Friday, December 20, 2013

The Long War against the Gay Lobby

Well, the Duck Dynasty Drama continues, and I am heartened by how this has galvanized social conservatives. Here's a piece by Eric Erickson that captures the necessary potential for the Phil Robertson flap to goad us into more intelligent discourse:

As Erickson rightfully points out, those who are pushing the ligbitist agenda aren't interested in resting with one symbolic victory, such as marriage "equality." They want to redefine family and in fact redefine human life, who owns children, how we awaken to our sexual identity, how we love. The LGBT movement is fully totalitarian--or, as Camille Paglia told Laura Ingraham, "Stalinist" and "fascist," if you will.

So it's good that people are angry. It's a good time to pull the old Charlie Chaplin speech off the shelves and dust it off, remembering that sometimes when we think we've reached the apex of civilization, we have actually fallen into a nadir and must tell uncomfortable truths at the podium given to us (more...)

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