Friday, April 24, 2015

Lesbian: I use math class to teach young kids about homosexuality so I can ‘hide’ it from parents

Lesbian teacher Alicia Gunn says, 'If you don’t want to send your kid to school
on the Day of Pink, that’s OK. But they’re going to get it all the days before.'
TORONTO, April 24, 2015 ( -- A lesbian teacher ‘married’ to another woman revealed at a pro-gay teachers’ conference earlier this month how she teaches grade 4-5 students to accept homosexuality through what she called “social justice” math.

Alicia Gunn, an elementary public school teacher in Mississauga, Ontario, told attendees at the April 10 conference in Toronto’s City Hall that injecting LGBTQ issues into the classroom, especially in math, helps students as young as nine “disrupt the single story that many of our kids have about LGBTQ families.”

“Social justice math happens when students are solving problems using real, engaging, and meaningful numbers. Social justice issues happening in their school, community, or even globally become the context for the math that the students are doing,” she said.  (more...)

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  1. Hi, "Jonah"!

    Just came across your post here, and had to comment, as I know this teacher and her work personally.

    I see you've been, er, "influenced" by the way this story was shared in the media you subscribe to. I can assure you that this teacher uses math class to teach her students about issues of social justice and equity in general. That her workshop referred to above focused on LGBTQ issues makes sense, since she and her colleague had been invited to present at an LGBTQ-support organization.

    Hope this helps alleviate any concerns you may have about this outstanding young teacher and her work.