Monday, May 12, 2014

Gays Gone Wild: Life in America after the Ball is Over

Before “After the Ball” was the title of a gay rights manifesto published in 1989 by Harvard graduates Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen (see this critique by Doug Mainwaring), it was a line in a sentimental show tune tied to Jerome Kern’s musical Show Boat.

On gay issues, a mean season is upon us now.  Innocent Americans – both gay and otherwise – find themselves sucked into the whirlpools of the filthy swamp that is mainstream gay culture, or “Gay Inc.” (and we're talking not just about Bryan Singer’s pool orgies, the rise of shameless gay human trafficking, beloved gay porn stars drugging and raping teen boys, or the pederast working for Joe Biden’s son).  Now would be a good time to allow the thespian ghosts of centuries past to whisper a long and well-earned “I told you so” to us.  (more...)

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