Thursday, May 21, 2015

Deflection: School safety report makes 33 recommendations after Don Bosco shootings

A report into the deadly shooting last fall outside Don Bosco Catholic Secondary School blames a Twitter fight among students and a Toronto Community Housing complex nearby for having "drug-activity and gun-related issues."

But the report stops short of recommending metal detectors be installed in Toronto Catholic schools, citing "practical, social and legal reasons."

The Safe Schools Inquiry Panel Report will be presented Thursday night to TCDSB trustees.

But CBC News has obtained an advance copy.

The report contains 33 recommendations, some of which include teaching students how to use social media responsibly, reviewing students' use of electronic devices in school and investigating "the feasibility of developing a smartphone-based application that would permit students to anonymously report school-related safety concerns."  (more...)

Have you wondered about the masonic numerology favored by school authorities in this town? Thirteen directives imposed on the Toronto public school board with a deadline of Friday the 13th? 33 recommendations to the Toronto Catholic board? A little inside joke played by the ruling psychopaths? The disaster of a feminist education establishment has no bearing on the plight of boys in the schools? The sabotage of families by cultural marxists and the criminalization of masculinity has nothing to do with the scourge of fatherlessness among the poor? Now, trustees who are deaf to family advocates who resist the machinations of social engineers are going to pretend to implement 33 diversions and distractions. Some of them will receive their political rewards, no doubt. Well done, good and faithful servants.

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