Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Inmates running the asylum... again

The cool kids flaunt their skank
In her 14 years of school, Alexi Halket has never been suspended or expelled. Up until this week, the Grade 12 student hadn’t even seen the inside of her principal’s office.

All that changed when the Etobicoke School of the Arts student dressed for class on Monday, choosing to bare her midriff with a sleeveless, turquoise and black patterned crop top.

The shirt, she was told by a vice-principal, who pulled her into the office, was “too inappropriate and looked too much like a bra.”

Halket disagreed, and when she stormed out of a 90-minute meeting about her attire she did so with a plan that spread like wildfire over social media that evening.

By Tuesday, Halket’s 18th birthday, it had trickled down to hundreds of young women across the GTA, who made their way to class dressed in crop tops of their own emblazoned with messages fighting dress codes, which they say unfairly target females.  (more...)

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