Thursday, May 22, 2014

Why is Sun News Belittling Catholic Moral Teaching?

For the second time, John Downs and Faith Goldy have misrepresented and trivialized Catholic moral teaching in segments that can only be described as sophomoric and stereotypical. This follows Michael Coren's back-handed slaps at Teresa Pierre and Gwen Landolt for not being sufficiently politically correct. Why are Catholic teachings on homosexuality being savaged in this way by Canada's supposedly "conservative" news service? Is neo-conservatism that beholden to the gay lobby? Or, is it the other way around -- Professional Homosexuals have been bought and paid for by the Military-Industrial Complex, and the two skip merrily down the gay wedding-aisle together? Kinda makes the right/left dialectic irrelevant, doesn't it? Are they all Bolsheviks?

Give this careful consideration:

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  1. John Downs got it wrong. Catholics have raised the bar. For us, a role model has to be a spiritual role model. They don't have to be good looking, they don't have to be rich, but they definitely have to be close to God in every way. A role model for the secular world might mean a lot to the world, but for us, we prefer to use poor people such as Padre Pio, Mother Teresa and the likes.