Thursday, May 21, 2015

Ben Levin Connection? Victor Chernick, renowned Winnipeg pediatrician, accused of sexually abusing his children

Dr. Victor Chernick (left) appears with Queen Elizabeth
in Winnipeg in 1970.
Retired Winnipeg pediatrician Victor Chernick, a professor emeritus at the University of Manitoba and an internationally-recognized scholar, is being accused of sexually abusing two of his own children hundreds of times.

Chernick, 79, is a former chief pediatrician at Winnipeg's Children's Hospital, and he was a professor and chair of the pediatrics department at the University of Manitoba where he began teaching in 1966. He received many honours for his medical research, including the Queen Elizabeth Scientist Award for medical research in 1967.

In a lawsuit filed last year, two of Chernick's children — Richard and Sharon — allege their father "sexually, physically, emotionally and mentally abused, assaulted and traumatized" them and committed incest and gross indecency on them for years.  (more...)

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