Archives of Canada. The answer they received from CSIS and the National Archives was that the massive treasure of documentation was destroyed because it did not “meet the threshold set out by the CSIS Act to justify being kept in service’s active inventory. The file also fell short of criteria for preservation set out by the national archives”.

Many are now wondering if the secrets CSIS wished to remain hidden are tied to its own subversive behaviour, or if it relates to potentially embarrassing information on the role played by Canada’s third longest standing Prime Minister within the context of Britain’s geopolitical “Great Game” against the world.

As we will briefly review here, by looking at the global transformation underway during Pierre Trudeau’s reign, and the specific “inside job” played by Trudeau and Anglo-Canadian Intelligence agencies during the “October Crisis” in 1970, we will discover that both answers are likely close to the truth.

This exercise is especially important at this time of crisis, as developments in Ottawa and Canada are pointing to new dangers of a repeat of a tyrannical crackdown on peaceful protestors demanding the return of their freedoms.  (more...)

50 Years Later: The True Story Behind the October Crisis of 1970 Must Be Told


British Crown fosters Canadian separatism

Friday, February 11, 2022

Criminal Canadian Monopoly Dr. David Martin Exposes Why Trudeau Won't Back Down


Dr. David Martin Trudeau crime conflict of interest profiteering corruption vaccines mRNA BioNTech coronavirus racketeering

In an emergency broadcast, Dr. David Martin joined the Stew Peters Show on Friday to expose the real reason why Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is refusing to negotiate with his constituents on the Canadian bioweapon mandates.

Stew Peters stated that in April of 2020, Martin highlighted a quote from Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, where he stated “Normality as it was before will not come back full-on until we get a vaccine for this."

With no evidence that a vaccine has ever been successful since Pfizer’s first Coronavirus spike protein vaccine patented in 1990, this statement was unfounded. What Trudeau didn't tell his Canadian constituents or the world was that Canada controlled the mRNA vaccine platform and was destined to become enriched by both Moderna and Pfizer’s partnership with BioNTech.

Trudeau knew that the gene therapy being promoted as a "vaccine" was an economic win for Canada and therefore Trudeau’s Canada had the monopoly on the world’s adoption of mRNA gene therapy shots. He wasn’t promoting science, he was promoting the Canadian economic interest in the gene therapy illegally promoted as a vaccine.

"Canada has a bad history of this," Dr. David Martin told Stew Peters. "We've had our Kent States, and we've had our situations when the legal and then military actions taken against citizens end very badly."

"These people wrote this because they knew tyrants would be here one day, and look, here they are," Stew Peters told Dr. Martin, regarding the clear instruction given by the U.S. Constitution as to how Americans are to deal with a runaway tyrannical government.