Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sex Ed Curriculum – We Will Not Surrender Our Children!

So a small group of kids, and I do say KIDS, show up at Queens Park to say they support the Sex Ed Curriculum.

Considering the amount of life experience these kids have, the fact that this made news at all, is rather sad.  I get that CP24 is a smaller news agency, but geeze, who in Wynne’s office asked you to cover this sorry parade?

After being on this planet some 50 years, I have a bit of a news flash for the younger generation.  It comes from experience that precedes you.  You of the younger generation, do not have enough experience to address this topic intelligently.  You, the younger generation are easily influenced and easily used by those who have an agenda that you do not yet, understand.  (more...)

Worshipping at the church of whatever (not satire):

Give me some of that same-lovin' feeling.

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