Monday, May 25, 2015

Parents Protest Sexualization Of Children

(WINDSOR, ON) – Windsor parents gathered at Charles Clark Square on Saturday to continue their opposition of the Ontario Liberal government’s plan to implement a new sex education curriculum in September. Over 200 persons from all walks of life assembled to listen to seven speakers who raised issues with the proposed educational program.

This fall, the government intends on introducing a revamped sex ed curriculum for grades 1 through 8. Many in Windsor, and the province as a whole, have taken exception to the new subject matter.

The new curriculum advances the age at which various topics are discussed in class. Students will receive instruction in anatomy, including reproductive organs, in grade 1 while gender identity will be addressed in grade 3. Teachers instructing grad 5 students will cover the reproductive system, intercourse, and menstruation.

At the root of the demonstrations against the Liberal’s remodelling of the sex ed curriculum are certain rumours that are circulating within the community. These rumours include that the curriculum causes gender confusion in grade 1 by listing six genders and 52 sexual orientations, that children will be exposed to pornography, and that children should ignore parents as educators, to name just a few.  (more...)

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