Friday, October 8, 2021

Why Do So Many Believe the Official COVID Narratives?


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To understand how the intersecting propaganda operations associated with the “official” MSM covid narratives function, it is useful to examine both the larger historical context from which they emerge, as well as exploring specific individual psychological factors at play.  

Let’s begin by acknowledging the larger socio/cultural “context” that acts as the “backdrop” for the covid propaganda.   We exist globally within a framework of Neo-colonial Western oligarchic dominance that has essentially controlled most of the planet for over 500 years. It is a system that has morphed in important features over time, but it has never lost its ultimate power and control.  It has never been “overthrown.”

This Western dominated global system is responsible for fomenting two World Wars during the last century.  Those wars and the smaller in scale Neo-colonial blood baths that followed led to the deaths of an estimated 124,000,000 and 215,000,000 people during the past century.(1)

The oligarchic power structures that emerged from WWII engaged in a process of violent repression that continues to this day. Standard operating procedure in the West has been to destabilize and/or destroy literally every attempt by the citizens of “formerly colonized” nations to develop independent paths focused on the domestic needs of their populations rather than serving the needs of Western capital.

Both pre-and-post WWII history is comprised of an endless litany of American, British, French and other Western powers attempting to at all costs prevent the emergence of a more equitable post-colonial world.  The types of interventions have ranged from economic strangulation to death squads, torture, invasions, coups, election rigging and unwavering support for “reliable” “pro-Western” dictators.

This same unreformed, unrepentant, Western controlled, oligarchic-run global “system” further solidified power with the disintegration of the former Soviet Union.  It has, to varying degrees, integrated former “communist” enemies into the neoliberal economic order though often maintaining an apparently adversarial relationship with such nations. The Western dominated neoliberal neocolonial model continues to hold the entire world hostage to this day, covering its blood soaked behavior with blatant “propaganda” operations that utilize rubrics such as the West’s claimed “respect for human rights,” adherence to a “rules based order,” and “duty to protect.”  (more...)

Why Do So Many Believe the Official COVID Narratives?

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