Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Why do parents fork out $230,348 to learn their child’s gender is “ze”?

Tuition, room, board and other fees to attend Mills College in Oakland, CA is $57,587 per year, not counting health insurance fees of $3,600 per annum, (assuming you graduate before you reach the age of 26 and that your parents, who are helping you pay for school, are also footing the bill for your insurance).  Multiply that by four years of college (assuming you don’t need an extra year to complete the requirements of your major in Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies and your minor in Queer Studies), and your educational price tag can cost upwards of $230,348.

What do you get for nearly a quarter million dollars?  Along with a degree from a well-respected liberal arts college, the “Vassar of the West”, you might discover that your gender isn’t “he” or “she” but “other,” or “ze.”

Your professor doesn’t teach you your gender; these pronouns are strictly self-selected.  Take your pick from the smorgasbord.  (more...)

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