Thursday, May 15, 2014

Bid for public airing of TDSB spending probes fails

Toronto District School Board trustees have defeated a move to publicly address the conduct of their chair after revelations he was the subject of spending probes during his tenure as a school principal.

Long-time trustee Stephnie Payne urged her colleagues to force Chris Bolton to provide an explanation at a public meeting on Wednesday of donations for a Toronto elementary school that he directed to his own charity more than a decade ago.

But during a private meeting earlier in the evening, Ms. Payne failed to get enough support from her colleagues to move the matter forward even in private, let alone public. Only eight supported her, leaving her short three votes.

“I’m very angry,” Ms. Payne told The Globe and Mail. “Something is being hidden and the public needs to know.”  (more...)

What is the gay lobby hiding?

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