Friday, May 22, 2015

Schools filled with ‘don’t snitch ethos’: Catholic board report

So, the fathers are gone. Now what?
Teens are so afraid of being branded a “snitch” they don’t want to call CrimeStoppers because they don’t believe it’s truly anonymous, says a safety report by the Toronto Catholic school board that recommends social-media training for students to stop online conflict from spilling into real life.

The panel looking into the circumstances around the shooting deaths of Zaid Youssef and Michael Menjivar last year near Don Bosco high school says the “don’t snitch ethos” permeates through today’s school environment and is a “significant challenge to school environments and safety.”

“Students admitted that they did not want to be labelled as ‘snitches’ or ‘rats’ and that getting labelled as such is such a strong social taboo that it stops students from reporting information that could help keep the school safe,” the report states.  (more...)

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So, teen boys are supposed to trust their feminist teachers who have been grinding their gears most of their young lives? Or their effeminate male confederates? Don't count on it. They don't extend trust beyond their peer group. And, thanks to institutional alienation of parents, there are few places they can turn. Time to stop undermining families.

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