Thursday, October 7, 2021

We Must Make Ready


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Are we too afraid to admit the truth? We are in a war and nearing the point of no return.

In my 14 years of representing the people of my riding, I have often found myself at odds with a system that is being used to benefit political parties and lobbyists, with little regard for local public interest.

It isn’t just the party I was in; I observed this happening across all the parties. Special interests contributed to the bank accounts of all the parties in order to curry favour with legislation and regulatory procedure, ultimately giving these special interests greater control over the business of the Legislature than the people it was intended to serve.

There was nothing specifically illegal with much of this activity; over the years, legislative checks-and-balances were quietly but intentionally eroded by various parties in power, resulting in a crippled system that allows party interests to supersede the public interest. Now even being used to pressure the people to comply with mandates and policies that violate their own principals, morals, rights, and medical freedoms.

Would-be oligarchs and autocrats are now actively engaged in a struggle for power in our highest institutions, and achieving their objective requires the suppression and ultimate removal of the individual rights and freedoms that were put in place to ensure the people had exclusive authority over their government and themselves.

Only public influence can fix this; people need to make themselves ready.

Make Ready

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