Monday, December 23, 2013

What should the German faithful do if their bishops openly abandon the Catholic Faith in 2014?

Our thoughts and prayers should go out to the faithful and loyal Catholics of Germany facing the prospect this Christmas that many of their bishops appear set on abandoning the Faith of the Catholic Church by openly defying the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith by allowing divorced and re-married Catholics to receive Holy Communion.
Towards the end of November Reuters reported that Bishop Gebhard Fürst, the ordinary of Stuttgart, had told the Central Committee of German Catholics that the German Bishops’ Conference will soon vote to approve guidelines allowing divorced and re-married Catholics to receive Holy Communion.
According to Reuters Bishop Fürstt ‘was the most explicit of several German bishops to rebuff Archbishop Gerhard Mueller, head of the Vatican doctrinal office, who last month ruled out any change after Freiburg archdiocese in Germany unveiled its own reform proposals.’ Bishop Gebhard Fürst said to the  Central Committee of German Catholics: ‘We want to approve new guidelines at our plenary meeting in March. Expectations (of reform) are great, and impatience and anger are greater still.’
The question facing faithful and loyal Catholics is how do they respond to bishops who openly abandon the Faith of the Church and defy the authority of the Holy See?  (more...)

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