Thursday, December 19, 2013

Catholic schools’ acceptance of gay anti-bullying clubs coming back to bite them: pro-family leaders

Nancy Kirby, then-president of the Ontario Catholic School
Trustees Association, stands with then-Minister of Education
Laurel Broten at the announcement of Bill 13 in 2011.
MISSISSAUGA, ON, December 19, 2013 ( – Pro-family leaders are saying the Ontario Catholic school system’s acceptance of homosexual clubs is coming back to bite them this week as a high school student threatens to sue his Mississauga Catholic school board for not allowing his club to be openly homosexual.

Christopher Karas, 18, who identifies as homosexual, set up his anti-bullying club last year following the 2012 passage of Bill 13, which mandates schools accept “gay-straight alliances”. He told DailyXtra he hopes the club will help students with same-sex attractions to “come out.”

The school, École secondaire catholique Sainte-Famille, says their intention was that the club would not focus exclusively on homosexuality. But Karas argues that Bill 13 gives him the right to launch a club with such a focus.  (more...)

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