Monday, May 25, 2015

Boyluv OK for teachers? Saskatchewan teacher found not guilty of sexually exploiting teenage boy

A Saskatoon judge says it was "bad judgment" for a substitute teacher to have sex with a former high school student – but the relationship was not criminal.

Erin Osmond, now 29, was found not guilty of two counts of sexual exploitation in connection with the relationship she had with a 16-year-old boy in 2013 in the Watrous area. Justice Grant Currie read out his written decision Monday in Queen’s Bench Court of Saskatoon.

“Once she ceased to be his teacher, it was (the complainant) who controlled their relationship. This was not difficult for him to do because Ms. Osmond had become so pliant that she offered almost no resistance to his suggestions,” Currie wrote.

“Nor had Ms. Osmond groomed (the complainant) for a sexual relationship. Their close relationship while she was his teacher was something that she fell into through her own weakness and bad judgment.”  (more...)

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