Thursday, April 30, 2015

Ontario Muslims: Say NO to Sex-Ed

The Liberals have devastated communities with their announcement of the new Sex-Ed curriculum by Premier Kathleen Wynne in February. It is the first update to sex-ed courses since 1998 and is scheduled to roll out in publicly-funded schools across Ontario fall 2015. This has caused groups Canada-wide to rally in solidarity for the sake of their children and the protection of their innocence. Daily and weekly there are organized protests held by groups such as Parents Against Ontario Sex Ed-Curriculum in order to show the Liberal government that only parents should be allowed to decide on what is age appropriate content with regards to sex-ed based on their culture, moral, values and religious beliefs.

Protests have been held in every city across Ontario and the Liberal Premiere seems blind to the fact that Parents in Ontario do not agree with her new curriculum and are adamant that the curriculum will corrupt the minds of their children. Protests in Queens Park, Kingston, Windsor, London, Sudbury and Mississauga have seen hundreds and thousands of protestors take to the streets. The most recent protest was in Kingston where parents and families gathered in front of Kingston City Hall.  (more...)

Who says hijabs aren't styleish?


  1. Found this video very interesting and asking some pertinent questions that should be open for discussion.