Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Sex ed could be affected by teachers’ work-to-rule

Parents and students gathered to protest the province's new sex-ed curriculum
at Queen's Park earlier this month.
Elementary teachers may not get the training they need to deliver Ontario’s new sexual health curriculum this fall because their union’s work-to-rule campaign stops them from being prepped in the new

“We’re concerned about how prepared teachers will be this fall to teach the curriculum we’ve been waiting for for five years that’s current and research-based,” said Chris Markham, executive director of Ophea, a group of educators who advised Queen’s Park on the need for an updated curriculum that covers the issues of healthy relationships, consent and “sexting.”

“Given the importance of this curriculum and how many organizations have fought to get this released, it’s unfortunate we now have this labour turmoil,” said Markham.  (more...)

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