Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Former NHLer Sheldon Kennedy ‘not surprised’ by charges against pedophile Graham James

Former professional hockey player Sheldon Kennedy spoke to Global News
about new charges laid against convicted sex offender and former junior
hockey coach Graham James
TORONTO – Convicted pedophile Graham James is facing more sexual assault charges ahead of his release from prison and one of his most outspoken victims said he isn’t surprised.

Former NHLer Sheldon Kennedy, who was a victim of James’ abuse, told Global News when police investigated his case they believed there were “70 to 100 more possible victims.”

“I wasn’t surprised to see another victim but what goes through my mind when I hear this, is I hope the individual is doing alright,” Kennedy said. “One of the myths out there is that when somebody tells their story is that it’s all over. When the reality is that’s it’s just the beginning and things become quite vulnerable from that point forward.”  (more...)


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