Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Perverts don’t get to keep their license to teach in Alberta

A teacher gives a female high school student an assignment to do while in the shower.
You read it right.

When she comes back online the teacher asks "if she had performed those things."

While she tells him what she did in the shower the teacher tells her he was masturbating.

The student says the teacher had masturbated other times while speaking with her.

When she asks if he did it before with others he said he had, with former students.

The teacher asked her to do audio rather than just texting but she said no.

In a conversation while supervising students the teacher talks of his knowledge of piercing and tattoos and refers "to penile tattoos and clitoral piercings."

A student goes to the principal. Students figure it's "a weird and inappropriate topic for a teacher to discuss."  (more...)

Pedophilia in Canada by the numbers:

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