Friday, June 27, 2014

Teachers objecting to OECTA Pride participation feel their voice is unheard

TORONTO - Some Ontario Catholic teachers who think the World Pride Parade is no place for their union to have representation have expressed their thoughts but feel their voice has gone unheard.

“Many of us from within the ranks of OECTA (Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association) have strongly voiced our opposition to these recent directives with the leadership of OECTA,” said Michael MacDonald, religion department head at Corpus Christi Secondary School in Burlington, Ont. “Sadly our protestations have largely fallen on deaf ears and hardened heart.”

The decision to have volunteer representation at the World Pride Parade, to be held in Toronto June 29, came out of OECTA’s annual general meeting in March. Although there will be no official OECTA float the union has registered for the parade so that as many as 100 members can march behind an official banner.

Following the meeting MacDonald sent a letter expressing his concerns to OECTA president James Ryan and local president Keith Boyd. Only Boyd has responded to MacDonald’s letter which leaves him further “disappointed” with his union.

“I have no response from James Ryan and I really did expect one.”  (more...)

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