Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Planned Parenthood network uses classroom ‘abstinence’ programs as a trap

STAFFORD, Va. – Throughout the nation, we see parents being convinced that sex education in the schools is a given, and they are settling for what they see as the lesser of the evils presented. But the lesser of evils can never be accepted as a final solution. Parents must work to get all sex ed programs out of the schools. Here is the reason why.

Abstinence programs are being hijacked and used as traps by Planned Parenthood and other sex industry stakeholders. Programs that are not abstinence programs are pushed through as abstinence programs. Programs that started out as abstinence programs get hijacked and become, even if gradually, birth control and sex programs. Even the best abstinence program, once it is out of the hands of those who created it, can be corrupted very quickly. The teacher’s bias will always determine, in the end, what the children are taught.   (more...)

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