Tuesday, May 13, 2014

TDSB Provides No Answers On Gender Indoctrination Budget

According to Sam Sotiropoulos, the Toronto District School Board trustee who led the charge to uphold Canada’s public nudity laws at the gay pride parade where the TDSB sponsors a float, the board’s gender-based violence prevention (GBVP) office is “out of control.”  The GBVP office, which made headlines two years ago for directing students to a website recommending that they have sex with vegetables, is the primary source for much of the radical sex-ed and gender indoctrination at the TDSB.

The Toronto Star is now reporting that the GBVP office will be publishing a guidebook on healthy relationships for students from kindergarten to Grade 12.  Considering the GBVP office’s radical views on gender, this should be of concern to parents with children in the TDSB.  According to a social worker employed by the GBVP office, “heteronormativity” and “a binary gender system, in which only two sexes are accepted” are “the root of gender-based violence.”  (more...)

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