Sunday, December 15, 2013

An Orthodox Jewish Critique of Secular Israel, Gays, and Surrogacy

Israel’s Minister of Health, Yael German, recently supported amending current surrogacy laws. Her endorsement of same-sex couples’ right to use surrogates points out the ways that the left in Israel has naively embraced and championed a male-centered ideology, steeped in a misogyny unknown in the west since white men owned black women.  The move also highlights a deeply troubling disregard for the basic human rights of children and women, in favor of the so-called “civil rights” of a powerful moneyed male minority.

Simply put, this change in law is to facilitate the sale of human infants to men, increase the number of the current breeding stock, and produce more babies. In reality the politics and legal changes are to provide better customer service in the sale of babies, and streamline the slave trade.   (more...)

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