Friday, April 24, 2015

Open Letter to Mr. Justin Trudeau

Dear Mr. J. Trudeau,

I'm sure that you are aware of the controversy as the Provincial Government of Ontario tries to implement the controversial sex "education" curriculum for the school year 2015-16. The political lesson wasn't learned when the former leader Dalton McGuinty withdrew the same age inappropriate and child abusive curriculum in 2010. Premier Kathleen Wynne knows that parents want their rights respected. There have been numerous parental protests across the province. But the premier so far refuses to listen to parents and give them real options. She even calls them names. An excellent example of her refusal to respect parental rights is the fact that as Chair of the Parental Rights in Education Defense Fund I have received no response to my Open Letter to Premier Wynne and Minister Sandals.

The Open Letter makes her aware of the ongoing legal battle over parental rights that has been before a judge for close to three years. We have spent some $40,000 with no decision. So, the provincial government continues to spend taxpayers' money to essentially fight against parental rights, but publicly the premier and Minister Sandals are saying that parents can have their children opt out from the explicit curriculum. No parent believes them. The unresolved court case is proof that this is not so.  (more...)

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