Sunday, December 29, 2013

Pedophilia: Doctor Claims It’s A Sexual Orientation

When a nationwide clamor among homosexual activists resulted in many states legalizing same-sex marriage, many concerned Americans worried the debate would open the door for even more egregious perversions to become culturally accepted. While the radical left roundly lambasted such predictions, recent court rulings regarding bigamy and increased efforts to legitimize the sexual abuse of children indicate the concern was well-founded.

Dr. James Cantor of Toronto’s Centre for Addiction and Mental Health is at the forefront of the disturbing trend. He recently presented his findings that pedophilia is a genetic predisposition that is as deeply rooted as any other sexual proclivity.

He and his team have conducted numerous studies to determine how men react to suggestive images of both young girls and grown women. Cantor is now speaking out in defense of pedophiles – a group some experts say could make up five percent of the male population.

The unorthodox testing concludes pedophiles are generally shorter than the average population with a higher propensity toward being left-handed or ambidextrous. The most disturbing aspect of his research, however, is his assertion these child molesters are unable to change their sexual orientation.

This is the same argument that has been used for decades to rationalize homosexuality. It should come as no surprise the left – which is tolerant of virtually any view short of biblical morality – is moving toward explaining other reprehensible behavior in the same manner.  (more...)

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