Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Nova Scotia MLA Lenore Zann quits Twitter after ‘cyberbullying’ row with teen

Lenore Zann in a 2008 episode of The L Word.
Nova Scotia MLA Lenore Zann says she’s quitting Twitter after nude images of her on the social media service sparked a cyberbullying complaint from the actress-turned-politician.

At issue were stills from a 2008 episode of the racy Showtime drama The L Word, in which Zann appeared in a nude shower scene set in a women’s prison. A 17-year-old high school student named Nick Scissons posted the images on Twitter in late November as a “joke” — but Zann didn’t find it funny.

In a series of irate messages, Zann demanded Scissons remove the image and threatened legal action over the “illegal distribution” of the image. But when the teenager didn’t comply, she launched an investigation under Nova Scotia’s problematic new “cyberbullying” legislation, which critics say infringes on freedom of expression. According to the law, cyberbullying can include actions that may or may not have been intended as harmful.  (more...)

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