Friday, April 24, 2015

Kincora: Memories for abuse victims will never go away

Former Kincora resident Richard Kerr
Peter Robinson is right to demand the demolition of Ulster's oldest house of horrors before it is burnt to the ground by disgruntled former inmates.

There is no doubt that most other politicians, most former residents and even the police who investigated are likely to agree.

Kincora, on the Upper Newtownards Road, is synonymous with child abuse and it is so distinctive looking that the building can never be rehabilitated.

Visiting the premises with former residents is something else. I went there with Richard Kerr who was visibly shaken as horrific memories flooded back. Clint Massey recalled how even years later travelling past in an armoured car as a soldier it made the hairs stand on the back of his neck as he approached it.  (more...)

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