Friday, May 16, 2014

Oxford theology student who posed as a public schoolboy to prey on young girls on Facebook

Storey gained a place as a mature student, in his mid-20s, at Wycliffe Hall,
pictured, one of the Church of England's most prestigious theological colleges,
which is part of Oxford University
Timothy Storey wore a traditional morning suit on his wedding day at a chapel in the shadow of St Paul’s Cathedral. Oxford University-educated Timothy and his bride, radiant in a white diamante-encrusted dress, were the epitome of an attractive, well-heeled young couple.

Scores of guests attended the reception, with entertainment by a live band, at the fashionable Browns Brasserie in the City. The centrepiece was a magnificent wedding cake on top of seven tiers of doughnuts.

Who among them on that special day in 2010 could have imagined the shame and embarrassment that Storey (whose grandmother was an Enigma codebreaker at Bletchley Park during World War II) would bring upon himself and his family’s distinguished heritage?

For we now know that just five months after his nuptials, he set up a fake Facebook profile to groom under-age girls on the internet.

This predatory behaviour ended with him being convicted at Woolwich Crown Court, as reported in the Mail this week.

By posing online as a public schoolboy, he persuaded girls as young as 12 to film themselves naked for him. Storey — who is married to an Oxford-educated lawyer, though they have been separated for more than a year — would then threaten to tell the girls’ parents if they tried to end the abuse. Despite being convicted of eight child sex charges, he was given only a three-year rehabilitation order. The sentence was roundly condemned by MPs and charities.

But, today, we can reveal that the scandal surrounding the behaviour of Storey goes far beyond the leniency of his sentence.  (more...)

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