Thursday, April 23, 2015

Hatred: Coren's War on Catholicism

It's been some time since I've paid any attention to Michael Coren, or heard much about him for that matter. I was therefore surprised to stumble upon his rants in The Catholic Register in which he has been industriously undermining faithful Catholic parents and educators. I acknowledge that the man has his fans, as proclaimed on his website:

“One of the best analysis of Pope Francis that I have read recently is an op-ed written by Michael Coren, published in the New York Daily News.” Cardinal Dolan of New York

“I have always enjoyed enthusiastic and intelligent exchanges and explorations with Michael Coren both on air and in print. Canada is a better place with Michael in it.” Former NDP leader Jack Layton

I've never been so honoured by a New York Cardinal or former NDP leader, so I suppose it's envy that eggs me to obsess on his race-baiting play of the anti-Semetism card:

"A large number of the crowd, however, were Sikh and Muslim and, to be candid, I had not seen so many hijabs and burkas since the last anti-Israel demonstrations I reported on." in Beware of vocal minority

Or, his cudgelling Christians for daring to resist gay activism while merchandising his latest book:

"Having recently published an entire book about Islam’s persecution of Christians I have little patience for comfortable North Americans claiming that they suffer for their faith." in A black eye for faith

Or, his failure to distinguish theory from fact (you know, those empirical inconveniences), while condescendingly branding Christians with ignorance:

"The problem is that this denial of scientific fact by some on the fringes of Christianity is an ongoing problem and even infects Catholicism when it comes to issues of vaccination, climate change and various other decided but — in the minds and eyes of some — disputed issues." in Evolution, not stagnation

Or, his apologia for Kathleen Wynne's social engineering programme:

"Ninety per cent of the thing is completely neutral and bland and discusses diet and health. As for the sexual bits, let’s put it this way: some zealots have either not read the document or are, forgive me, simply not telling the truth." in A wasted battle

Incredibly, he's been going on like this in The Catholic Register for quite some time. One has to wonder at Coren's agenda. He's been pretty consistent the last couple of years, and inconsistent with his writing during his climb into the Catholic literary sphere. Writers in the Anglo-American world have been found in the past to be not entirely what they present themsleves to be. Ramparts, an ostensibly Catholic magazine, has been outed as a political ally of Hugh Hefner, and propaganda organ for the CIA. Malcom Muggeridge and Ernest Hemingway were propagandists for the OSS/CIA/MI6. Even our favourite social engineer, Frankfurt Schooler Herbert Marcuse worked for the firm. Is Michael working in a long tradition of directing attention away from shadowy social engineering agendas? Oops, have I blown somebody's cover?

Neo-catholic Echo Chambre

Much better where they aren't uptight about Freemasonry:

Michael Coren, left, enters St. James Cathedral with the Rev. Canon Susan Bell for his reception into the Anglican Communion.Photo by Michael Hudson.
Posted by Anglican Diocese of Toronto on Thursday, April 23, 2015

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