Monday, December 16, 2013

CU-Boulder students: Tenured professor Patti Adler being forced out because of prostitution lecture

Patti Adler
Students at the University of Colorado are organizing in support of longtime sociology professor Patti Adler, who they say was asked to retire at the end of this semester for a lecture she taught on prostitution.
Many students who attended her "Deviance in U.S. Society" lecture Thursday afternoon said Adler told the 500-person class that she wouldn't be coming back after winter break. She said Thursday's class was the last she'd ever teach at CU, but it wasn't by choice.
Adler was traveling to Maui on Friday, according to her husband and University of Denver sociology professor Peter Adler.
CU officials said Patti Adler is still a tenured faculty member.  (more...)

H/T The College Fix

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