Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Raising Snowflakes: Rise of the Parental State

It is hard for adults to look at kids today and not find them wanting when it comes to self-sufficiency and independence.

Those “I used to walk 10 miles to school in the snow when I was your age” remarks get mocked for their tendency toward exaggeration. Surely even the longest and most difficult routes couldn’t have been uphill in both directions. Yet the adults still have a point: Whether helicopter parents or a loss of a sense of community is to blame, kids today really don’t get much of a chance to steer their own ships.

They are walked or driven to and from school by parents or nannies, and they ride their bikes in circles around concrete recreation areas, while a caregiver looks on from a nearby bench. Kids today do not do things like cross busy streets by themselves, or go out to play alone with their siblings at a park.  (more...)

H/T to Society for Quality Education

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