Wednesday, December 18, 2013

'What you did plumbs new depths of depravity': Judge condemns Lostprophets pervert Ian Watkins

Ian Watkins used one of his
favourite phrases, 'mega lolz',
as he described his child sex
crimes to a friend from jail after
pleading guilty
Unrepentant paedophile Ian Watkins has been jailed for 29 years today after he used his fame and wealth to seduce 'fawning' fans so he could abuse their children.

The former rock star, 36, was told plotting to rape two babies with the help of their 'infatuated' mothers 'plumbed new depths of depravity'.

His two accomplices, who cannot be named, were sentenced to 14 years and 17 years in prison this afternoon.

Mr Justice Royce said Watkins, who was shaking in the dock, viewed the babies 'not as a human being, simply as a sexual object  for your pleasure' and he showed 'evident delight' in sexually abusing children.

He told Cardiff Crown Court judges and lawyers ‘see and hear a large number of horrific cases. This case, however, breaks new ground.

‘Any decent person will experience shock anger and incredulity'.  (more...)

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