Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Pro-gay advocate to speak at Catholic Women’s League conference Thursday

TORONTO, April 29, 2015 ( -- The Catholic Women’s League in Toronto will feature a keynote address at its convention Thursday by a Catholic teacher who made waves last week after LifeSiteNews published video of him telling a gay activist conference how he convinced his Catholic school board to embrace a homosexual agenda.

Michael Way Skinner, who will speak alongside his wife Christine, serves as religious education, family life, and equity coordinator for the York Catholic District School Board.

Skinner’s sympathies, which won him kudos last year from homosexual activist group Harmony Movement for “exemplary achievements in promoting diversity in their school/board and community,” were confirmed in a LifeSiteNews exclusive by Pete Baklinski, who recorded Skinner’s presentation at an April 10 conference sponsored by gay activist organization the Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity.

Skinner described how he used Church documents to put a “positive” portrayal on homosexuality from a Catholic perspective, allowing, he said, for a “mucher richer dialogue.” His process involved pulling out quotes selectively, often creating an interpretation that contradicts the message of the broader passage.  (more...)

More light needs to be shed on the role of church feminism in generating, cloaking, enabling, and colluding with the lavender mafia. This cancer doesn't arise out of thin air.

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