Sunday, December 29, 2013

National homeschool pro-life network launched

A national pro-life club for homeschoolers has been started by two homeschooled students in affiliation with Student Life Link and Toronto Right to Life. The co-founders are Alexandra Jezierski, organizer of the Letters4Life campaign in support of Motion 312 and 2013 summer student at The Interim, as well as Sarah Blake, a youth board member of Toronto Right to Life.

The Homeschool Pro-Life Action Network, launched at Toronto Right to Life’s annual general meeting on Nov. 1, connects homeschoolers online using a web site ( and a mailing list. The web site will have an idea for pro-life activism every two weeks, among other articles. The first challenge suggests writing a pro-life letter to the local MP and involving the local homeschool, church, or youth group. It provides a form letter homeschoolers may choose to use. “All of our content is meant to cater specifically to homeschoolers and the challenges they face in their more isolated situations,” Sarah Blake told The Interim in an interview by email.

Toronto Right to Life has helped facilitate the meetings and develop ideas while providing the web site and email infrastructure. The club is affiliated to TRTL through Student Life Link and has also received assistance from the National Campus Life Network. The organizers will be keeping the membership up to date about these pro-life groups’ events and are open to other pro-life initiatives that are practical for homeschoolers.

The club is in its early stages – it is spreading the word to pro-life and homeschooling groups, as well as pro-life media, and recruiting members for the mailing list.  (more...)

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