Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Passing the trash: Old case is a new rally cry on abuse

Edgar Friedrichs quietly left the Interboro School District 41 years ago, and his principal wrote him a recommendation that was cryptic at best.

The fifth-grade teacher at Prospect Park Elementary had "fulfilled his teaching responsibilities" and had "a good rapport" with peers and parents, Robert Castle wrote. The letter concluded: "I would be happy to discuss any further observations with a prospective employer."

But none called.

Friedrichs had been allowed to quietly resign from the Delaware County school amid allegations that he molested some of his students, including a boy who said the teacher raped him in a book closet. Years later, and nearly 500 miles away, similar allegations surfaced.

The story of Friedrichs - long forgotten by many in Delaware County - has become a rallying cry for legislation to require more stringent background checks of teachers.  (more...)

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