Thursday, April 16, 2015

Baying of the Hounds: Ben Levin doesn't deserve pity

TORONTO - This should not be surprising.

In the 35 or so letters of support Benjamin Levin has filed with the court now considering his sentence for three child porn-related convictions, the former adviser to Premier Kathleen Wynne cannot count on one from the Ontario Liberal leader.

Or from any other provincial Liberal official for that matter.

His wife of 36 years, who did write a letter of support, complained her husband is now a pariah — at U of T where he was once a world-famous academic leader, and at the ministry of education, where he was once an esteemed deputy minister. “A number of people have told me that they felt unable to write letters of support for Ben because of the potential risk this might bring to their own careers and positions were their support to be made public.”

But that’s on him, isn’t it?

On the second day of his sentencing hearing, the 63-year-old sat in court with his head bowed, listening intently as the prosecutor reviewed his disgusting online discussions on how to beat, bind and rape your own children. Crown attorney Allison Dellandrea read from his chats with undercover officers posing as vulnerable moms — his graphic instructions on tying up children, his requests for pain, his clear enjoyment at anticipating his participation when they “shared” their kids with him.  (more...)

Thousands protesting government policy, and a villain thrown to frenzied hounds -- very good theatre. Very good. It brings to mind, for those of us old enough to recall, a certain U.S Army Lieut. William Calley who was scapegoated for the My Lai massacre during the Vietnam war. Much journalistic ink was spilled over this incident and considerable political hay was made. What was most remarkable, however, were the far more significant issues that were obscured by the relevations, who leaked the information, how the press was manipulated, and, of course, cui bono. Many in my generation came away from this spectacle deeply sceptical of the press and its sources of information. What is not being written about Prof. Levin?

The present narative is tightly focused on Levin himself and his immediate family -- flames ignited by the incindiary issue of incest, then quickly doused by denials by all potential witnesses. But we know that Levin had many more contacts -- 1700 members in a spreadsheet he maintained and one known British contact he travelled to meet in Amsterdam. Pedophiles have very strong and active organizations bringing them together and lobbying to protect and enable them. How was Levin related to these people? Is Levin connected to any of the powerful politians that have been identified as pedophiles or who are known to protect them? Child sex trafficking has become equal to the drug trade in scope and profitability -- a fact that hasn't been lost on the intelligence community. Seems there would be an awful lot of money left on the table if no-one saw this opportunity. London and Amsterdam are known hubs of the child sex trade. Exactly what was Levin doing with a Brit pedophile in Amsterdam?

Incidentals: Cuba is a very busy destination for child sex tourists. Winnipeg is closely associated with founders of today's intelligence community and propaganda organs. Sir Peter Hayman, former deputy director of MI6 and pedophile, was British High Commissioner to Canada in the early 70s. Any Levin family connections here?

Canadians don't ask those kinds of questions.

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