Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Planned Parenthood sex ed curriculum approved in school district where teacher forced lap dance on middle school boy

In Houston, Texas, where middle schoolers are being targeted with Planned Parenthood’s “It’s Your Game; Keep it Real” repugnant sex education curriculum, a middle school teacher has done the unthinkable. She kept a middle school boy after class and forced a lap dance upon him. This really should not come as a great surprise to those of us who realize what a sick culture of sex surrounds these children where Planned Parenthood sex programs are implemented.

CBS Houston reports that the 42-year-old female teacher admits she kept the boy and his classmates after class and performed the lap dance while his classmates watched—in honor of his birthday. It was described as a “full contact” lap dance, with the student reporting the teacher touched him all over his body and even placed her head between his legs. After the four-minute assault, she reportedly said, “Happy Birthday, Baby. I love you.”

This incident took place in Stovall Middle School in the Aldine Independent School District, which has approved Planned Parenthood’s “It’s Your Game; Keep it Real” sex curriculum for use in middle schools.  (more...)

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