Friday, May 23, 2014

What have we come to? PARENTS object to having moral teachers in the classroom

OAKLAND, Calif. – Parents in Oakland are reportedly outraged because the Roman Catholic diocese is asking teachers to sign a morality agreement before returning to work in church schools next fall.

Those parents must be out of their minds. With everything that’s been going on in all types of K-12 schools in recent years, a dose of morality is definitely a good idea.

Every day we read about teachers – including many women – sexually molesting students in schools throughout the U.S.

And it doesn’t always happen at school. Just today we read about one teacher being arrested for possession of child pornography, and another busted for arranging sex over the Internet with an underage child.

Just about every week brings new reports of teachers physically abusing and humiliating students, particularly those with special needs who are most vulnerable and least able to communicate.

In recent months we’ve heard about teachers assigning books with pornographic chapters to middle school students. We heard of a teacher who left school grounds with two students and provided them with alcohol. We heard of a teacher who gave a student a very suggestive lap dance for his birthday, in front of other students.

We’ve heard of several states where hundreds of teachers are suspected of cheating for their students on state tests, to make it seem like they’ve learned more than what they have.

And of course we have thousands of teachers across the nation openly abusing their positions by bringing their personal political philosophies into the classroom (usually socialism) and convincing naïve youngsters that they are absolutely correct.

And in just about every instance of teacher misconduct (at least in public schools), the teachers unions are there to protect the guilty.  (more...)

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