Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Ontario Premier Wynne may have a starring role in federal election

Miriam Ali operates a daycare centre in Mississauga that caters to the children of new Canadians from Asia, Africa and the Caribbean. The parents of these children are angry about Ontario’s new sexual education curriculum, and they hold Justin Trudeau partly to blame.

This makes no sense. But it is all part of the Battle for Ontario in the next federal election, in which Premier Kathleen Wynne will be a key combatant, whether she wants to be or not.

A suburban city of 703,000 that spreads west of Toronto, Mississauga has a population that is 53 per cent foreign born. Its six swing federal ridings usually reflect, and help determine, the outcome of elections. So if voters in Mississauga are upset with Mr. Trudeau over an issue, even one outside federal jurisdiction, this matters.

The new sex-ed curriculum put forward by the provincial government “corrupts the morals of our children,” Ms. Ali said in an interview. “Our parents are very concerned about this. Sexual education should be taught by parents.”  (more...)

Listen up, Patrick Brown

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