Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Shut Them Uuuuuup! Social conservatives … gross, right?

Ward Cleaver
What’s with the two-minute hate toward social conservatives that erupted when Patrick Brown won the Ontario Tory leadership? He isn’t even pushing socially conservative policies. Besides, when did this particular group of people turn into lepers?

OK, maybe not. Lepers now receive sympathy and medical care. Whereas social conservatives? Oh yuck. Get them away from me. Poke them with sticks. Shut them uuuuuup!

The National Post‘s Michael Den Tandt warned that Brown “voted to revisit same-sex marriage nearly a decade ago. And, he bears the stamp of approval of the anti-abortion Campaign Life Coalition.” So he’d better “edge his way slowly away from the socon zealots” who “presumably expect him to advocate nothing less than a rolling back of bewildering modernity itself — same-sex marriage, sexting, Internet porn, the lot.”  (more...)

Shining the light where the light don't shine... the good old days

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