Saturday, May 30, 2015

Church Feminism Ascendant: Men Adrift

The Economist has a feature article on the state of blue collar men in developed countries: Men Adrift. It is good in its statement of facts.

Blue collar men are sinking in the economic scale and are becoming unemployable and unmarriageable. Their future in the new economy does not look good.

Although men dominate at the top of society, they also dominate at the bottom, which is far larger. There are a far more male prisoners than there are male CEO’s.  (more...)

My advice: Find a woman from a society that has not been corrupted by cultural marxism and marry her, have children, and raise a family. Go into exile, as the Holy Family did into Egypt, and put as much distance between your family and the modern church as you can. Assume the role of spiritual head of your family and do not expose it to the predations of feminized and sodomized clergy and laity. Be your own community and church - the world cannot provide you nourishment; it is toxic. The church in the far east endured without a heirarchy for generations after its first evanglization. The west can follow its example, and re-emerge resplendant after the tribulation.

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